Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vintage Projects

I'm still working on projects for our Hob Nobbers Sale ( see two previous blogs for more information ). Check out the photos on this post. You'll see: 1) Lovely vintage glass container for your bath salts 2) Two views of a super-cute pedestal plate 3) A vintage silver-plated covered dish with spoon holder. And there's so much more....

I've also been spending time perusing vintage and antique decor, arts, and crafts blogs. There isn't enough time to see them all there are so many! What I am finding out is that there is a huge community of women out there being creative, running business' and doing what they love which brings them joy. There is also a lot of talent out there! It is also fun seeing the beautiful and colorful pictures. Many of them are calling it "eye candy". I'm still working on my photography skills to bring you more "eye candy". :)

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  1. Love your new blog! Just popped by to say "hello" and I did receive your link for the "Pink Christmas bulb" for The Pink Present Giveaway at Shabby Cottage Shops blog! You can email all the links at one time, if you like, just let me know if you have any questions and welcome to blogger!

    Good luck on our giveaway, don't forget it ends on November 30 at midnight, Eastern Time!

    Shabby Cottage Shops


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