Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We're still vacationing in Florida but today there is a bit of a chill so we're finding other things to do rather than hanging out on the beach. At least we're not experiencing any snow like they are back home!

I still haven't gotten around to getting photos of the items I purchased at Estate sales on the way down. I'll get around to it one of these days...or I'll wait until I get home.

In the meantime, I still have photos of the changes I made in our living room so I'll share those here for the last segment of "DISCOVERING MY STYLE".

If you are not a "blue person" you might not like this change but I love it! I had purchased this armoire years ago and had it made to look antique with a rust color on it as my colors were blue, rust, and mustard yellow. But now with my new style colors being blues, whites, and creams, I had the armoire painted from this..

To this....

Yeah it's a big change!
I also found an old antique window from the Plummer Building. The Plummer Building is the medical building named after Dr Plummer ( he also helped with the design of the building ) whose historical home we live in, named The Plummer House. We thought it would be appropriate to have it in our home. I'm going to put other things under it but wanted to get it high enough to take up some of the space on the 14 foot high wall here.

I also purchase this reproduction surveyors stand lamp online from India. I was looking for an antique tripod surveyors stand that I could make a lamp out of but they were more than I wanted to spend on a lamp. So I finally opted for this one.

Next step is to have these two matching chairs recovered in a blue buffalo check. Not sure if I want to go light blue or navy blue. Any thoughts? Still trying to figure out how to hide all the wires from lamps in this room that has very few outlets.

And one more touch was this antique primitive rake purchased at a garage sale from a lady who had moved from the East Coast and said she paid $100 for it.  I paid her $20.  She was changing her decor and getting rid of her old primitives. She had a lot of really nice antique treasures. I'm kicking myself for not buying more of her pieces!

So it's still a work in progress but it really helped me to have a design plan with colors, a few specific elements, and a certain "feel" I wanted to have. Here are a few more touches...

Some hardwood floors would be nice but I'd have to leave our mansion to get them ...Think I'll wait!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm still sharing about how I discovered a design style I wanted to bring to our home. With a limited budget, no DIY skills, and unable to change some things, I was able to move forward and begin to get the look I've wanted.

The next step I took was to have the room painted. Since we live in a historical mansion that is owned by the city and they pay for the repairs we had to wait quite a while to have this done. Finally there was room in the budget to fix many cracks that had been appearing in the walls over time so they would then have to paint over it. So I had them continue and paint the one wall that hadn't been done before along with the others.

The white wall in the living room above was previously a dark wood color. I'm slowly changing all the colors from blue/rust/mustard yellows to shades of blue/white/creams. The upholstered furniture comes next. The living room ceilings are 14 feet high so it feels even bigger than it is.

What is that notebook and paper doing on that sofa? Guess i didn't see it before because the color fit into the decor. Oh well, the transformation continues...

Friday, April 11, 2014


In my last post I began sharing how I was discovering a new decor style that I loved! Now I'll share the next step I took in this process...

After beginning my Pinterest board of the photos that spoke to me that also included the colors blue/white/naturals or creams, and were casual and/or rustic in style, I looked at the photos again to see what else  it was that I loved about the photos. This gave me an idea of the elements that I wanted to include. These were: ironstone, ticking fabric, pottery with blue and white stripes, vintage wood pieces, and grain sack material.

Can you see things coming together with these pieces? I'm loving them all! But I will be selling this last large pot at our sale. I purchased it at an antique shop along with the sled in a trade. I decided I could keep just one of the items in the trade and it was the sled above. It was a hard decision. OK now that I see the pot here again maybe I'll keep the pot and sell the sled. ; (   I can't decide!! Which would you keep?

All these treasures were found either at our own Hob Nobber sale or on the hunt while looking for pieces to sell. The large wooden scoop is an authentic rice scoop from China. I have lavender buds in it with a little antique spoon. You can sniff a scoop and feel instantly relaxed. There's more yet to come so stay tuned for the next step!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Have you heard the phrase,"buy what you love and you will find a place for it"? Yeah, I heard that often and thought it sounded like a good plan. Not that I spent a lot of of money following that plan. But I found I loved a lot of differing styles and treasures so I ended up with things that didn't always go together. I like the eclectic style but this still wasn't working for me.

And while I love decorating, that is not my first priority. But I do enjoy making our home a lovely place to relax and make everyone feel welcome and at home.

Now buying what I love might not have been a "bad plan" but I was just not getting the "look" I wanted and couldn't figure  out why. After all, I was following the suggestion of those who loved   treasures so I thought that advice would work for me. I kept buying things that were more formal looking but that "look" didn't really fit our casual lifestyle. And while I've always loved the color blue, I stayed away from making that a predominant color because I thought it might look too cold. And our living situation didn't help either. Since we live in a historical mansion that we don't own, there are many things we can't change. 

But then I had an "aha" moment. I came across some photos on Pinterest  that had the "look" I was going for. It gave me the feeling, "I want to live there!".Have you ever had that feeling? So I went to work trying to figure out how to replicate that look. But for way less money, and taking into consideration our housing limitations. You  are all probably way ahead of me in figuring this for your own homes. 

Here are some hints of my new look.

Anyway, I'm going to share with you how I'm working my new plan to make our home fit our lives, lifestyle, budget, and "the look" I've been wanting! It's still a work in progress but I'm excited how it is working out! And the amazing thing is that I'm making the changes on a much cheaper budget than I originally spent on furnishings! Wish I had known about this before! First of all, here are some "limitations" I had to keep in mind:

1) I am not a DIYer ( not very handy )
2) I am on a limited budget
3) We don't own the home we live in ( historical mansion where some things can't be changed )

       While we've been tempted to move out of the mansion (well, my husband not so much) and live in our own home, this place is too amazing to leave! Read all about our lives here on the " Plummer House " page. Guess we'll make it "work".

