Wednesday, May 20, 2015


"The best way to capture a moment is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing." Jon Kabat-Zinn

Just a few more "finds", treasures big and small, to share before our upcoming sale...

This stoneware casserole with lid is a favorite of mine...

A whimsical Scandinavian clothing brush...

An old bell on a leather strap...

This sweet vintage picture...

A vintage berry bowl set, with one large bowl and 6 individual bowls in which to serve your summer berries...

Two whimsical Norwegian egg cups...

Two Norwegian napkin rings...

 Kosta Boda candle holders and other Scandinavian glass pieces

Hand painted Scandinavian little bucket...

A small Pottery piece...

A four drawer catalog cabinet...

      You'll also find a  few Scandinavian primitive pieces, a beautiful vintage Annie Sloan painted Pennsylvania House Hutch with glass doors, a vintage washstand turned "Coffee Station", a lovely vintage Jenny Lind Daybed, and more... You'll have to come and see for yourself!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


 Robert Hignite is the winner of our Hob Nobber Spring Give-Away!! Congratulations, Robert! Not only does he win a gift certificate to shop our sale but he also gets to be first in the door...along with a couple of other little surprises!!

And thanks, Everyone, for participating! We hope to see you all at the sale this upcoming weekend! Don't let the forecast of rain dampen your weekend! Come and have a FREE cup of Starbucks coffee while you shop, stay warm and dry in the beautiful historic Plummer House, and find some unique treasures to take home with you! Bring your friends and party with us! We always have a blast!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


It is never too late to be what you might have been!  George Eliot

I found out about a couple of Estate Sales about an hour away from here and had to go! Never mind that I have our sale coming up next weekend and I should be marking and packing things for that sale. These sounded too good not to miss! And I wasn't disappointed!

I bought this petite armoire for myself at the first sale. I'm turning it into a linen closet. I love the drawer handles on top and it's the perfect size!

The second sale we went to  was at the home of a  lady who ( as the story was told ) had worked all her life and after her retirement, got up every morning and left home as if she were going to work but instead she went shopping! Her whole retirement was spent shopping all. day. long! And she loved antiques!! And also Scandinavian decor!! Both favorites of mine!! Perfect!!

Here are a few little treasures I bought. First up... some antiques that aren't  Scandinavian but very sweet nevertheless. Shown here are some "pretties" and some whimsical antique treasures. I also purchased some farmhouse wares and fun rustic treasures....coming in another post. the butter pats and the square ones are brown transferware.

This cork bottle topper bobble head. Pull the string and he bows his head while removing his hat.

                                               Some special vintage Easter treasures...

                                                            Blue and white platter

                                                             A set of 8 hen salt cellars. Though they may appear large here, they are as small as usual sized salt cellars, but with hen covers.

This antique "chef" string holder. See the hole in his mouth? The string comes through there.

At first I thought this was a bread board but I think it is more of a wooden "server" as it is thicker by the handle and narrows at the other end.

                                                 Shoe stretchers already tied in a neat little bow.

                                                         And a Hadley Christmas cup.

The Estate Sales people said it took months to sort and mark things and after a while they just gave up and left things unmarked. It was just so overwhelming! She apparently was a kind of hoarder. A neat and clean hoarder. Her house was filled with boxes of things neatly packed and very clean. They say she was so clean that she took her whole piano apart to clean it and then couldn't put it back together again. There was so much stuff in her house that there were only narrow pathways around her house in which to move around. The Estate company had to bring in three large storage pods in which  to put some of things while they sorted so they could move around. They ended up just leaving them in the pods and not even marking them! There was also a large tent in the backyard with five long tables full of boxes of things with more boxes under the tables and tons of things around the yard. The rest of the house was jam packed, in every room of the house including the garage. I've never heard so many people comment about the amount of stuff in a house before! And great stuff to boot!!

In most Estate Sales they begin by giving out numbers to let people in, in an orderly fashion. We heard that the first person in line who got the "number one" spot at this sale actually camped overnight in her yard! I would have liked to see what that first person in line purchased, as you usually assume  they get all the best stuff!!

