Sunday, January 6, 2013


 Begin doing what you what to do NOW. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.     Marie Ray



Beginning today I will be presenting a workshop every Monday for eight weeks entitled, "Live Your Dream Life NOW". I am so excited to share this workshop with you!  I hope you are excited also! Get ready to make 2013 the life of your dreams!

Anyone can follow along but I'd love it if you'd e-mail me at and let me know you're following us here. Many have already signed up so a great big thank you  to those who have already committed to following along! And a great big thank you to all of you! So let's get started!

Many people live their lives with dreams of a wonderful future! They envision themselves doing what they want...some day... or having what they want some day. They think, "When the kids grow up, when we have enough money, when we're not so busy, when we retire, when we have kids, and on and on...putting off their dreams and desires for some time in the future. But that future time never seems to come. Well, wait no longer. The future has arrived! Now is the time to discover what you really want in life and then begin to live your dreams.

This is called a "workshop" because it requires you to work. But it's" dream work". It will bring you joy!  So round up a nice new notebook, pretty journal, or whatever would be fun for you to write in. Grab your favorite  cup  or mug of coffee ( or your preferred beverage ) and  find a cozy spot where you can be comfortable. Now get ready to DREAM BIG.


Today,  you're going to discover your authentic self. In order to live your dream life you need to know what you truly want in life and what your real authentic dreams are!  You already know that, you say? Maybe so, but there might also be some surprises! Some fun surprises! Or the questionnaire may not show you anything new about yourself but will reinforce what you already knew. You will be able to look back on this information to be sure you're staying in touch with your true authentic self. Joy comes when who you are aligns with the life you are living.

The following questions  have been designed to discover and remember things about yourself that you might not have thought about. Make an effort to gather up as much information as you can. You might have to do some thinking about this! But make it fun!


1) Make a list of your achievements so far.

Yes, you DO have some! This can be something as "simple" as overcoming a fear or  go back to your childhood and think about something you accomplished you felt proud of. Maybe you had a fear of speaking in front of an audience but you got up and gave a speech in class. One of the "achievements" that I had listed was  winning a coloring contest in the 5th grade. Nothing is too small to list. Try to list at least 10-20 things.

2) Make a list of your strengths, abilities, talents, things that you feel you are good at.

If you are good with the elderly or children put that on your list. Or if you are good at organizing or cleaning or you play an instrument or you sing, put those on your list. You don't have to be the BEST at it. You are listing things you happen to be good at. Don't sell yourself short. If you can't think of things, ask people who are close to you and get their opinion. Make a list 10-20 or more.

3) Make a list of the values ( faith, integrity, etc ) that are important to you.

 For a comprehensive list of values you can go HERE     . You should list 5-10.

4) List 5 priorities in your life. 

5) Make a list of your hobbies, interests, activities, and whatever is FUN for you.

6) List 5 things that make you smile.

7) At the end of your life, how would you like to be remembered? Write out a brief paragraph of what you'd like your obituary to say.

I'm now at the age where I read the obituaries. YIKES! I never thought I'd say that! I really don't like seeing people in my age in there! But one thing that is interesting to read is what is written about the person who has died.  You can really tell a lot about a person by what is written about them. One man had written his own obituary and it was quite humorous. He obviously had a good sense of humor. Others shared how selfless and compassionate the person was. One lady's obituary said her favorite hobby was shopping. Not sure I'd want that in my obituary! Even though I might like to shop, I'd like to think I was remembered for something a bit more selfless.Some of the ones I've read have even been amusing! Anyway, the point is to write a couple of sentences as if you were writing your own obituary.  Don't let this depress you! Have some fun with it! lol

OK That's the DREAM WORK for today! You have all week to work on it. Fill in your journal with fun doodles, quotes, and anything that speaks to you. Make it sparkle! Have fun discovering the real YOU! After you've finished, go through it a a few times and see if you get a sense of "who you've been" up to now.  Are there any surprises? Any "aha" moments? Or do you already know yourself really well?

We'll use this information in designing your authentic dream life beginning next week!

I'd love to hear what you've discovered. Either leave a note in the comments section or e-mail me at

And now I need your help!   I'm trying to change my blog design and I don't know how to get a large and nicer font for my blog header! Did you see my tiny little "Hob Nobber" name? ACK! It's driving me crazy!! If anyone knows how to do this would you please be so kind as to e-mail me and let me know? I will be eternally grateful!! I might even mention you in my obituary! ; )


  1. OK, perfect topic, and I am going to do this. I put you in my Jan's Place blogroll to see new posts too!


    1. Thanks for joining in, Jan! Happy to have you along with us on the journey!

  2. I heard about you from Diane over at Lavander Dreams. I like the sound of this workshop and now I'm your newest follower!

    1. Thanks for the follow and for joining us on this FUN journey!

  3. I have my new journal on the table in front of me. I'm going to work some tonight! It's always hard for me to write on the first page of a new journal! Why is that? heehee! Thanks my friend!

    1. I'm also hesitant to begin writing in a new journal...I'm wanting it "perfect" and not wanting to mess it up! ;)

  4. I got the first 5 done tonight. I'll wait to do the last couple when I can think again! lol It really does make you think, doesn't it! Especially the priorities! Thank you my friend. I know this is going to make a difference in my life! Hugs!

    1. You have a week to finish it so take your time. Don't think "too much" over it! Don't want to stress you out!

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    1. Good to have you coming along with us, Pam!

  6. Hello :) Thank you for following my blog! I love this! Definitely having a quiet day thinking about it tomorrow and joining in with the rest of the posts :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by today Sandy, I'm so glad you did. I'm really happy to find this workshop. It's just what I need right now. I'm in and off to dig around and find myself and journal so I can get started this evening!

  8. PS - I just did a post to promote the workshop :)

  9. Perfect I just found the box of empty journals - what perfect timing. I found you via Seaside Simplicity and love the timing as I'm already floundering this year.

  10. I'll try it....not sure if I'll be able to keep up but I'll give it a try.