Friday, February 17, 2017


The other night Les and I went to an Estate Auction out of town. I have mixed feelings about auctions. First, they are really lots of fun! Usually the auctioneers have a great sense of humor and its relaxed and very informal. That's the part I like. Well, that and all the cool stuff you can buy. Then the part I DON"T like is the fact that you can find something you like and someone ELSE gets it! OR you end up bidding too high on something because you HAVE to have it and you end up with buyer's remorse for paying too much! OK I don't get remorseful very often but still...that IS one of the pitfalls.

This was an auction from an Upscale Estate. And you can bid ahead of time online. So in the bidding in this one, there was usually an online bid that started it out. Which meant that the items ended up starting higher than usual. ; (  I knew that I was going to have to bid high or get nothing!

When we get there, we sign in, get a number, a list of the items to be auctioned off, and assigned seats. Then we go around and find the items we plan on bidding on and circle them on the sheet. Our plan is to only bid on those items we have circled so we don't get into the excitement of it all and end up bidding on something we really don't want. Yes, that happens!

So the night started out with an announcement from one of the auctioneers who said, " Next year at about this time, the Super Bowl will be held in Minnesota ( where we all were ) and it will be the first time that one of the teams in the Super Bowl will be playing in his home town." Meaning, he was making a prediction that our Vikings team would be playing in the Super Bowl. ( not likely ). But the true fact is that the Super Bowl WILL be in Minnesota. Everyone laughed but another auctioneer asked him, "Did you forget to take your medication today?" And then we started the bidding!

This photo is kind of fuzzy but this is where the auctioneer sits with his wife, Sandy! We were in the 6th row but there was a little space in which I could see and they also have two large screens up, showing what is being auctioned off. It was a packed house and we were squeezed in like sardines, sitting in chairs. The two items on the podium started it out. They were a large Shawnee pig pitcher and a large Roseville vase. I didn't bid on those.

Here the items I ended up buying! Some will be for sale at our Hob Nobber Memorial Day Sale and some are already listed in our Etsy shop or on Craigslist:

I fell in love with this Primitive extra long bench! I knew I got a good deal when the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Nice buy!" Look at how the legs are set right into the bench.

I don't always buy sofas ( or settees, as they called this one ) but it was such a good deal and the cushion was filled with down feathers that I felt that I couldn't go wrong with it. It's a Classic French Settee. This is listed on Craigslist right now. If it doesn't sell it will be coming to our Memorial Day Sale.

I bought this 1940's metal "fire hydrant" that was actually made by a fireman to give as an award in his fire dept. It has the information and date written underneath. Very fun! A unique folk art piece for sure! A great gift for a fireman or anyone who likes vintage folk art. Ooooorrrr...a gift for a dog?

I also purchased two small tables, an artists table, and a few other smalls. I haven't been able to get to all of them for photographing as our garage ( heated, so no worries ) is so full of treasures. But shortly I'll get photos of them.

We also went to an amazing Estate Sale in Wisconsin. Les wasn't too excited about traveling that far so early in the morning but when I showed him a picture of the treasures he went along. The owner was a collector of Primitives who was downsizing. My favorite things! Here's what we bought:

We bought TWO of these extra large primitive oak benches.  So, yes, I now have three long benches to sell. I have this one listed right now on Craigslist. They are amazing!

This bench also has the legs inset into the bench. I know there is a name for that but right now I must be having a senior moment because I can't remember what it is. This bench is about 75 inches long if I remember correctly! Could even be used as a coffee table. I would keep one of these for myself but right now my home is filled with furniture. I can't keep everything I find...

And along with the two long benches, I bought this one that has sides and a back. I need to clean this up a bit but it will look amazing when you see it at the sale!

And this cute rustic drop leaf black coffee table. A very interesting piece that opens up on both sides to offer a place to serve a few cups of coffee and dessert in front of your sofa.

And this old wood side table is another fun piece...

Love the wood slats...

And this darling little primitive bench....

Hand made ladders are always fun...

Even though these pieces are rustic primitive, they can fit into many design styles. I have lots more but I'll show them to you in another post. Have to clear out the garage first.

And I just have to share this darling photo of my youngest granddaughter. The photo was taken by a friend of my daughter and son-in-law who is a photographer.

Friday, February 3, 2017


                     Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  ( Our grandson's favorite phrase ) We have a winner for our Gwen And Alma's 2017 New Year's Give -Away! And the winner is......Diane from the blog, Lavender Dreamer! Congratulations, Diane!

