Monday, February 15, 2010

Yesterday's Swap

Hi, everyone!

Yesterday I posted photos of the treasures I received from my swap partner, Vera, for the Amour Valentine Swap. Today I'm posting photos I took of the gifts I sent to Vera. The color she chose was "shades of white" so I tried to keep that in mind in picking out the goodies I sent. Some of the gifts were already wrapped when I took the pictures so you can't see everything I gave but I wanted to capture the images of the colors . I loved the look of having lots of white and cream together so much that I totally "got into" looking for treasures in those shades to sell at our next Hob Nobber event. Then I found some blogs in England where women have decorated their homes in all white/cream and it is SO calming and relaxing I was ready to change the decorating in my home! As much as I love the look though, I need a little color in my life. Anyway, enjoy the photos here.

On Wednesday I'll be posting pictures of the little gifts that will be a part of the Spring Fling Give-Away so be sure and check back.


  1. How beautiful are all the treasures you sent your lucky partner & the Valentine box you made is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sherry. It was really fun. I'm already looking for another swap to get into. :)

  3. Hi! Sandy.. This was SO much fun, and So creative, I loved seeing everyones goodies!!Your box is TDF!! Happy Valentines to you too! Cindy:)

  4. Hi, Cindy

    This really inspired my creative spirit even more. Especially seeing all the amazingly different creative ideas! And since I'm a new blogger it was fun for me actually having people make a COMMENT! :)Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi, Sandy just stopped by your blog to see what you got for the swap! I love the warmth of your gifts you sent! That face printout is really cool! I read your profile and love your attitude for life! I love to give to the needy and pay it forward as much as I can. It's so amazing cuz I never want anything in return and somehow God rewards me over and over! I am new at blogging too, but have done a few swaps! I just love them and the people I get to meet a long the way! Let me know if you find a new cool swap to be in and stop by my blog if you get chance! Take care, Fran. XO

  6. This swap sure kept us going during the January Blues didn't it! Great stuff you sent and received! Happy Day! Meg

  7. Thanks, everyone for all your wonderful comments! The swap was great fun for me. And now I'm enjoying hearing comments on my blog and connecting with creative and fun ladies!

  8. Sandy,

    Your photos of the treasures you sent me are so much better than mine! Maybe you need to give a class on photography! No kidding!!! Those pics are really wonderful. Care to share a little?

    And your give-a-way is really generous. Thanks for letting me know.

    Vera B.
    Olivia Paige

  9. Thanks, Vera! I thought your photos were lovely! I DO keep working at the photography though as I've seen so many neat shots on the blogs I'm reading. What has helped me is to look at photos that I like and try to see what is in them and then try to create something similar. It's coming along slowly but I'm learning some things. I've also realized that closeups are the best. Even if you can only see PIECES of things.
    So with your comment here, I'll consider you entered in the Give-Away! Pass the word! sandy


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