Friday, January 30, 2015


I've always dreamed of having a summer home near a body of water. It wouldn't matter if it was a lake or ocean, just the serenity and calm brought about by the sounds of ripples on a lake or of ocean waves breaking on a beach. A beach/lake home to me means tranquility and family memory making.

So I decided to create a room for my DREAM LAKE HOME, beginning with a painting from the site, Invaluable.   The picture I chose is an oil on canvass by Deniz.    Invaluable is listed as one of the world's premier auction sites. It boasts over 4,000 paintings from which to choose as well as other forms of valuable artwork. They have amazing paintings for every taste and pocketbook. Eye Candy, for sure!

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say and this one speaks many things to me: calm, serenity, the colors of the sky, the colors of lakes or oceans, tranquility, beauty, nature, and more. I love the simplicity of it and the color "blue" always makes me smile. In a word, it says, "RELAAAAAAX". As my color palette for the room I simply picked out the colors in the photo: blues with a hint of teal, tans with a touch of brown , and hints of white. I like the simplicity of a few colors and think it makes a room feel more soothing and restful.

Now I'll need a sofa, something to plop down in after a day on the lake. This one is from Joss and Main. It's casual, comfy, and looks ready to slump into after a day of sailing on the lake. It's also big enough for the family.

Next a rug from Dash and Albert:  It brings out the pretty blue of the lake.

Add a bit of lake house decor accessories... Maybe a Mirror  

A cute lamp with a water vibe ...

 I want two end tables so I'll buy two lamps! : ) I'm going to go with a "plain and simple" look with the end tables as I did with the sofa. So I picked out two sturdy wood end tables from Liberty Furniture...

And how cute is this for an overhead dining table lamp found here...

And of course, pillows found on Etsy:

With this kind of inspiration all that is left to do is to go out and find that perfect home on the Lake!

But right now I think I'll head back to "Invaluable" and find another painting to decorate around. This time I'll find one for a room I'm going to redecorate in my current space. I think this could be addicting!

I suggest you hop on over to the site here and see what I'm talking about! I'm sure you'll find that perfect painting for your  home or future "dream home"!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


 Les and I went to a Fine Estate and Antique Auction. The word "fine" means everything is more expensive! Hah! Well, at least that is the way it turned out! The treasures were from an Estate in a well known exclusive suburb. That should have been the clue right there. But the word, fine, clinched it! Oh well, we found some fun things even though I had to let go of some others.
 I know some people are over the interest in old rolling pins. But I found so many interesting ways on Pinterest to repurpose them that I bought several of them along with other old handmade wooden tools. They are mostly handmade circa 1900. Apparently the family were antique dealers as the prices and descriptions were on some of the pieces...$55 for the antique water dipper burl above. And $50 for the butter mold below. But now you can get them for, not $55, but the incredibly low price of...just kidding...It will be way lower than that but I won't say here...

Not sure what the above is...nut cracker?

Then I purchased a box of linen..

A beautiful cut work tablecloth and crewel work material. I might make some pillows out of this material ...

And last but not least, I purchased this vase and much, much, more...

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Time to bring out all the red VALENTINE'S DAY goodies...

 Vintage hankies...These 5 are for sale! See Gwen and Alma's page for details...

 Red ribbon for wrapping...

 Napkins, candles, and heart shaped bowls...

And I just might bring out this little guy who drove everyone crazy at Christmas...

I picked up this little "motion activated" bird at The Dollar Store while waiting in line to pay sometime before Christmas. I hid him in the Christmas tree without telling anyone. It would be a little surprise fun...and I really thought that, being from the dollar store,  the batteries or whatever made him tweet wouldn't last through Christmas. I was wrong! He tweeted incessantly when you walked by and at first frightened everyone. After awhile, he got tired of just  tweeting when we walked by and tweeted when anyone coughed or sneezed as well. I know it wasn't the "breeze" or "spray" from the cough or sneeze ( eewwww ) because we all covered our mouths. But even a loud noise now would get him tweeting. My daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter were staying with us and it was beginning to annoy them. I realized just how much it was annoying them when we found it tweeting under our pillow when we went to bed. At this point it was just tweeting non-stop! I put it in a drawer under some clothes so we wouldn't hear it during the day and the next night, you guessed it, birdie somehow found it's way to our kid's room and hid under their pillow!

By now we were all exasperated with the incessant tweeting! Our son-in-law attempted to dismantle it and put it out of it's ( and our ) misery but I warned him not to break it! After all, I did pay a whole dollar for it! lol  Then they jokingly ( at least I think they were joking ) warned us that if they found it in their carry on luggage they would throw it out the plane window. I knew that they couldn't roll down their plane window ( sheesh! ) but still...who knew what they might do to birdie?! And I was getting rather fond of him. He just never gave up and I tend to like that quality! At least in people! Yes, he was still tweeting non-stop now!

Finally I relented and told my husband he could remove the batteries if he made sure not to" kill" the thing. I wanted to bring him back next year! It wasn't a simple procedure. It required a special tiny little screw driver. Then there were TWO little battery thingys that needed to be removed. But there was also a place under the wings to keep them without having them activated. Yay!!!!

