Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going For A Walk

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a " woman" when  "she" goes for  walk.  Raymond Inman

So I thought I'd take Raymond's advice and go for a walk around the grounds of our 11 acre home. ( read more about our home on an older  post). Come along with me!

 It looks like rain might be threatening but...

 Right out my front door are my hydrangeas. I love them!

I think we need a closer look!

Here's a close look at my pansies which I haven't planted yet. But you can see them waiting here for their "home".

A path begins right out my front door.

And leads to ... a smaller path with round stones.

 As I go around the corner of the house I see the bird bath. Ooooh it's getting darker as the clouds come over....                                But the darkness makes the birdbath stand out.
Shhhh! Do you hear something? Could it be angels whispering?

  There's the stone arched portico...                  Do you see a light flickering?

 Uh Oh! I feel and see rain drops! Let's go down to the lower gardens. We have to enter through an archway leading to some stairs. It is completely covered over with trees.

It looks like we're entering a CAVE!

Whew! We're out! This pretty stone path leads to the lower gardens and fountains...

 Let's take a look at the flowers......

 But remember this is Minnesota and even though we've had some unseasonably HOT weather this week it will be some time before the garden is at its peak.

I found a few flowers... I just can't wait until the garden is in FULL BLOOM!

I HAD to get one last photo of the many types of  hostas  before the deer get to them.

But it's getting dark and I better head back in.

Did the angels whisper to YOU?

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