I went to the sale with the goal of finding special treasures to sell at our vintage sale but I was so tempted to buy stuff for myself.  But then I was afraid I would just end up being another hoarder! I'm kind of embarrassed about having these "first world" problems. And yet I'll still probably keep a few things for myself, including the armoire. Aaakkkk! So I have to keep seeking that balance of simplifying my life while also enjoying adding beauty to my home.  I also promised my husband if I started to pile boxes of my treasures around the house making room for only a narrow pathway to get around I would give him permission for  cutting me off from keeping stuff for myself. So far so good. And I am selling an antique dresser that sat in the space where the armoire is now sitting. So as far as furniture goes, I'm staying "even".

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


"Organizing is what you do before you do something so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." Winnie the Pooh

I love to be organized! And I love to decorate with vintage decor! So combining the two is a perfect fit for me! Even in my art/crafting room I stay away from the plastic organizing bins and look for old boxes, old drawers, and other creative storage pieces. I use vintage planters to hold colored markers, old wired baskets for odds and ends, a vintage wooden shoe rack holds old drawers filled with goodies, and a long primitive bench holds a few things "waiting" to be stored. It sparks my creative spirit to be surrounded by old, repurposed, vintage inspiration. 

Want to get inspired to organize? I've gathered up some photos of spaces that illustrate how others have organized with vintage decor. It's "organization" and "decor" rolled into one.

Notice the use of the tool carrier, the ladder, the old wood shelf, the advertising boxes, wicker baskets, as well as the metal drawers...

                                I love this idea using old milk crates for storing sports equipment.

                              Below is a hutch turned into great crafting storage. So cute!


Below is my wooden shoe rack with an advertising box, a vintage drawer, wicker basket, and other boxes holding ribbons, vintage hankies, bits and bobs and more. This is a work in progress...

                             This vintage gum display of mine awaits treasures to store..My husband keeps         throwing his pill bottles in there  and would like to use it for that but I'm not" feeling it".

                       And my husband likes this old silverware caddy for all the remotes. I was going to paint it but he likes the old wood look.

                              This old berry box from Buds Berry Farm now holds magazines. It was a perfect find because my Dad's name was "Bud".

This little guy below used to hold sand in a bucket ( inside the ring ) which was used for putting out cigarettes. The little cup on the side held matches. We purchased a little bucket, sprayed it with chalkpaint, and wrote "KEYS" on the side. He now stands in our foyer and the bucket holds our keys.

To see more storage ideas for vintage treasures go to my Pinterest board, "Vintage Style Organizing".

And if you happen to be coming to our Spring occasional sale ( see sidebar ) we will have plenty of vintage and antique treasures for storing your treasures with vintage flair!

Monday, May 11, 2015


If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.  Marc Anthony

Do you want to make money doing what you love? It's everybody's dream, right? You hear it all the time. And you are probably familiar with the phrase, "multiple streams of income". So I'm creating a plan to see how I can create multiple streams of income with my love of antique and vintage treasures. I hope you'll follow along and check out the process. I'm not planning on getting rich with this plan. Just seeing how it works on a smaller scale. Since I'm retired I don't want a full time job. But if you are  wanting to make a full time income, you might just want to watch the "process" and use your own figures in how much you want to make.

I realize I'm probably "preaching to the choir" ( and possibly you're creating an even  bigger venture at it than I am ). If you're willing to share, I'm  sure we'd all love to hear your ideas. But if you're reading this and want to grow your vintage and antique business or begin one, maybe my experience will help a bit.

So I'm going to begin by just listing 10 ways you could create a stream of income through your love of vintage and antique treasures. While this list is not exhaustive ( right now I can think of several) others  it is a sampling of ways women have made money incorporating their love of vintage treasures. You need not use all ten ways, of course. I'll share some specifics of each area in future posts. Just pick a few that fit your interests and skill set. I'll share which ones I choose to use and how I plan on making it work in future posts.

So here they are...


1) Occasional Sales

2) Online Sales via eBay, Etsy, or your own website

3) Write ebooks on Vintage topics

4) Offer Flea Market Bus Trips

5) Collect and Rent Out Vintage Decor for special events

6) Restore and Paint and or Repurpose Vintage Furniture

7) Take Photos of Vintage Vignettes and Make Cards with them

8) Have a Booth in an Antique Mall or open your own Antique Mall

9) Teach Community Classes or Online Classes on Vintage topics

10) Start an Estate Sale business

You'll notice I didn't say anything about blogging about antiques. I think "blogging" is another area altogether. And while you might blog to help your sales, communicate with your customers, or for other reasons, it takes a whole different skill set to blog. But of course, that may be one income stream of interest to you. I left it out here because personally I'm still trying to figure it all out. Blogging topics will be on another "series".

