Monday, November 30, 2009

The Countdown To Christmas Begins

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner here and it was a blessed day with family, great food, the traditional kids "show", and the guys retiring to the library to watch the ballgame. Something different this year was that Grampa Dan was not here for the first time as he passed away in August. It's funny the silly things that bring back memories. One of the first things we thought about was, who was going to eat the liver and heart and all the innards that only Grampa Dan ate? Aunt Bea was going to her daughter's in Florida now that her brother wasn't here. Aunt Bea always brought Mincemeat Pie and made the gravy. Grampa Dan was the only one who ate the mincemeat and no one else even knew what mincemeat was so there was no mincemeat pie this year. The gravy making was a REAL problem because Aunt Bea was the pro at it. I drew the short stick and ended up having to make the gravy but amazingly it turned out OK! No lumps, not too thin or greasy. So now it will become MY new detail. But all and all it was a beautiful day full of tradition and remembering our many blessings.

The next morning we were setting up for our Hob Nobber Christmas Shopping Event! It meant a lot of running up and down many flights of stairs hauling things all weekend and my legs are aching. Guess I'm not in such great shape after all! On the positive side, I probably worked off all the turkey dinner I've been eating every meal since Thanksgiving. I also was able to fit in going to church and a granddaughter's dance recital during the weekend. Whew! I feel like I finally have a chance to come up for air but I loved doing it all!

Our Hob Nobber Christmas ....I don't have all the photos of our event uploaded but check back and I'll have some posted by the end of the week. We had a successful event and everyone had a great time! Our next event will be Memorial Day weekend 2010 but the specific days and times will be announced later.

Looking for some special antique or vintage treasure? Let us know and we'll look for it on our many "hunting" trips though trips may be few and far between through the winter. Our motto is: Hobnobbing all over the country looking for treasures for you!

If you know someone who might want to get on our Hob Nobber e-mail list, please have them send a note to my personal e-mail address at < >. I will only send e-mails for special events coming up but hope you'll follow the blog on a regular basis. And I love hearing your comments or ideas so please share something in the comments area.

We still have more jewelry for sale made by the girls involved in Eden ministry. Tomorrow I'll have photos of the pieces we have left and how you may purchase them. You may also order directly online through the site: Through your purchase you are enabling young girls leave a life of hopelessness and into a brighter future. Thank you! We have also had some women who wanted to share in the giving and have donated items to sell with all proceeds going to Eden. If you might be interested in giving in this way, let us know. It will go in our next event in May. As soon as we tally the amount of money raised for Eden after this past sale we will post it.

Stay tuned as I share recipes; projects we're working on; treasured "finds"; ideas for decorating with vintage, antique, shabby chic, and whimsies; family fun; and my passion for helping the poor and needy both locally and abroad.

So now we're heading into the countdown until Christmas! I'm looking forward to the preparations, the celebrations, the joy of the season and the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. Let the countdown begin!

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