Friday, May 6, 2016

A New Day (Ernesto Cortazar)

Happy Friday!

Enjoy the video and then enter our Give-Away by clicking on the bathing beauties on the right sidebar.

Friday, April 29, 2016


                             HOB NOBBER SPRING GIVE-AWAY

                 So our BIG SPRING SALE is coming up and we are having another GIVE-AWAY! 

  And we are giving awaaaaayyyy.... a $30 gift certificate to shop our sale and the opportunity to come in and shop before we open. So are you ready? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post that you want to be "in" on the give-away. Leave a first name with your comment. Simple! May 26th is the last day to enter and we will draw a name via the online random generator on May 27th. Please leave a way for us to contact you.

You have to be able to come to our sale and shop in order to enter. So there it is! And good luck!

My daughter, Elissa, and I went to Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minnesota! You really can't get through that place in a day! There is so much to see! I was hoping to take some photos but I got so caught up in shopping that I kept forgetting. But I DID manage to get a FEW...

We were really drawn to the many light fixtures made from rustic vintage items...

This one was from a vintage car headlight.

 And I fell in love with this 1940's French laundry basket

Which I ended up buying! But not the thing underneath it. Because the basket was too big to carry along with us I left it at the booth with a sold sign on it. When we were ready to leave with it I felt like I was going to be mugged for the basket. I heard so many people say, "There goes that basket I wanted but it was sold!" And, "There goes that lady who got the basket!" I was waiting with my treasures for my daughter to get the car as people passed and commented. I wanted to pick up our stuff and run but I had too much stuff! When my daughter arrived I said, "Whew! Glad you got here when you did! Everybody wanted my basket!" Really though everybody was friendly and maybe just a bit jealous that I got there first.  I also got a great deal on two authentic grain sacks from France and a colorful vintage tablecloth. Elissa bought a big galvanized can and a rustic six cubby shelf.

We spent a lot of time at the vendors booth where I got the basket and grain sacks and Elissa bought the can. The poor guy was working alone and was overwhelmed selling things so fast he could hardly keep up! He didn't have anything priced so we finally were able to get his attention to get all the prices of everything in his booth. So then because he was so busy taking people's money, people started asking us if we knew the price of things so we told them. When others heard us telling prices they thought we worked there and people kept asking US questions! Funny thing is we had the answers because we were lucky enough to get the answers before he got TOO busy!

This guy was from LA and takes trips to France and Europe every month to pick up stuff. I told Elissa, who loves to travel, that I'm going to send her to France to get us some more neat stuff!

                            These benches with wood drawers were his hottest sellers! I think the drawers were the French purchase and the benches were made to fit!

My two grain sacks. These are really big and some people make big bolster pillows with them but I have one and I cut the sides of the sack, doubling the length and made a table runner. I LOVE mine!

 Elissa and I went for his other stuff...But the good news for YOU is that the grain sacks are for sale and are listed  in my Etsy store, Gwen And Alma's here.   And the much desired 1940's French Laundry Basket will be for sale at our Hob Nobbers Spring Sale!

So crazy as it is these were the only pictures I took as we got too busy shopping! But we had a great time!

Thursday, April 21, 2016


We arrived home last Monday from three weeks vacation in Marco island, Florida! Of course, while on the way down and while in Florida, I had to check out some antique shops and Craigslist," just in case there was something too good to pass up". And I managed to find some things that actually fit in the van after getting all our luggage, Grandkids'  boogy boards, Grandkids' shell collections, Grandkids' extra sleeping bags, air mattresses and other various items of the Grandkids' that somehow fit into their luggage in the airplane on the way down, but there was no room for them on the way home. Still can't figure out how that happened.

And yet we managed with some creative organizing to get it all in along with a 6' rolling ladder, two vintage chairs, and some other little items I snagged along the way.

This is my favorite! A vintage rolling ladder with sturdy steps on both sides. Mostly used in libraries back in the day. It can collapse and actually rolls on the wheels while folded up! It's in great condition and the wood is beautiful! This will go into our Hob Nobber sale this Spring!

