Monday, March 15, 2010

How To Be More Creative

If you are looking for inspiration in decorating with your vintage finds, check out Sandy's Book Shoppe here on my blog. I've picked out some books that inspire, give tons of ideas, and are just fun to look at.

Did you know that just perusing these books and magazines on a regular basis will imprint the ideas in your mind and you'll begin decorating in similar ways as the ideas in your mind come out in your life? Also going to antique and vintage sales and checking out on-line vintage shops will inspire your mind in a creative way. Be sure to check out my "Fun Blogs" list on the right of this column. They are all blogs that creative women write and they all have beautiful shops with fun things to buy. They're a great source of inspiration! But be careful! You just might get addicted to the vintage blogging world!

 I've always noticed that  often very creative women have grown up in a home where they were surrounded by mothers or grandmothers who were creative. As they were surrounded by creativity, they had "imprinted" on their minds the things they saw and experienced.

The good news is  that you don't HAVE to have grown up in a creative environment to be creative. And believe it or not EVERYONE  is creative. Your creativity just has to be developed. You can begin by creating your own inspirational environment! It just takes time being surrounded with things that inspire, getting new ideas, and then trying out new ways of doing and seeing  things. I know I get inspiration from magazines, books, and going to flea markets, and vintage and antique sales. I keep trying to put the images and ideas into my mind to spur my creativity and engage my creative spirit. And it works!

One of the things I'm working on now is taking better photo images and setting up vignettes that inspire. I'm doing that by studying the pictures that inspire ME and attempting to replicate vignettes that I like. It has helped my creative "eye" to let these images soak into my mind. I feel like a magazine-aholic, however, as I buy so many magazines and books but I do learn a lot from them and the photos themselves bring  inspiration and relaxation as I sit with a cup of tea and take in the beauty.

At my last vintage sale I had a basketful of these magazines with a sign that read, "Get inspired!" and they were snapped up quickly at 50 cents each. Everyone loved it! I could have asked for more but I was just wanting to share them ( OK get rid of them ) as it was kind of getting out of hand with all the magazines I had stored up.

So check out the books and magazines here and even check out some on-line vintage stores. ( No, I don't have one yet but keep watching! ) You'll still have to come to one of our three occasional sales which are really PARTIES in disguise.

And don't forget.... Today is the LAST DAY to sign up for our Spring Fling Give-Away! Details are under the Big Chick but you DO NEED to "follow" me to be in the drawing. Check out the Feb 16th post to see what the gifts are. Tell your friends!

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