Friday, April 17, 2015


Just a few more finds...





And a quote for the weekend:

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
                                                                                                                                Francis of Assisi



Wednesday, April 15, 2015


As I mentioned in a previous post this week, Nautical Decor is BIG right now! I've found on my Pinterest Boards that the most popular pins that keep being "repinned" are the ones on my boards  "Lake Home", and "Beach"!
What IS it about this pin that is soooooo popular?
 In fact, the "pin" above  is THE MOST popular "pin" I've ever had on ANY board, (though sadly, the photo is not mine)!! It's being repinned tons daily!!! ( note to self: learn to take repin worthy photos! )

 I'm not sure why this decor, in general,  is so popular right now but I'm guessing that these elements remind us of the oceans, seas, and lakes that bring a sense of calm to our lives. Or maybe it brings back thoughts of our relaxing vacations near water of any kind. Also, if HGTV is any indication, there are more and more people buying vacation homes or just moving to slower paced living in tropical places and even islands!

We don't have a vacation home but we DO vacation on Florida beaches...EVERY YEAR! We also have a pontoon boat that we keep in a nearby lake. So I "get" the attraction! In fact I would like a Lake Home JUST so I could decorate with all the Nautical Decor! Haha! I fear, though, that while the family would be out on the boat, I'd be DECORATING our lake home or SHOPPING for Nautical Decor! Not that I don't like boating, but I kind of love decorating just as much!
My husband, Captain of our pontoon

Decor ideas

Yes, we will have lobster buoys, as seen above, at our sale

 And while I don't have a room in our home that is ALL Nautical, I have a few mementos around to remind us of the "lake" and "beach" fun! You might be able to find a corner in YOUR home, or even a whole room, in which to incorporate some elements to remind you of the ocean or lake. Go to my Pinterest Boards, "Lake Home" and "Beach" to see more Nautical Decor inspiration. And if you live near us, you might want to check out our next Hob Nobber Spring sale ( info on right sidebar ) where we will have an area of Nautical Decor that is also VINTAGE and/or AUTHENTIC!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


We live in an historical home ( The Plummer House ) and act as Resident Directors ( see the Plummer House page under the header). We also belong to a group called "Friends of Mayowood and other Historical Homes". The goal of the group is to help preserve historical homes in Rochester, of which Mayowood is the first priority.

Mayowood is the former home of Dr Charlie Mayo, one of the founders of the world famous Mayo Clinic. The home is now owned by the Mayo Clinic but this group helps to raise funds for the restoration of the furnishings inside the home.

Portrait of Dr Charlie Mayo

Related Note: My brush with fame: When I was in 9th grade, one of my best friend's father was a friend of Dr. Mayo ( son of the original Dr Mayo ). My friend and her family were moving out of town so the Mayo family held a going away party for them and I received an official invitation. It was quite a BIG DEAL to receive an invitation to a party at Mayowood! Whenever they held a party there, they would always invite any celebrity that was going through the clinic at the time. And this time it was none other than...drum roll please...Ed Sullivan! Hahaha...Some of you "youngens" out there may not have heard of him. Ed Sullivan was a big deal himself back in the day. He had a show on TV that showcased the latest talent and on the last show before the Mayowood party, he had The Beatles on his show! So my friend and I figured that this would be the closest we would come to "meeting the Beatles"... if we could just shake the hand that shook the hand of the Beatles! It was a stretch but meeting Ed Sullivan, the celebrity, was OK too! Oh, yes, and we can't forget meeting the Mayo family!

I volunteered at the Mayowood Tour and Mum Show last Fall. I was able to capture a few photos but there is so much more to see!


Breakfast room overlooking courtyard...notice the Mums

Formal dining room

There are several massive mirrors in the home. This is in the front hall. The Mayo family picked up several of these huge mirrors in Mexico

Living room.

Every Fall  back in the years when the family lived here, the Mayos would purchase thousands of Mums and hold a Mum show. This 2014 event was held also as a Mum show to commemorate this past regular event.

The Green Room, Office, was formerly an outdoor patio.

Beautiful Wedgewood china 

One of the many beautiful chandeliers.

If you are visiting Rochester this home is a "must see", along with the historical home that we live in, The Plummer House.  Both are homes of the Drs that started the Mayo Clinic. We feel blessed to be a part of sharing this history!


My latest finds for our Hob Nobber Spring Sale!

Since "Nautical" is  big right now we are searching for more "lake house", "beachy", and "nautical decor" finds. We will have one area devoted to our nautical finds that are authentic/or vintage. This is an authentic lobster buoy from Maine.

This is a vintage wooden beverage cart that has the words, "Kern's Gaming Cart Beverages" on the back. It would make a nice plant container among other creative uses. I picked this up in Florida.

                            Another possibility for plants is this large vintage wood tool caddy.

I'm sure someone will find a creative use for this large metal Hormel can. It has a cover and handles on the side.

This vintage berry basket carrier is filled with rustic items that will be sold separately. Old scoop, metal funnel, and folding measure.

And I'm selling this vintage French marble clock that belonged to my parents and is now owned by my brother. Yes, he says, "sell".

                                        That's it for now! More to show you next week!

Monday, April 13, 2015



 Spring is the time of plans and projects.   Leo Tolstoy

Do you feel it? The desire to plan and then plant a garden, the urge to tackle the seasonal project of Spring Cleaning, the itch to de-clutter and reorganize, the delight in getting out the Spring colors in your clothing and decor. OK, maybe you're not quite feeling the desire to do the work! But you'd really love to get this stuff done! 