Next up is this vintage American Roundabout or Corner Chair that I purchased at an Estate sale company.  I'm thinking of putting this in my Gwen And Alma's Etsy store after we check out a furniture pack and ship company. I haven't tried to sell anything big on Etsy yet so this might be the first piece.

                   I also purchased this other little chair that needs a refinishing or paint job.

And this little collapsible stool that I would probably use sitting on a table with a plant on it or something. I'm going to put this in my Etsy store.

Also this metal tool box which would be great for storing craft items or other little items that need a "home". Also an Etsy store find.

                                                        A vintage bread paddle...Not sure where I will sell this one yet.

And a stoneware bowl which I would love to keep but I already have two just like this one! This will go into my Etsy store also!

                                               So what is YOUR favorite thing here?

 I bought a few more little things but they are still packed up. And of course lots lots more will be at our BIG SPRING SALE!!

Next week I'll be announcing the Give-Away!! So keep watching for it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Yes, Spring BREATHS NEW LIFE! I can see the beautiful Spring buds in bloom, the grass turning green, I smell the fresh Spring air, and I can see a new "spring" in the steps of people out walking! If you live up North where you've experienced the winter's snow and cold, Spring feels even sweeter!

We just returned from three weeks in Marco Island, Florida! The weather was beautiful (80 degrees plus)  the whole time and no rain! We cheered when we saw that the weather back home was cold with more snow! Apologies to those left back in the cold. But that vacation was rejuvenating! And then to come home to Spring ( as opposed to more snow ) was an added treat!

Marco Island, Florida

I took a "vacation" from blogging and staying in touch on the internet as well. Sometimes you just have to unplug to enjoy "the moment". I had to focus on the ocean, the beach and fun family memories. I admit to reading on the ipad and computer however. In fact, it was comical how we all had reading material on our devices so as to save space while traveling. I used to have a big bag of books and magazines I carted along on vacation. But now I have it all on the computer. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. But our main focus was enjoying the beach and ocean together and making many fun family memories. We took no devices on the beach however! But there were many people who were texting, talking on cell phones ( actually doing business ), and missing the whole beach experience!

And of course, I took a couple of side trips to buy a few great items to sell at our Hob Nobber Spring sale coming up over the Memorial Day weekend! I'll share those photos later. But one great find was a very big beautiful wood library ladder with wheels. Yup, we made room for it in the van! It is SO cool! if it doesn't sell at our Hob Nobber sale it will go into Gwen And Alma's, my Etsy store. Then those of you who can't come to our sale can get a shot at buying it! You can check out my Etsy 
 "Like" a treasure or two while you're there! ; )

This summer I am having a Gwen And Alma's GiveAway so keep watching for that! And next week I will be posting a Give Away for Hob Nobbers!! Stay tuned! Although the Hob Nobber Give-Away will be a gift certificate for our sale so you must be coming to enter!

Speaking of Gwen And Alma's... I sold five treasures while I was on vacation! I couldn't believe it! I had a message that stated when we would be on vacation and that I wouldn't  be able to ship until we got back but they could still purchase. Everyone who purchased was so kind and sent a note saying to enjoy my vacation! I LOVE Etsy customers!

I need to list many more items so people have more to choose from, but my Etsy experience has been wonderful! Thanks to those of you who encouraged me to give it a try as I was a bit reluctant to do so. Well, I'm off to ship 5 treasures to some lucky customers! They have been waiting patiently!

Monday, March 28, 2016

New Treasure, Hob Nobber Sale and Gwen And Alma's

I found something awesome  and I wanted to share it here before I sell it in our upcoming Hob Nobber sale...Ta Da!!!!!

And here it is at a slightly different angle...

Know what it is? It's an antique sugar mold with 12 holes.  Brown sugar cane syrup would be poured into the depressions or "holes" until they dried. The sugar formed raw brown sugar cones and this was how they were originally sold to consumers. The cones were easy to store and transport. More sugar refining measures had not been developed yet.

Today they are being used as candle holders. This one has 12 depressions in which to put candles. It also has two iron end pieces to set it up from the table.

This will be for sale at our Spring event over Memorial Day weekend!

