Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Relaxing By The Ocean

We're still on vacation. ( smile ) I'm sitting on our balcony overlooking the ocean  and enjoying my morning coffee while "practicing" being in the moment. That's easy to do while being mesmerized by the waves  rolling in. We're having a relaxing time here. Our kids and grandkids left Saturday and we moved to a smaller condo in a different building. The decor here is bright, colorful, fun, and very BEACHY.

I thought the starfish tiebacks on the curtains were a cute idea. The other photo is of a vignette of starfish and red coral.

Yesterday at the beach I was amused by the piles of flip-flops on the deck that everyone leaves behind before going onto the beach. Me....I wear mine onto the sandy beach.

I left some photos of our earlier condo on my other blog. Check it out. It was gorgeous! You'll find it at bloomingboomers.wordpress.com where Sherrie and I blog about living a joy-filled life!

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