Saturday, September 20, 2014


One of the fun aspects of our Hob Nobber business is buying each other's finds. We always get first pick, after all. Just one of the perks! As we're unpacking we see each other's stuff and start making our own "piles" to purchase.

So here are just a couple of my purchases at our last sales event...

Hob Nobber, Karen, made this pillow out of a vintage grain sack and filled it with "down". She softened the grain sack so it is soft and cuddly and the "down" makes it even softer. She insists on "down" and not just feathers, "as the feathers tend to stick out",  she says, "poking you". She first purchases down filled comforters and removes the down, putting the feathers in large plastic bags. Feathers are flying when she does this, she tells us, so she does this in her back yard. The down is first enclosed in an inner pillow case. She then puts that in the grain sack bag she has prepared, removing as many of the stains as possible and then softening it, but not so much as to ruin the fabric. She spends so much time and money on just one pillow, that Hob Nobber Rene, and I figure she doesn't make any money  on them. But Karen is very meticulous and loves doing this kind of thing. I HAD to have one! I think she has a couple left which will be at our Memorial Day Sale!

And I bought this interesting candle/lamp. It has a glass candle holder inside. The lining inside the wire is made of silk. It has a wooden base but also a hook for hanging. I was going to hang it but then the base looked kind of funny  just hanging there so I set it on this dresser we have in our foyer. Had to have THAT also!

This week my husband and I celebrated out 45th Anniversary by going to Lake City, Mn, a nearby river city. Lake City is on Lake Pepin which is a place where the Mississippi River widens into a 21 mile long lake. Across the lake is Wisconsin with scenic bluffs that provide gorgeous views! It is so beautiful with the lake and bluffs that I think it's the prettiest spot on the Mississippi River! We usually go a bit farther away for our anniversary but decided the beauty of this place and the fact that we could go for rides in our newly purchased pontoon boat was too good to pass up. One of our favorite day trips is to travel around the lake from Minnesota to Wisconsin and back, visiting the little river villages along the way. Our first stop was Wabasha where they were having a Fall Festival. The whole downtown was decorated...

My "garage sale radar" picked up a garage sale sign so we HAD to stop. I bought this huge vintage porcelain basin with handles and the advertising still mostly intact. This will go into the next sales event...

         Yeah, I found more treasures but you'll have to wait to see them in another post. We traveled onto Wisconsin via the bridge in Wabasha and stopped at The Pickle Factory in the village of Pepin,...

We had delicious sandwiches there, along with a garlic pickle ( pickle factory )  and we dined on the deck for a wonderful view of Lake Pepin from the Wisconsin side. We found out that we could ride our pontoon ( AKA party barge ) across the lake, park it at the Marina and have dinner there. That will have to wait until next summer...

We traveled onto the village of Stockholm, Wisconsin where we had a piece of pie at "The Stockholm Pie Company".

 I had double lemon pie because it had already won several awards: "Best Pie In The Twin Cities" ( newspaper area ), First place in the Midwest Pie Eating Contest, And Gourmet magazines' best 53 things to eat.  I'm definitely going back to buy a whole pie! BEST PIE EVER!!! 

Usually we travel on through Wisconsin's scenic drive along the river and cross the Mississippi  again in Red Wing, Minnesota and back to Lake City. This is a wonderful drive with amazing places to eat along the way, art and antique shops, beautiful scenery,  and quaint villages to discover. I thoroughly recommend this little day trip, however, you'll need to check ahead of time as some shops are open only seasonally.

And I'll also be sharing  more about  Lake City as I have always loved this little town. But more on that in another post also...


I had mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to open up an Etsy Shop. I still plan on that and I am really excited about it but I am having to change the opening date as I had forgotten our trip with the kids and grandkids to Disney World. Well, I hadn't forgotten it, but I  just  realized that if someone happened to order something I wouldn't be home to ship it! Hah! Not a good way to begin. 

So instead of opening Oct 1st it will have to wait until the end of the month. Exact date to be announced later. I'm also excited to share the name of my little shop but I will announce that in another post also. It looks like I promised a lot of things in "upcoming posts". Haha...Guess I'll be busy for the next few weeks!

Have a great week!   

Monday, September 8, 2014


Thanks to all of you who came to our Labor Day sale! If you came, I hope you found a wonderful treasure to take home. Here's the work crew waiting for the doors to open!

Once again we had a great sale, we had a lot of fun, and we ended up exhausted! But we're ready to get out there and find some more goodies for our next event!

A vintage blogging buddy, Ann Garritty, came and brought with her two swanky swig glasses that I wanted to buy from her Etsy shop. I'm collecting the green and blue ones. I love them!

Instead, she gave them to me as a gift! How sweet was that?!!? Thanks, Ann! Ann blogs at Protector Of Vintage here. Check out her Etsy store also for fun vintage finds!

Speaking of Etsy stores, I'm opening my own little Etsy shop beginning in October. If you've seen some of my fun treasures on this blog but don't live nearby, now YOU'LL have an opportunity to get some of the goodies! There will be farmhouse and industrial finds, linens, unique vintage treasures, fine china, and more! Keep watching for more information in the very near future!