                                                           Hob Nobber Spring Sale
                                      Sunday May 29th 12-5 and Monday May 30th 9-5!

I'll be heading for Florida soon and hope to find some interesting treasures along the way to bring back for the sale!

In the meantime, head on over to my Etsy store, Gwen And Alma's here and see what's new!

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Just thought I'd check in and show you some things I've added to my Gwen And Alma's Etsy Shoppe. I have a lot of new fun items, some of which will be saved for our Hob Nobber sale and some listed in my Etsy shoppe.

So if you live too far away to attend our occasional sale, you can find some great things at Gwen And Alma's!


This 1950 laundry detergent tin. It has a little pull out spout for pouring...

This old wood box with little hooks in the front...

This vintage  three L logo teal colored Bell jar with zinc lid ( not shown ).

I listed this Sheffield silver sugar cube tray though I've showed you this previously.

This Chintz sugar and creamer set, Grimwades 1930's...

This is an amazing transferware teal colored tureen from Tunstall England. It was made in the Pitcairn Ltd Company in that city. The company was in business from 1895 to 1901. The pattern is Astoria.

Also listed are these four Spode English egg cups. All are in good condition but I'm throwing in the 5th one free as it does have a chip on the edge.

 These two books are from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Both were owned by a teenage girl named Pearl. Her name is written in both books. After reading these books you feel like you know Pearl in some way. I left a couple of news clippings she left in the book. The red book is a true story telling about the lives of some girls during that time period.

Check out my Etsy shoppe by clicking here.   I will be adding new items weekly until we leave on vacation and then will continue adding more when we get back. ( note to any would-be burglars out there... we have people living at our home when we are on vacation )

Thanks for stopping by!

OH! And don't confuse my Etsy store, "Gwen And Alma's",  with my Amazon Store, Sandy's Vintage Shoppe listed on the pages bar. If you click on that, you can get to the page where I have some items listed on Amazon. But first read about the "happenings around my little shoppe". Then click on the Shoppe name to see what I found for sale at!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


                    Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.   Epicurus

 I love to wrap gifts in different and creative ways and make them myself. Here's what I've done to wrap a simple gift for a friend. I have a stash of vintage music books and vintage magazines. I used the vintage music paper in which to wrap the gift. I then cut out the image of a lady from the magazine , took a little flower from my little collection of miniatures, and tied it all with a ribbon. Simple AND "vintage-y" (I think I just made up this word)!

I've used other items to wrap as well! It works best with people who appreciate vintage, of course. I've wrapped with lace and linens...

And even though it's not Christmas...Here's what I've done....

One year at Christmas when it was also a family reunion, I gave all the women an extra gift of soap wrapped in a Christmas vintage hankie. The only problem with that was I don't think some of my family members really appreciated the value of a Christmas hankie and they probably got thrown in the trash with all the rest of the wrapping paper. Not that they were  expensive! It's just that it took me a year to collect that many Christmas hankies! Needless to say, I now only give gifts in wrapped hankies to those who might appreciate them. Hah!

Every Christmas my daughter and I have kind of a theme for our wrapping paper. One year my daughter used newspaper which might sound kind of tacky but they were really actually pretty cute. She used red or green twine for ribbon. My husbands present was wrapped with the Sports page. All the kids' were wrapped in cartoons. Mine was wrapped in the lifestyle/decor section. Each person's gift was wrapped with their area of interest. It was fun seeing what section she used for each person. It was very clever.

I like my Christmas gifts wrapped simply and similar. This year I used  dollar store kraft paper along with decorated kraft paper, red twine, and tags downloaded from the internet.

When my kids were small and we were trying to save money. I cut up brown paper grocery bags for wrapping. Then I took come potatoes, cut them in half and carved out of the open end, a star, a tree, and a candy cane. I gave the kids some paint to dip the carved ends in and decorate the paper. Now my daughter has done this with her daughter. It's a fun way to get the kids involved, get creative, and save money at the some time.

