Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Don't forget about our upcoming Hob Nobber Spring Sale!
Sunday, May 28th 12-5 and Monday, May 29th 9-5

I will be including some treasures that are currently in our Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's!

Check out Gwen And Alma's to see!

In addition here are some bigger items we will have at the sale:

Rustic Farm Bench

Long Primitive Benches ...I have TWO

Classic French Sofa

Rustic Antique Black Drop Down Coffee Table

Rustic Barn Wood Topped End Table 


Get it on your calendar NOW! 
See you there!

Come for the treasures...Stay for the FUN!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


We just returned from our trip to Florida! Had a nice relaxing and fun time! I managed to find some Estate Sales along the way using the website "Estate Sales. Net". We found one in Tennessee on the way down and one in Alabama on the way home! We found some really fun treasures!

Once I get photos taken I'll post what we found. These will be for sale at our Hob Nobber Spring Sale and some may be listed in my Etsy Shop Gwen And Alma's! In the meantime here are some things that are being listed this week at Gwen And Alma's!

             Other than the coverlet I picked up THESE treasures BEFORE we left for Florida!

And I happened to find this HUGE, and I mean HUGE, wooden bowl for sale online. The ad said "HUGE" but it still didn't hit me how big it was until I picked it up! This is an amazing find which someone will love to have and it will be for sale at our Spring Hob Nobber Sale!

                        It has a wire around the bottom of the rim kind of holding it together.

Until Next Time!   


Friday, April 14, 2017


One of the things I've been working on is attempting to live a "Simple Life" in a complex world. It does seem to be what many others are seeking to do also! You know, getting rid of the unnecessary so your life can be more meaningful and intentional.

More people are downsizing and decluttering, wanting to live a simpler lifestyle, getting rid of excess, etc. Hence the tiny home phenomena and the increase in minimalist living blogs.

This gets harder to do when you are in the business of selling antique and vintage treasures. I mean, you have to collect all kinds of STUFF, find places to store them while waiting for them to sell, and then you need all the shipping stuff, and on and on. So is it possible to live simply and do this business that we love?

And then there is our living situation. While many of our friends in retirement are downsizing to condo living or even living in motor homes, we continue to live in a 49 room mansion ( well, we don't live in ALL 49 rooms!)! But this also happens to be part of our "retirement job" and so it works for US! And yet...It's not really all that simple! Hah! And still we love it!

I'm sure there are many others out there who are in situations such  as ours. We love everything about our lives, though they may seem a bit complex, but would like to make things a bit simpler!

So my challenge has been to create an Intentional Simple Lifestyle even while having to have a bit of "clutter" in my life. I can't be the ONLY person in this situation.

We live in a world where busyness is highly regarded. And the accumulation of "stuff" can get out of hand! Some people actually rent storage units for excess items they have no where to put! And the interest in organizing ( there are whole stores just selling organizing items ) is a result of having so much stuff you need to find places to store everything!

I think that as a result of this busy lifestyle and clutter issues, more and more people are leaving the rat race and finding serenity in places where they can make a living and still have the lifestyle they are seeking. You see this in shows like Caribbean Life on HGTV. People just chucking the busyness and finding a different lifestyle living in the Caribbean!

But not everyone can do that nor maybe wants to. So IS there a way to live simply even without moving or quitting your work?

So I asked myself, " Can WE simplify our lives and still do the things that we love?" And that is what I'm working on. I don't call it "work" really because I love to come up with a plan to "figure out" these kinds of things! And while i work it out for US, I'm writing a little e-book about how to do it!

If you have any tips you'd like to share, please pass them on! I'd also like to hear  experiences of any downsizing YOU'VE done to simplify your life!

SIMPLICITY!  That's the goal!

Thursday, April 13, 2017


A while back I shared a photo of an antique Baker's Rack that I picked up at an Auction. I listed it in my Etsy Shop as "For Local Pick-Up Only".  I received an e-mail from someone in California asking if I would sell and ship to her. So I figured out how to get it done and it was on its way!

The kind new owner of the Baker's Rack sent me a photo of the Rack in its new home, now a display rack for her beautiful quilts!

Doesn't it look great in its new home? And those quilts! They are AMAZING! I just love the soft colors!

 I love it when people who have purchased something from our Etsy Shop, send us a photo of their purchase in its new home. But just getting feedback TELLING us what they did with their purchase is fun also!

