Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I mentioned that you'd be hearing about my daughter, Elissa's, work in China with the Eden outreach. Part of the proceeds of my occasional sales go to help support Elissa and her work there. The girls in this outreach make jewelry which we also sell at our sales events to help  in this mission. I have asked Elissa to share about Eden here on my blog. Here are her words:

Elissa:  When I think about making things beautiful, I believe it can happen in so many tangible, and intangible ways. My Mother ( Sandy ) finds beauty in vintage treasures and does an incredible job of bringing out the beauty in any old thing she gets  her hands on! And here in China I've also begun to see God's beauty emerge in the lives of the women I work with in a more intangible way. My Mom has allowed me to share about Eden Ministry, the organization whose work I have fallen in love with enough to move to China and work for since 2009.

 Eden Ministry seeks to bring hope to women trapped in the hopelessness of prostitution. Many women in our shelters have been trafficked, tricked, and traded into the ugly and awful world of sexual abuse. But those of us who are committed to serving in this ministry are allowed the awesome privilege to see many of them rise up out of those dark places and become beautiful new creatures in Christ,  leaving the life of prostitution behind and  building new lives through designing and selling beautiful jewelry to those around the world.

 Xia Xia is one of those beautiful stories...

Xia Xia thought she had the perfect boyfriend. He invited her to the city with him. telling her he had a great job for her. She had dreams of being a good daughter and sending money home to her family in the village so she went with him. As soon as they arrived he sold her to traffickers who took her to another city and forced her into prostitution. After two years she heard about Eden, escaped her "owners" and is now living in our shelter. God has done wonderful things in her life as she continues to blossom into a beautiful woman of God.

Creating Jewelry to Build New Lives

One way we support our non-profit work, is by employing the women in our shelters to make jewelry that we sell in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. It's exciting to watch them work peacefully and express their creativity in our jewelry designs. You can support these women and contribute to their success by purchasing jewelry online at www.edenchina.org or hosting an Eden Evening of Hope. Funds from each purchase support our shelters, medical clinics, and provide wages for the women in our shelter.

Thanks for allowing me to share.
All the best,

Elissa Kuert

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