We used the online Random Number Generator which picked the number selected for Diane.


                                   So the three gifts above will be coming your way, Diane!
Thanks to those of you who entered! I wish everyone could have won!

Tomorrow we head to an Estate Auction! Lots of fun stuff! More on that later!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Flea Market Finds

                      Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.  Dr Suess

 On Sunday I spent the afternoon at a Flea Market. I probably should have been there earlier as I heard they sold a lot in the morning. The early bird gets the worm you know. But I DID manage to find a few nice things so I'm glad I went. 

I found this pretty Flow Blue Victoria Ware Ironstone Juicer and Pitcher. The top comes off and you can serve the juice from the small pitcher. 

It has this logo on the bottom but the only things I could make out were the words, "Victoria Ware" and under that "Ironstone". 

 I also found this Vintage Dundee Marmalade Jar. It doesn't have a lid but they sell on Etsy without lids so I snatched it up. I have one myself that I purchased in the 1960's at an antique auction and it has a lid and is still in pristine condition. I use mine for informal family buffets to hold silverware.

I also purchased this vintage chippy green painted oil can. This would look cute with some white flowers, maybe tulips in the Spring. 

 I also bought a square brown and white Transferware Butter Pat which I kept because I'm collecting butter pats to use, and a really cool vintage iron and wood stool which I haven't taken a photo of yet.

All the above are listed in my Gwen And Alma's Etsy Shop! I also just listed this Vintage 100% Wool Tartan Plaid Blanket. Great for winter picnics, tailgating, and football games!

I also just listed this Antique Copper Desk Lamp..

This Vintage Wood Cutting Board...

And this Wooden Kitchen Paddle with an awesome patina...

This Antique Ecru Oval Lace which would be beautiful under a glassed tray...

This very large Pedestal Porcelain Bowl  ( one of my favorites )...

This Vintage Enamel Black and White Pan with Lid...

And many many more great treasures! I'm trying to build up my inventory so I have a huge selection from which to choose!

And my Gwen And Alma's Give-Away is still going on here. 

I'm giving away this Vintage Wooden Bowl and Butter Paddle and this Cottage Magazine ( 2012 ) to some lucky person! The Give-Away will go until the end of the month! So check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 13, 2017


"Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make, makes you. Choose wisely."  Roy T. Bennett

IT'S HERE!!!  GWEN AND ALMA'S NEW YEAR'S GIVE-AWAY!! As mentioned in another post , I decided that the New Year was a good time to thank all my Gwen And Alma's customers by having a GIVE- AWAY! But even if you have NOT been a G&A's customer (yet), you are ALL eligible to enter!


I want to give some time to let the word get out so more have the opportunity to enter. So I'm going to keep this up until I have a minimum of 50 entries! That could take awhile! So be sure and get the word out! 

                           THIS GIVE AWAY IS FOR CONTINENTAL U.S. ONLY. 

And here is what you will receive:


       And just to add some COLOR to this Give-Away, I'm going to add this COTTAGE MAGAZINE:

                    The magazine is  not new ( 2012 ) but is in "like new" condition and the decor is "timeless vintage ..."

In order to enter, please follow these instructions:

1) Go to my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's, pick out your favorite treasure, click on it that you like it, then come back to THIS blog post, and in the comment area, state what your favorite treasure is.

 2) For a second entry, "like" Gwen And Alma's on Facebook, and come back to THIS blog post and leave a separate comment stating that you "liked" G&A's on FB.

We would also LOVE it if you would "favorite" our G&A's shop. You won't receive another entry for this, because we don't want to "put words in your mouth" if it's not really, you know, one of your favorite shops. But we HOPE it is!!! 

                                      So there you have it! Enter and tell your friends!


Monday, January 9, 2017


                   "A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for"   William Shedd

I may have posted about this before, but I just came across it again and it's worth my opinion! ; )

Have you heard of "Hygge"? Pronounced "hoo-guh". It's a Danish word defined as a "quality of coziness and comfort" that "creates a feeling of contentment and well being". The nearest translation in English that comes close is the word "cozy".  I found a lot of information online as to what features are found in "Hygge" but many Scandinavians come up with very different ways to experience Hygge. It has become a "big thing" in Scandinavian countries. But they seem to use a rather broad interpretation of the idea. For example, in a video, one interviewee while sitting in a crowded cafe/laundromat drinking coffee said she was experiencing "Hygge". Now I don't know about you, but being in a crowded noisy cafe where washing machines are rotating, doesn't sound "cozy"to me, notwithstanding the cup of coffee she's enjoying.