The work part of it can seem overwhelming even if it is something you want to accomplish. But you know how great you will feel when the work is done! Aside from hiring someone to do it all,  one of the best ways to get your Spring plans and projects completed without making it feel like hard work is to break it down into chunks. Do it in stages, a little at a time, over a period of time. If you haven't begun this rite of Spring ( or even if you have ) mapping a plan to complete your Spring projects is a great way to get started. Just having a plan helps you feel better!


1) Make a list of areas that need attention

       Washing windows, cleaning curtains and draperies, organizing closets, de-cluttering, yard work etc.

2) Map out a plan to complete all your Spring plans and projects

          Some areas will need more time than others. For example, maybe you need a week to organize your clothes closets and change out your wardrobe but you could complete window washing in one day. Write down the days you plan to complete your list of projects. Spread it out throughout the whole season if necessary. Everything doesn't need to be done at once. 

3) Gather needed tools for projects

            To avoid unnecessary frustration when you begin projects, gather the needed tools and equipment you will need before you begin each project. Nothing is more frustrating that having a plan to begin something and then finding you need to make a run to the hardware store.

4) Get it done!

     No more procrastinating now! It's time to get the job done! Your planning and gathering of tools has given you your period of putting things off for a bit. It's time now to tackle that one chunk that you had planned on doing on that day!

5) Mix in a great attitude, some fun, and simple refreshing extras

          Make sure you begin your projects with a great attitude! Remind yourself of how great you will feel when the job is done! And add a bit of fun to your work! Play some favorite music, sing or whistle while you work, open up the windows and let that fresh Spring air in, have your favorite beverage nearby for a quick sip, light a scented candle to add fragrance to your task. Or do all of the above! Better yet, get some help! You might find a friend or neighbor who you could help in exchange for helping you. Take a day of washing each others windows together. Make it a window washing party!

6) Hire some help if you must

 If you can afford to do it, hire out the jobs that you really hate doing or just don't have time for.  Sometimes you just have to do it! Then you can spend more time on the projects you love to do. Not everybody can do this so if you are not one of them, refer back to steps 1-5.

There, now doesn't that feel better?

If you have any Spring Cleaning tips you'd like to share please leave in the comments section! Thanks!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


April is National Humor Month. So I thought I'd share a few laughs on this MMJ to start your day out right! These were taken from Pinterest. Check out my Pinterest Board, " LOL" for more laughs!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


We just got back from a family the van. My husband and I take turns driving. To be fair I have to admit that he drives 6 hours a day and I drive 2 but still...And one thing I noticed is that I like to drive in the slow lane and he likes to drive in the fast lane! When I thought about it, I realized that I also like to LIVE in the "slow lane". OK, maybe it's more now that I'm retired that I like living in the slow lane. But really it's for everybody!
I've discovered that you can miss a lot, living in the "fast lane of life". So I've intentionally chosen to slow down, live in the moment, and not miss out on anything! And this lifestyle fits in with my dream of a farmhouse style home.

Have you ever dreamed of a home in the country or on a simple hobby farm? It seems so romantic, doesn't it? Beautiful lush green grassy yard, gorgeous views in every direction, clothes drying on the clothesline, fresh vegetables to gather in a basket from the garden, a rippling river nearby...I would also have blue hydrangea bushes all over and a wrap-around porch to sit on while enjoying some fresh squeezed lemonade. What would you have?

 But I don't live in the country...or on a hobby farm. I live right in the middle of the city. I do have acres of woods around me with amazing views, however. So I'm kind of there...But I want more of that "country life" feel. So next week I'm going on a journey of discovering how to create a country/farmhouse lifestyle right in the middle of the city. No matter where you live, you can create the country lifestyle of your dreams, without moving, without spending a lot of money, but using a lot of your own unique creativity! I hope you'll join me! From having the country attitude, to beginning new "farm life" activities, to adding some fun farmhouse decor...we're gonna move into the simple and slow lane of country-life- living!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


True riches are found in the common, the ordinary. All these riches are free to enjoy and within our grasp if we take the time to notice, experience, and appreciate them. The one who is truly rich is the one who feels joy and gratitude  for  the simple, the ordinary, the common as seen in...

The beauty of nature...
A beautiful snowfall

Ocean waves rolling onto shore
Lakes and Rivers
Sunsets over the ocean
Sun Rises
Forest animals that appear in unexpected places
Birds that whistle happy
Morning dew on plants

The beauty of loving one another...


Beautiful Art
A walk in the woods
Watching children at play

Learning to enjoy the ordinary...
Cooking and preparing a meal together
Loving the fresh smell of laundry drying in the sun
Color all around us
Growing a garden

The joy of giving and serving
Being able to learn new things
Being Thankful

Take time to enjoy all the above and more and you will be truly rich!

Monday, April 6, 2015



                             HOB NOBBER SPRING SALE

Antique and vintage treasures galore! Farmhouse style, Vintage Nautical decor, Unique treasures, Mantiques, Beautiful Linens, Lovely Vintage Furniture, Primitives, Garden Treasures, Collectibles, Antique toys, Industrial and Steampunk, name it, we've got it! 7+ rooms of treasures!

We often get generations of families shopping together and everyone finds something! Even the men find treasures for themselves...especially in our Mantiques section!

Located in the Beautiful Historic Plummer House, Rochester, Mn...
Sunday, May 24th 12-5
Monday, May 25th  9-5  ( new items added )
Plan now to attend and bring your friends!

Friday, April 3, 2015


While vacationing in Florida a favorite activity of our grandson, Charlie, is taking a ride on the pirate ship. They keep kids entertained by searching for treasure hidden in the sea, scrubbing the poop deck, dancing with the pirates,singing pirate songs, and having "sword" fights. It's entertainment for the kids while the adults enjoy the gorgeous views!
Just another fun attraction in Panama City Beach Florida!
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