Now I go to Pinterest for more creative ideas. For more ideas check out my Pinterest Board: Wrapping.
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Saturday, March 5, 2016


                                  Don't agonize. Organize. Florence Kennedy

The quote above is normally something that I might have said.... A few years ago. I've always tried to be organized. In fact my identity in the family was one of being "the organizer". I put together an organizer and even sold them many years ago. I also spoke at a seminar for women selling Tupperware on how to organize their time while in business. My grandkids even say I'm the "organizing grandma" because I always go over and help them organize their rooms.

Fast forward to now...All that organizing "business" was before Hob Nobbers...the occasional sales, I mean!  Since I started collecting and selling vintage treasures and antiques all my organizing has gone out the window! I mean, how do you organize 400+ items?

Here's what I mean...I have a garage ( heated ) full ( and I mean FULL ) of furniture that needs painting, wooden containers, metal containers, two dress forms, four porch posts, desks, one wheelbarrow ( extra large ), and a table that I paint on that's full of paint cans, brushes, sand paper, and other paraphernalia. And it's all in disarray! Piled up and all over the place and now we can't even get in there! And there's a lot more stuff in there than I've mentioned here but you get the idea. I'd show you a picture but it would be too embarrassing! OK Maybe I'll show it AFTER I get it organized and then give you the "before" and "after" shots.

Then there's the room off the garage that is "The Hob Nobber Room" ( a nice clean room with carpet and beautiful windows ) where the small stuff goes. The china and dishes,  linens, pictures, ephemera, books, collectibles, folk art, you name it, it's in there! Between the two rooms I usually have over 400 items I'm trying to get ready for our sales! And right now you can't even get into the Hob Nobber room! It's really kind of overwhelming!

Now I'm going to give part of the blame to my husband, who doesn't have an organized bone in his body! Bless his heart! ( said somewhat sarcastically ) After Hob Nobbers grew to where I needed help, he offered to pitch in. His job is to unload the car after I've shopped and put the items into the garage or Hob Nobber room. And I've given him clear directions on what goes where. At least I thought they were pretty clear.

 Let's just say that most of the time, things don't get to their "proper home". But at least he gets them inside the house! So now I'm ready to do something about getting things organized once and for all! I'm going to stop agonizing over the mess...and organize! 

I don't have that big of a problem organizing other stuff in my life. But the Hob Nobber stuff is definitely out of control! And I KNOW how to organize BUT... 400+ items is just so overwhelming! So I'm looking for new and creative ideas to handle the huge amounts of inventory! It's taking up too much room!

Does anyone else who has many items that they are going to sell have this problem? How do you organize all the items you are going to sell? Do you store them in bins? Do you have shelves of items? I have both at the moment in addition to three tables and a counter piled high with stuff! Any creative ideas on organizing everything? 

Many of you who sell vintage items probably have a booth in an antique shop and just keep putting stuff in there. Is there anyone else out there who has occasional sales and has to store large amounts of inventory? 

I know I should clean and tag each item as I buy it but I procrastinate. So that's something that has to change. But I don't want the tags to get all crinkly either so I hesitate wrapping them up and storing them in bins. So if anyone has new and creative ideas on how to easily get this done, please pass on your thoughts! I would be forever grateful!

PS I've passed the "organizing the grandkids rooms" onto the other grandma. Somehow, their rooms never stay organized, either!  

Friday, March 4, 2016


Happy is the man who is living by his hobby.  George Bernard Shaw

While I'm not actually making a living with my "hobby" of collecting and selling vintage treasures I believe one could if done as a full time business. Right now, being retired, I'm happy selling my finds as a hobby but if you want to make a full time living with your vintage treasures, read on! Here's my story and why I believe our way of selling could potentially be a full time income.

Two friends and I started selling our old antique and vintage items kind of on a whim. This was over 20 years ago. I was directing a non-profit at the time and we had a fundraiser in an historical home whereby we had  crafters and artists rent a space and sell their creations.

This is where we held the sale called, An Olde English Christmas...because it was held after Thanksgiving and the house above is an English Tudor style home. This is also where we live. Yup! We get to live here! See Plummer House page above.
 I wish I would have kept all those butter pats!