I mean, if there's one word that has become a BIG DEAL to describe being "cozy", it better be REALLY MY opinion!


Another person being interviewed, a bike seller, said his idea of "Hygge" was riding bikes! Now riding bikes is a fun thing but I never thought of it as COZY!

So I decided to describe some thoughts of what might constitute "Hygge" for ME!  I think we who live where the winters are COLD and feel LONG, could use some ideas at staying cozy during the long cold months of winter. I think that was the original idea of the word. So here are some ideas I've come up with to help you "feel the Hygge" during winter:


First I think that trying to effect all the senses can make a big difference. You know... sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. The more senses you reach in setting an atmosphere of coziness the more impact it will have.

So the first cozy scene I'll describe, attempting to use all the senses:

Put yourself into this scene: You are sitting by a fireplace watching the dancing and relaxing flames ( sight ), hearing the crackle of the fire ( sound ), smelling the burning of the wood ( scent ) and feeling the warmth, while lounging in a comfy chair covered with a soft warm blanket ( touch ). You are enjoying a cup of your favorite warm beverage in your favorite cup or mug ( taste ). You may or may not want to have a book or magazine to enjoy. You may also want another person to relax and enjoy this scene with...or not.


Aaahhhh...Now that's cozy to ME!  Here's another...

You are sitting in your favorite cozy spot, all comfy wearing your favorite warm soft socks. There is a candle with your favorite scent lit nearby adding light and warmth to your space in addition to being surrounded with the lovely scent. There is a beautiful light snowfall outside the nearby window, which relaxes you as you enjoy its beauty. Your favorite relaxing music is playing softly in the background. You are also enjoying your favorite warm beverage or maybe a bite of your favorite homemade bars...or a bit of luxurious chocolate.

Creating "Hygge" requires being intentional. It does not just happen. You must create the atmosphere and then indulge and enjoy its comfort and coziness. Remember to use those elements that touch ALL the senses for full effect!

What would describe YOUR favorite Hygge moments?

Friday, January 6, 2017


                                    2017   Twelve New Chapters :  365 New Days

I've collected photos of my favorite vintage finds in 2016. Some of them I sold in my Etsy Shop, some at our Hob Nobbers Occasional Sales, and some I kept. Others will be for sale in our Hob Nobbers Sale or Etsy's shop.

You'll find that I like  the old Rustic and Farmhouse style decor. The first one is this old box with its cute hooks. I love to use old boxes for storage  and I love the Farmhouse style look. This one sold on Etsy!

The next item is also a favorite. This cute little desk and chair which I sold at our Occasional Sale.

                                               This large primitive dough bowl sold also. I'll keep looking for more of these! Love it!

I hauled this amazing Library rolling ladder home from Naples, Florida! I sold it at our Hob Nobber sale. Both sides have large wooden steps and had been used as a book shelf.

                                         Are you seeing a pattern here? Lots of wood! Next up is an antique child's folding  table and chair.  This has not sold yet and I'm so surprised. It's adorable and the color is amazing!  I've envisioned this not only as a child's item but  cute vintage decor pieces. But for a child, how cute would it be in a garden setting with a little plant on the table?  This is still for sale in my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's!

Below is another REALLY favorite piece. I had never seen anything like this before. This is a unique antique German wooden trencher or trough. The couple I purchased this from were collectors and were downsizing. They had used this as a blanket holder at the end of their bed. So my Hob Nobber partner, Karen, purchased it. And she is now using it in the same way. We often buy each other's treasures!

This is a vintage ice cream stool with a wooden seat.  Love, love, love it! Not sold yet!

I love the color blue and I love stoneware bowls so this was on "My Favorites List" for sure! This sold in my Etsy Shop. I'll be looking for more for sure!

This is a blue enamel Norwegian  tin. The reason this was a favorite is because I had two of the same set.  So you know I had to keep this one to complete the set! Can you believe that I had two of a set of these from Norway and then happened to find the third in an Estate Sale  in another state? I didn't even know there WERE three of them! I had purchased the other two from a friend who collected Scandinavian treasures and was downsizing in retirement. The other tins say, "Sabe" and "Borster". I've had a hard time trying to find the definitions but the closest I've come is that "Sabe" is "Soap", "Borster" is "Brush" and "Soda" is "Soda". Apparently soda  was kept years ago in bathrooms. So my guess is that these might have been hung in bathrooms to hold items used there. If anyone out there has better knowledge of the definitions, let me know.