So what about you?  Do you have an interest in antiques and vintage decor? Can you see yourself being interested in one of the above areas of income? Or are you already making an income in several areas? I'm sure others would love to hear about it! Just beginning to make money in one income stream can, in many cases, lead to another income stream down the road. There are many options out there to dream about and begin creating!

So stay tuned while we learn together  of the many ways to love what we do and make money doing it!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


                         Wishing all Moms a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


"Spring time is a time of revival for every living thing."  Lailah Akita

I took a little walk around the grounds ( see the Plummer page to read about where we live ) today to check out what beauty is springing up. Ferns are unfolding, Spring flowers are in bloom and even the stones of the stairs and buildings seem to be awakening.

                                                              It was a beautiful walk!

                            Give on the nest on the right side bar for details!


Well, it's that time of year again…time for….SPRING CLEANING!  I actually love the idea of Spring Cleaning! Well, the end result , anyway! There is something about the feeling of de-cluttering and getting rid of those things you haven’t used in 5 years, reorganizing those messy drawers and closets so you can actually find things, and tackling those twice yearly projects that make your home feel fresh and sparkly!
But I don’t necessarily look forward to the....well, "work" of Spring Cleaning! So I’ve come up with 7 tips to help take the drudgery out of Spring Cleaning and to make this task feel a bit less overwhelming and maybe even somewhat enjoyable. You know, like how a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!  Are you with me? Let's get started...


tulips in vase1) First of all, buy yourself some tulips to get yourself in the mood! Nothing says “SPRING” like a few simple tulips! That should give you a boost to your spring spirits!

2) Tackle your projects in small doses.  Decide how much time you want to devote to Spring Cleaning and then divide and drawer or closet at a time.

3) Open up a window and let in some fresh air! I do this even in the middle of winter sometimes. There’s nothing like the invigorating smell of fresh air to perk you up! Even if it’s open for just a short time while cleaning out that drawer!

4) Clean out the smallest space first to inspire you to keep going. Yes, even one re-organized drawer can  motivate you to go further.

5) Change up your decor while you clean for a bit of inspiration. “Shop” in your own home. Get that pillow out of the bedroom and put in the living room to freshen it up with a new look. Maybe even switch up some furniture. A new look, no matter how small, can inspire you to get your house in order.

6) Put on some music to move to. Music can get you motivated to get moving. I love to listen to  upbeat classical music while cleaning. A different type of music might get you moving. Just make sure it's upbeat and lively!

7) Light a candle! Peppermint scents are inspiring and motivating! 

8) Take a break! It's good to take a break now and then, and have some water or iced tea for refreshment and to stay hydrated. 

Notice how all your senses are involved in tackling this job? Using all your senses can be inspirational! It all works together to keep you in the mood and motivated to keep going! Then sit back and look at the neat, clean spaces...and your beautiful tulips. Breathe in the scent of cleanliness and fresh air and peppermint. Listen to the wonderful music you chose. There now! Wasn't it all worth it?

 If you have more ideas to help make this chore more palatable, leave a comment and let us know. We all need all the help we can get!

GIVE-AWAY  Don't forget to enter our Give-Away. Just click on the birds nest on the right side-bar to go to the Give-Away page! Only for those attending our Spring Sales event! Another Give-Away coming this summer for Everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


                                        Announcing Hob Nobbers 2015 Spring Event Give-Away!

This Give-Away is open ONLY to those who will be coming to our sale because the Give-Away gift is....

1) $30 gift certificate to shop our Hob Nobber Spring Sale
2) Opportunity to be First One In The Door ( because there is always a line )
3) More Surprises

To enter, leave a comment on this page about what treasure we have found that you like the best. To find the treasures you will need to scroll back to previous posts.

For an extra chance to win, go to my Pinterest page and "follow" me. You can get there by clicking on the Pinterest button on the right sidebar. Then come back to this page and leave another comment telling me you did that.

If you don't have an online presence, please e-mail me your name and e-mail address.

Give-Away open until May 17th! Winner will be announced on May 19th!!

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you at the sale!

If you can't be at the sale I am having another Give-Away this Summer so ANYONE can win!! Be sure to watch for that one also!

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