So with all this in mind, in a couple of future posts  I will be sharing how I discovered "my style"  and implemented it on a budget, with no DIY experience, and some limitations. Anyone can do what I'm doing so if you are interested, follow along.

So here we go....The first thing I did was to start a Pinterest Board called, "My Style". I wrote down some things that I knew for sure I wanted my style to have. I knew I wanted a casual, farmhouse, and natural look, and blues and whites/naturals for colors. This helped me to narrow some things down a bit. Then I went hunting for photos that fit into those colors and style. Go to my Pinterest Board/ "My Style" ( red button on right side ) to see what things I came up with.

I'll talk about step #2 in another post. In the meantime if you are interested in finding your style, start a board with first defining your colors and whatever else you know for sure you want your style to have. Keep it to just a couple of style descriptions at first. Even if you like things mixed and eclectic like I usually do there are still some key "looks" that help you narrow things down.

Have fun creating!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Right now I'm vacationing on the sunny beaches of Florida!

NOTE TO WOULD-BE BURGLERS:  We have people staying at our house... Bigger than me... And security... And men working all over... So don't even think about going there!!!

Not that burglers are readers of my blog or anything but still...you never know...I saw that commercial on TV...( in case you haven't seen it, it's about a lady writing on, well, probably Facebook, about her vacation and then shows a a masked burgler reading it )

OK Now that that is out of the way....

We left a day earlier than usual so we could take our time and hit all the great antique shops along the way and hopefully bring some great stuff home for our upcoming sale! And BONUS : While in Montgomery, Alabama, we heard about an Estate Sale of a retired colonel who was an antique collector and world traveler. So of course, we had to go! And I'm so glad we did! The house was packed full of interesting finds! One gentleman said, "I hope you brought your lunch because it will take all day to see everything!" Unfortunately, we didn't exactly have all day. We were also limited by the amount of space we had to bring back stuff in our car. And the gorgeous antique furniture was a bit over my budget! So I had to choose carefully.

Anyway, I did happen to find a few interesting items: two vintage wool striped blankets, a civil war era coverlet, an antique quilt that I'll use for making pillows as it had many little boo-boos but still enough lovely pattern to work with, and two 1940's paper mache bunnies with baskets, and a cute little tray with a handle on top. I'll be taking some photos here to show you but right now we're just enjoying the beach!

Also, we stopped at another Estate Sale in Montgomery and bought a vintage leather bag and a small vintage kitchen glass container. I passed up an old GE electric heater that was in great condition and looked like a fan.It had a great big "GE" on the front. I wasn't sure what someone would do with it so I let it pass. It was $8. At one of the antique shops we stopped at I saw one selling for $125! So then I was kicking myself for not buying it. But you know we wouldn't have priced it even close to that, so someone would have had a deal! Oh well, that happens from time to time!

At another antique shop I found some fun things but I'll share those with you later, along with photos of all the above! Wonder why I'm still blogging while on vacation? Blogging about my finds is a hobby and I find this fun! Also, I have more "down time" in which to blog. And my eyelids needed a break from the sun as it was the only place I forgot to put sunscreen and they are now feeling a bit burned!

So stay tuned for more...I'll be doing more shopping and even hitting the "Highway 80"  400 Mile Yard Sale on the way home!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This past weekend we had a little get-away with our son and his family which includes three grandkids. We stayed in the Twin Cities and went to the Mall Of America and the MOA Indoor Water Park. We had a blast! People fly in from all over the world to shop/play here. You might want to check it out if you haven't been there already. There is more than shopping but you must definitely experience the Water Park! There was also a quick little visit to IKEA where I purchased some kitchen linens.

Before coming home my husband and I decided to check out a couple of Estate Sales. It was the last day for all of them so a lot of stuff was already sold. But I managed to buy a few things.

Copper Watering Can

Copper Pot with great patina on the wood handle

Blue Pottery Bowl

Silver Tray ( might make a chalkboard tray out of this )

 I was thinking about keeping the copper watering can for myself but I've kept TOO many treasures for myself. Soooooo I'll probably sell it! You don't know how hard it is to let go of things that I buy to sell at our events! I DO keep SOME things but I can't keep them all!

Just a few items for now but the season is here and I'm ready to get pickin! 

Monday, March 24, 2014


I'm in the process of tagging all the inventory I have. And it's a LOT! And I still will be scouring around for more when the "hunting" season begins. Antique hunting, that is!

So as I mentioned previously I will be putting some items here for sale before our next event. If I can sell a few things beforehand it saves me the time it takes to mark, tag, wrap, and put in bins for hauling to the sale! I have way too much to do to get ready! Aaackk!

 This is for local pick up only. But eventually I may sell online to those far and away.

These items will only be for sale online through the next seven days. Must be picked up by April 1st. 

So here they are...








VINTAGE GERMAN COTTON PILLOW SHAM    $35   ( Sorry, my photos don't do it justice )




If you love vintage linens you will fall in love with these beautiful shams! They come from Estates in Germany.

If interested in purchasing anything, e-mail me at lesacookman@charter.net.


UPDATE:  If there is someone who is not local but would like to purchase one of these treasures, e-mail me and we can work out the details.

Thanks, Sandy
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