This next one is something I had not seen before. I couldn't even find another one like it on the internet, and every antique collector I asked had not seen another either. So this is RARE! I sold it in my Etsy Shop to some lucky person! Just love the little soap dish attached to this enamelware!

So that's my TOP TEN for 2016! Of course there were many more favorites but I had to pick only 10!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


                "Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance."  Epicurus

So I decided to kick off the New Year with a ... NEW YEAR'S GIVE AWAY! Details will be coming next week! Watch for it!

This year our small group Bible Study that meets at our home decided to surprise someone with a little "extra" for Christmas. So we spent a few weeks collecting our pennies and ended up with $115! Actually, pennies were hard to come by. But we just wanted to make a point to ourselves that just saving pennies can make a difference. We were inspired by a video we saw of someone who started a Penny Drive asking everyone to donate their pennies only and they saved over a million dollars. So he started giving away money to organizations that needed it. The penny collecting continues and they continue to give away millions!

Many people actually throw pennies away thinking they are insignificant. You can find pennies on the street! My husband saves his change, but pennies he throws around the house as if they don't matter.

 Now all our group members already support organizations, missionaries, and Church on our own. And because $115 is not a large amount for an organization, we wanted to give it to some unsuspecting person that might think it was a great Christmas Gift. So we decided to order Pizza at one of our gatherings at Christmas time and give the money as a tip to the pizza delivery guy. 

 When the pizza guy came my husband brought him into the living room and began to give him his tip. He handed him a five dollar bill. The guy said "thanks". Then he handed him another five and he said "OH Thanks!" and then another five. The guy looked surprised but took the five, smiled and said "thanks" again. Then my husband said, "Oh wait, there's another bill here", and then handed him a one hundred dollar bill. The guy didn't know what to say. Wish I had thought to take a photo. He said, once again, "thank you!, this time a bit more emphatically. He seemed surprised and speechless at the time, but I'm sure  he probably was "woot, wooten!" when he got back to his car.

Next time, when we do it again, I'm going to ask the person his/her name, ask him/her a bit about themselves, and take a photo. You know, make a big deal out of it!

So here's a challenge for you: This year in 2017, start saving YOUR pennies. Find a jug and start throwing them in. You'll never miss them but they will add up. Keep an eye out for them on the street! Invite some friends to join you. Then at Christmas time, have a Pizza Party and surprise some lucky Pizza Delivery Guy or Gal! It's a fun and painless way to give but the recipient will love it!

At the end of the year, let's post photos of the lucky Pizza Person on a blog post. I'll remind you when it gets closer to Christmas. Wouldn't it be fun to have several blog posts and photos of Happy Pizza Delivery People getting a little Christmas Gift?

Monday, January 2, 2017


Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year!  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, here it is! The second day of the NEW YEAR! The first Monday of the year! Time to get that "Fresh Start" to the new year going!

One of my goals or intentions for the New Year is to DECLUTTER! Which is a challenge when you're trying to collect more and more treasures to sell! If there are any "vintage sellers" reading this with answers to this dilemma, please share! So my first project is going to be...getting all my Hob Nobber and Gwen & Alma's "fun finds" sorted and stored!

I have to keep my Gwen & Alma's treasures kind of out in the open so when something sells, I can snap it up without going through bins trying to find it. I have a room next to the laundry room which, before I opened Gwen & Alma's,  I called my Hob Nobber room. It is where I store the treasures I've collected to sell. And now with the new online store I'm adding MORE finds to this room. It is OVERFLOWING! Sometimes you can't even WALK IN THERE! That does NOT work very well.

So right now this is what I've had for storage: Small Gwen & Alma items I keep in a vintage metal storage cupboard. Larger items go on shelves. Then large furniture items that I usually save for Hob Nobber Sales, have to go in the single garage, which is heated. But the problem is that my husband also wants to fit his golf cart in there for the winter, which takes a lot of maneuvering. And I want to keep the linens upstairs to make sure they stay extra clean. So, yeah, I've got a lot of organizing to do!

Now this ( above ) is practical, but not appealing for my vintage treasures...

This is vintage and I could fit a lot of small items in there. But what to do with the big stuff? And I want to keep it vintage looking and not be expensive. So that's my challenge. Any professional organizers out there?

I'm usually good at organizing but it's hard to get furniture and big stuff together without looking like just a heap of furniture! I want it to look nice! So this may take a long time to complete...I'm going to take some "before" and "after" photos so I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Happy New Year 2017!!

May you have a blessed and prosperous New Year!! 

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