Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Projects Gone Wild

Yesterday I worked on several small projects getting ready for our next Hob Nobber sale. I usually try to find things that are great just as they are but sometimes I find things just too good to pass up even though they need a little work. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, however. For example, I found this great vintage child's lamp for a great price but it didn't have a shade. No problem, I thought, because people will buy it and get their own shade. Well, it wasn't sold at the last sale so I decided to buy a shade to go with it. I couldn't find a vintage shade so I started looking for a new one. People won't mind a new shade if the base is vintage, I decided, so I started looking for one. After purchasing one that was too large ( I still have to return it ) I couldn't find one ANYWHERE that would fit! So I decided to MAKE one! I did find a kit telling me how to make a shade and following the instructions I covered it in a lovely white fabric to match the duck. Now I have to trim it with something around the top and bottom. Send your ideas! At this point, however, I've spent more on it than I had tried to sell it for ( we sell things at VERY reasonable prices ) and that's not counting the time and effort put into it. Anyway, I won't make much of a profit on this but I now know how to make lamp shades! I probably wouldn't have attempted to learn about shade-making if it hadn't been for this lamp. Someone will still get a darling vintage lamp for a great price! And I've learned how to make shades! Here's a photo but still needing trim.


  1. Hey I like your lamp shade you are something else as your talents never end. KEEP IT UP FUN TO READ

  2. I remembered you blogspot address!I'm glad our paths crossed on Saturday evening, otherwise I would not have known about the Hobnobbers. Enjoy your posts and look forward to the Christmas sale! K.W.


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