Saturday, May 1, 2010


HI AGAIN!  Do you see the little lady again with the party hat on in the sidebar? Well, she's here to tell you that today begins the sign-up for our SUMMER SOIREE GIVE-AWAY! And the prize is...

the book,  HANDMADE SOIREES by Karri Meng! This is a $30 value and it's a wonderful book chock full of ideas of simple projects for special occasions. The drawing for this lovely book will be June 1st and here are the rules for the Give-Away:
1) Sign up to follow my blog  : )
2) Comment on a post you like, leaving your name and e-mail.
3) Only those in the Continental U. S. are eligible.
That's all there is to it!  Good luck! And do please share this lady on your blog to spread the word. She IS, by the way, from the The Graphics Fairy whose link is on the sidebar to the right.

Well, as promised, there will be some NEW FUN here on the blog starting this month. Our Hob Nobber business consists of three occasional sales a year. Part of the proceeds of these events go to a women's or children's ministry and this year we have chosen my daughter and Eden, the ministry she works with in China to receive these funds. Eden works to help young girls who have been forced into prostitution, find a new life and new hope.  So you'll be hearing more this month about this wonderful outreach and how you can help support them also if you so desire.

I will also begin the following:
1) Monthly Mosaics
2) Free monthly vintage downloads or project ideas ( also see sidebar for more free downloads )
3) Seasonal Give-Aways
4) Weekly FIVE FUN AND FABULOUS FAVORITES  ( Hob Nobbing all over the internet searching for  treasures for you! )
5) And more!

I had also mentioned that I was coming up to my 100th post and had another prize to be given  in celebration of that  but I'm still short a few posts so I'll wait and tell you later what that will be!

In the meantime I hope you like the "cleaner" look to my blog. I'll be making more changes in the coming days.  Until then, have a great MAY DAY! I'll see you Monday!


  1. Happy May Day!! I am a follower and I have seen this book but not taken the plunge yet! What fun all your new plans are! I cannot wait!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Thanks, Lisa! You're the first to sign up for the Give-Away! And if you'd like to enter another Give-Away ( different prizes ) you can go to ( my other blog ) and enter there as well! Have a fun May Day! sandy

  3. WOW awesome Please enter my name as well Sandy I am a follower. And now I am hopping on over to the other one to check it out. I will add it to my sidebar.
    Have a great day
    The Rusty Thimble

  4. Thanks, Brenda! You're entered! I just read your newsletter and signed up for YOUR Give-Away! ; ) sandy

  5. Hi Sandy!!! I've been out of pocket lately and have really gotten behind on what is going on in your neck of the woods.
    I'm trying to gather some things for my first blog give-a-way! Really have no idea how to proceed, except to just jump right in. Sink or swim, they say! Will let you know when it's up and ready!
    Olivia Paige

  6. Hi, Vera

    You just have to jump right in there and learn as you go! I'll be sure and check back! I LOVE Give-Aways! : ) sandy

  7. What a fab give-a-way! Thank you!



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