Since we had one room left to "rent" as space for the fundraiser,  I suggested to two friends that we just fill it with our vintage collections and sell them. None of us had sold antiques previously....except in garage sales. Yeah, we learned! We had the smallest room in the house and we were the only vintage sellers there. Our room turned out to be the most successful with people standing in line to get into the little room. This event was a three day event and we sold almost everything the first day! We had to each go home and drag out more stuff! Well, my friends did anyway. I had nothing left to add but my friends who had been long time collectors were able to dig into their attics and pull out more! It was so successful that in preparation for the following year we all went garage sale-ing in the summer to collect more! For the next three years we brought stuff to sell at this event and did exceptionally well! We decided "we were onto something"! LOL We thought we had discovered the idea of selling vintage treasures! Hah! But, hey, that was 20 years ago! What did WE know?

This is now our own Hob Nobber sale ...Our customers arrive over an hour before our events and even stand out in the rain! We LOVE them! And just think...this long line of customers are not here to buy from 50 other vendors but just US!

After I retired  from the non-profit we continued having our own sales filling  more rooms with treasures each time until now we fill the downstairs, and part of the second floor with treasures. As we grew,  our family members began selling their finds so that we could have more items for our customers. We like to PACK the house with treasures! So it is officially a three family affair! 

We've continued over the years having 2-3 sales per year. At the moment we have only two...Spring Sale over Memorial Day weekend and Fall Sale over Labor Day weekend. We discontinued our sales over Thanksgiving because it became too much work! Yet, we've been asked to bring it back so we're considering it!

So what is the secret to making more money with your vintage finds? Here it is...

                                           YOUR OWN OCCASIONAL SALES! 
No other vendors, invite only one other friend to work with you, no booths offered, only 2-3 per year, offer a huge amount of "finds" at all price ranges and in all styles, including stuff for the men, and create an EVENT!

Here are just three of the reasons why you can make more money with this way of selling:

1) PEOPLE LOVE EVENTS.     The key is to make it an EVENT! Since we offer our sales only twice a year, people have to wait to purchase their favorite treasures. We are not available every day. This waiting increases anticipation and excitement. And  people know that they either come or miss out! We make it a FUN EVENT. It's like a party for US as well and we all have fun putting on this event! We each have a crazy sense of humor so maybe that helps! We offer our customers FREE Starbucks coffee while they shop, helpful service carrying packages to their car if needed, a friendly atmosphere, and a "party feel" to the event. We always have a Give-Away connected to the event to add some interest as well.

2) YOU SELL MORE.   We have found that the more we bring the more we sell. Which might seem obvious but even I wasn't so sure until we all kept track of the NUMBER of items we had. Each of us has noticed this "formula". If you were selling items to make a living, you could predict approximately how much you might make based on how many items you bring. No, we don't sell EVERYTHING we bring, but we make more than we spend so everything left over is inventory that is already paid for in addition to our profit.  We have many of  our family members involved but if a person wanted to make a large amount of money, she/he could just go it alone with a friend or two  and each have more items to sell. We don't have individuals renting "space" or a room. We mix up all our treasures and each have a different kind of tag. I believe we sell more in one event than we might if we had a booth in an antique shop for six months.

3)  LESS COMPETITION    When we have our event we are not in direct competition with others. Neither are we competing with others inside our own event. ie we don't have 50 other booths or vendors competing with us. Our only competition at the time is family members involved in the event. If you were to go it alone or with one friend, THAT would be your only competition. I've always wondered why people who have monthly occasional sales don't just go it alone and buy more to fill the whole space instead of inviting more vendors. 

So here's my advice if you want to make more money with your vintage business:  Go it alone or with one friend, offer only a few occasional sales, and collect like crazy to fill a HUGE space! Then make it a FUN EVENT!

 You can always do the other things: booth at an antique shop, be a vendor at events, online sales, and more. Just also direct them all to your BIG EVENT where you will HAVE MORE FUN AND MAKE MORE MONEY!

OK, so I've now encouraged  competition to OUR big event! Oh, well! There's room for everyone! Welcome aboard!

And yes, I also have an online Etsy shoppe, Gwen And Alma's. Check out what's for sale there by going to the page listed above or going to my

Thanks for stopping by!
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