Also beginning in the next week or so I will be posting some of the furniture pieces on Craigslist that didn't sell at our Labor Day Sale. So if you live nearby and missed the sale, you have the opportunity to purchase one of our fun finds! More information will be coming soon about this as well.

Right now I'm busy updating the mailing list, reorganizing the stuff that didn't sell at our sale ( though there's not a LOT left ), and taking photos for posting on Craigslist and the new Etsy shop!

Now I need to get around and read some blogs!! I've been so busy lately I've not been blog hopping like I used to...

Thursday, August 28, 2014


We three Hob Nobbers ( Karen, Sandy, and Renee )...

Offering AMAZING finds...

At cheap reasonable prices...

In this beautiful historic mansion...

Also serving FREE Starbucks coffee while you shop...


Details on the right sidebar!!

Friday, August 8, 2014


I've been so busy trying to get everything ready for the upcoming sale I haven't taken time to post anything here. But I finally took some photos of a few of my latest finds for out Labor Day Sale. Check them out...






                                                          And this is just a beginning!!!

We will have one room devoted to vintage Christmas decor. And while you are shopping for yourself, remember to pick up one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


                      HOB NOBBER LABOR DAY SALE!!!

Here are a few photos from previous sales...

                             DON'T MISS THIS SALE!!!
We will have:
                  Vintage and Antique Treasures
                  Farmhouse and Industrial Finds
                  Lovely Furniture Pieces
                  Rustic and Repurposed Goodies
                  Vintage Toys
                  Vintage Christmas Room
                  China, including fine teacups and saucers
                  And more vintage goodness in one place than you have ever seen!

To see some of the treasures we will have this year see previous posts on this blog and go to our Facebook page.


WHEN:  SUNDAY, AUGUST 31st, 12-5
                MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, 9-5 ( new items added )

WHERE:  Plummer House ( 49 room historical mansion )
                  1091 Plummer Lane S.W.
                  Rochester, Mn 

Note: If you have been on our e-mail list, you will not receive a notice about this as Google has disabled that account and I've lost all the e-mail address' along with it.   ; (

For more information, you may contact me  ( Sandy ) at



Sunday, July 20, 2014


It has been awhile since I've shared Plummer House photos and happenings. It is such a beautiful day that I thought I'd go out and take some photos. If you don't know about the Plummer House, go to my "Plummer House" page for more information. Warning: lots of photos ahead...And yup, we live here...well, in the "west wing" of the house to be more accurate.

                                   THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE...THREE BLOCKS LONG!

This stone wall formerly housed the greenhouse.

Path leading to the former greenhouse. Planning on rebuilding this to its former glory.

                                                SOME FLOWERS ON THE GROUNDS
Across from our driveway

                                         PORTIONS OF THE BACK OF THE HOUSE
The three windows on the top right are in our living room

Our living quarters extend from the end of the house to the left to the third window dormer above.

The view as we look out our living room windows...lots of birdies show up to bathe


This one is made from wood...

Our daughter came down these stairs on her wedding day as do many others. This is a popular wedding destination.

Backdoor leads to the lowest level of the five story home. This part is underground in the front of the house.


                                             AND SOME INTERESTING DETAILS...
Door under the greenhouse... once housed the swimming pool's dressing room. But I love the neat architecture...

Three story repunzel-like tower. Formerly the family's water tower. Our daughter and her husband had a romantic outdoor wedding dinner here with caterers cooking beef and chicken kabobs huge grills.
Stairway next to the tower...leading to a path through the woods

Stone archway beside our garage... a favorite place for photographers

Looking towards the house from the tower...

A lot of unique antique fixtures but the city required the ugly new lightbulbs!

The old drive way that winds through the woods is now not in use. Our kids, grandkids, and neighborhood kids enjoy sledding down this long trail in winter. The surrounding woods bring out many deer, fox, turkey, and other interesting wildlife that we find walking the grounds often.

One of two ponds with fountains on the property. Every year our grandson, Charlie, finds tadpoles in the water and shortly thereafter, tiny little frogs hopping about. A few make it to adulthood and find their way to the top of the hill where Charlie is thrilled with the big Daddy frogs jumping around. Our daughter had her wedding ceremony in front of one of the ponds several years ago. And our son as well a few years before that. Many family memories made here.

We feel immensely blessed being able to live here. We have been here 24 years now as Resident Directors. There are 11 acres of property here but we get to just enjoy it without all the work as there is a grounds crew that takes care of everything, including plowing us out in winter.  We also have a cleaning staff and a maintenance man. We DO have to oversee what goes on with everything, however.
We have made many family memories here! But it DOES keep us busy as it is rented over 200 days a year, we have Open House on Wednesdays during the summer, and we also give group tours. We help "oversee" these events but oftentimes give the Group Tours ourselves. And now we are working with consultants to get the house back to its 1920's heydays, which is a very fun project! I also started a little gift shop during Open House days where Plummer House related treasures are sold.

Living here has increased our interest in our community's history. Les has now joined a group of like-minded people who meet and share local historical new tidbits they've learned about. They call the group,The  Fossils. Or is it that THEY are the fossils. I'm not sure. Two of the men have written books of local historical interest and one gives walking tours of historical areas in the city. We have both learned much about history in general and have enjoyed our many years of living here. We are richly blessed!

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