Etsy customers are the friendliest people!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Vibeke Designs

I love looking at vintage Farmhouse style vignettes. They inspire me but also give me ideas for my own vignettes and displays in our Hob Nobber sales. My current favorites are the vignettes on the blog, Vibeke.  You can find them here. I began  a whole  Pinterest board with just the vignettes from this blog. This is a blog from Norway that shows Rustic Farmhouse style decor. Or at least that is how I would describe it. Perhaps it's just a typical Norwegian decor style.

I've looked at her pins so much that I'm now able to recognize her vignettes even when they don't have her name attached to them. She has such a specific style.

                      What I've noticed from her style is that most often her colors are soft in tone with white as a background color. To me this gives them a "romantic" feel. And she can easily change up the vignette colors according to season with the white backdrop.

The vignettes always, or almost always, include flowers and or plants. This gives them a fresh and pretty look.

 And you will find some kind of linens or cloth which adds softness to balance the  rustic decor.

                                                     I love all the rustic decor pieces she finds also!

 Even though I'll be using some of these elements in creating my own vignettes, I'm sure they will have a bit different feel as it will be MY style coming through.

Now I just have to go out and find the same awesome rustic decor pieces! I just wish Norway was a lot closer!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


A fun way to decorate in bedrooms of sports lovers or anywhere, really, is with vintage tennis rackets. Here are a few ideas picked from Pinterest...

                                                          A chalkboard....GAME ON!!

                                                         Love this look..above the bed!

                                                         Make them into mirrors!

                                                       There they are...above the door!

                                               And my favorite old box full of them!

Friday, March 24, 2017


One of the things I decided long ago was that a percentage of the profits I make through our Hob Nobbers Occasional Sales and my Etsy Store would be donated to a worthy cause. In the beginning I donated the profits to Ministries in China that reached out to young girls and women being trafficked.

The first organization was called, Eden. You can find them here.  Then we donated to Deep Green which was another ministry that our daughter and son-in-law began to help girls being trafficked in China.

Presently we're donating to Next Chapter Ministries which is a local Christian ministry in  our hometown. This organization reaches out to those impacted by crime. Whether it's men and women in jail, children of offenders, youth in trouble, or whole families, they reach out and help meet needs and help them make changes in their lives.

Years ago I began an outreach to juvenile offenders and other troubled youth. We would go into the Juvenile Detention Center and lead Bible Studies and help them set goals when they got out. Eventually when I retired, my ministry was merged into another organization called, Next Chapter Ministries. They previously ministered to adult offenders and then expanded to help the youth and whole families after we merged the ministries.

So now I'm donating a percentage of sales to Next Chapter, the youth part of the ministry. So those who shop with us know that part of their money goes into helping local youth and families. They help give kids positive and fun experiences that they may not have had.

Some of the youth with Staff person, learning to canoe.

We also have a generous friend, Sarah, who donates beautiful antiques as she begins downsizing and we sell them and donate all those proceeds to these organizations as well. Thank you, Sarah, for your generosity! Your giving is making a difference!

I realize we are not the only ones who donate part of their proceeds to a local organization. But what if ALL small business' found a local mission  or organization to support? What a difference it would make to people right in your own community! Even giving small amounts can make a difference and create BIG impacts right in your own backyard!

It has been gratifying to see lives being changed, NEW LIVES beginning! Thanks to all of you who shop with Hob Nobbers and Gwen And Alma's, who by shopping with us, are helping to make a difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable and needy.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Heading for Florida next week for almost THREE WEEKS! Just thought I'd share some Easter pretties I have listed on Gwen And Alma's! Order before we leave if you want something in time for Easter!                   

                                                 Here's my PERSONAL favorite!

Only one of these cute bunnies left...
                                                       Four stoneware custard cups...

Vintage Easter Decor are great collectibles and hard to find! Start collecting YOURS NOW!

                                      Pretty Pastel Colored Cake Plate and Platter for your Easter Table!

                                                 Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit Book 

                                                                   Sweet Flower Dish...

                                             Beautiful White Italian Pitcher...

                    And you'll find LOTS LOTS more treasures at Gwen And Alma's for your Easter decorating!! Check out the fun here!

Thursday, March 9, 2017


I've been adding new items to our Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's, for the upcoming holidays: St Patrick's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day. Here is just a sampling...

Hop on over to Gwen And Alma's here to check out even more!
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