 I didn't put him away with the Christmas decorations though. I hid him. And now I think he is going to make a repeat appearance on Valentine's Day! Because he's red! And that's just the way I roll!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


I just purchased this vintage wooden rocking horse from Craigslist! I love it! It has a leather saddle with metal stirrups. One stirrup has fallen off but can easily be fixed so we will get right on that! This would look great in any Farmhouse decor, horse lover's homes, and well, any number of decor styles! And how sweet would it look at Christmas with a wreath around it's neck?

                                                I'm smitten with the little metal wheels!

                                                      It is fairly big and quite heavy!

                               I would love to keep this but I don't really have room for it! The owners said they purchased it at an antique shop 30 years ago and they are now downsizing. Which is something I should be doing...So I guess it will be for sale at our Memorial Day occasional sale.

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Monday, January 12, 2015


Another cup of coffee with my Monday morning. I hope everyone is enjoying a little "down time" after the busyness of the Holidays. I'm still finding little Christmas decorations I forgot to put away, tree needles stuck in the carpet, and still have a couple of exchanges of gifts to make. Our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter just left for home in China after staying here over the Holidays so it seems like our busy Holiday season was extended this year. No complaints here!

 During their visit we tried to spend lots of time with extended family before they left for China. Most of our time together was spent enjoying family meals together and just hanging out. We managed some highlights of events but the simple times of just being together, laughing, and enjoying each other's company were the best. Sometimes the little things in life are the best things!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I only took a few trips this past Fall to Estate Sales to build up inventory for our sales . Things just got too busy. But one sale was loaded with vintage Scandinavian treasures so I had to get to that one. I didn't get there on the first day so I missed many treasures. But I DID find some fun things so it was totally worth the trip! I bought even more than I'm showing here but I have to have SOME surprises! These will be at our next sale over Memorial Day weekend 2015 so if you see something you like here don't forget the date!  Now I wish I had purchased even more!

Large painted wood firkin

I might have to keep one of these cotton tablecloths! Blue is my color!

Small drying rack

Sweet blue box

Blue metal planters with tray

Frog and candle holder

Scandinavian heart

Advertising trivet

Vintage teal colored hamper/bench
Vintage balance

Small hooks on board with wooden carved bobble heads

                                                  Can't wait to get back out pickin' again!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


In a couple of previous posts I shared a couple of "intentions" that I'm planning on incorporating into my life in 2015. I like to use the word "intentions" rather than "goals" or "resolutions" as it seems less my opinion. Anyway, I didn't take the time to explain how I set my "intentions" so I thought I'd share that before I add any more.

I created a list of  areas of my life that seem to encompass 6 categories. I then created "intentions" in each area that I would like to have happen in 2015. I use these categories in different ways as well. Like when I create plans for my Dream Life. I offered a free online workshop on this a couple of years ago.

My life seems to "fit" in the following general categories:
1) Relationships
2) Personal ( mind, body, spirit)
3) Work/Business
4) Giving ( time, serving, money )
5) Finances
6) Home

Do these areas fit your life as well? What might your list consist of?  I'm a Christian but I don't place "God" as a separate category  because He fits into all areas of my life.

I have a notebook in which to list my intentions and try to complete some every month. In each area I may have more than one "intention" but I have at least one in each area. The previous intentions that I posted about were: 1) Finances: I will create a spending plan for 2015 and 2) Home: I will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in my home. I try to keep my intentions "fun" and fairly easy to follow through with, trying not to set myself up for failure. But I don't mind being challenged by them either. I do need to stretch myself and grow after all!

I'll be sharing some of my intentions throughout the year and how I'm doing with it all.  I've created my 2015 spending plan and so far it's working! Hah! I know it's only the first week but sometimes you have to celebrate even the little accomplishments! Now I am getting all the details together to create our relaxing and calm home atmosphere...after I get all the Christmas decorations out the door. We put most of them away but it's hard to let go of some of them when I only see them once a year. Still...onto 2015, right? These things are next to move on...
Handmade fabric tree

My vintage Santa and handmade pillow

My little Charlie Brown Christmas tree...

 But I just might keep the following treasures a bit longer...
My Carolers...they may be singing until Valentine's Day!

Pom Poms I made with instructions from Miss Mustard Seed. I'm thinking I can keep these snowballs all winter.

Why not add some snowballs to a lamp?

And a fun vintage find...a vintage wreath of bells...hard to see here because of the light and not so great camera...In the background you can see our "backyard"...where we spotted...( getting off track a bit here )

Not one, but FIVE deer. By the time we retrieved our camera 4 of them had gone downhill through the woods to the lower garden

The last one ran back and forth seeming afraid to make his way down the steep embankment but finally found a path and joined the others. We see deer often up here but not so many together. There are also 5 turkeys seen often together just turkey trotting down the road or eating passively in someone's yard.

Haha! I just realized I'm "blogging" like I "think"...kind of going from one topic to the next. But that photo of the backyard ( behind the bell wreath ) reminded me of the deer we just saw!

And, going off track again, you might want to  read more about where we live and see all these  animals. To do that go to the page under my header titled, "The Plummer House".

The next intention I'll be sharing about will be in the category "Personal; the mind". Yeah, don't miss that one! ; )

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