Tuesday, August 24, 2021

 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Da Vinci

DRUM ROLL PLEASE....We have now reached 1,000 sales in our Etsy Shop!!!! Hooray!!! Well we're actually now several sales over that big landmark!

And to celebrate this BIG ACHIEVEMENT we are having a Give-Away!! It will be up on our Instagram account ( @gwenandalmas ) soon so keep watching  for it!

We were vendors at Gold Rush this weekend and had a great time! And even sold some stuff! : )

One of the treasures we had for sale was this sweet little bench. Everyone who went by stopped and admired it but no one pulled the trigger and bought it! I was surprised that it didn't sell! Anyway we will be selling it on Marketplace in the near future...just in case you are interested! 

Here's another great find ( below ) that didn't sell that I was surprised about! This will now be sold in our Etsy Shop. Unless I decide to keep it! Love this!

But we DID sell quite a few of our treasures and had fun doing it! A win-win! We also got to meet a lot of great people from all over the United States!

I managed to find time to go shopping there while taking my "break"! I found some sweet little treasures that I will sell in our Gwen And Alma's shop. Here's a photo of my purchases:

I always buy flower frogs like the ones below:

Another "must have" purchase is butter pats:

I also purchased an early tin fish mold, a French tin, three white hankies, a small Norwegian dish, and an antique tin chick cookie cutter. 

Now we just have to fill up our shop again as the items we sold, we took from our Etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping by! 


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