Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So the question was: How can I simplify my lifestyle?

A few years ago as "retirement" from a ministry loomed in front of me I took stock of my life and decided I should be INTENTIONAL and while following" God's plan for me", and taking into consideration my purpose and passion, create a lifestyle that was balanced and joy-filled. So I came up with a plan to hone in on just that. I found some relevant questionaaires that helped me discover some significant insights into my life. Then I came up with 6 areas that my life generally fell into: 1) Personal ( mind, body, spirit ) 2) Home 3) Relationships 4) Work/Job 5) Giving 6) Finances.

The next step was to write out a descriptive narrative of what my life might look like in each of these areas if my life were balanced, purposeful, and full of passion and joy. It turned out to be a fun exercise that motivated and encouraged me!

 From this narrative I wrote out goals in each area. I found balance in limiting the number of things that I allowed myself to be involved in but making sure I had plans in each area of my life that I had listed. I also wrote out ways in which I could "kill two birds with one stone" so to speak. Meaning, that I looked for ways in which I could be working on TWO goals while engaged in ONE activity. For example, if, as a "relationship goal" I wanted to plan more INTENTIONAL time with my husband and as a" personal body goal" I needed to get more exercise by walking, I came up with a plan to start walking with my husband for exercise.

This plan is working AMAZINGLY well. Of course, I have to keep checking my activities with my goals to make sure I'm staying on track because it's very easy for me to keep adding more "things to do" to my list. I always need to keep working on "balance in life".

So how did Hob Nobbers fit into this plan?  Well, while I was working in the ministry, we had a fabulous fundraiser called, An Olde English Christmas. We decorated the Plummer House ( historical mansion that we just so happen to also LIVE IN ) for an old fashioned Christmas and invited artists and other entrepeneurs to "rent a room" and sell their wares. So Karen, Renee, and I rented a room and filled it with our many collected vintage treasures ( there was no Hob Nobbers at this time ) and it was the most popular room in the whole house! People kept asking where our REAL "shoppe" was located. The event lasted two days and after the first day our room looked bare as we sold so much of our stuff. We had to go home in the evening and collect more stuff to bring back. Thankfully,  Karen had an attic full of treasures! When I retired then, while asking myself what it was that I enjoyed, without hesitation I came up with ," collecting and selling our vintage treasures"... and Hob Nobbers was born! It was a huge benefit that it also MADE MONEY! Another "two for one" goal! I began blogging about Hob Nobbers when everyone wanted to know when our next sale was because we only have three occasional sales a year. Now we just hand out cards that refer our friends to my blog.

Another hobby sprang from all this as another friend, Sherrie, and I began putting on workshops and blogging about "living your life to full bloom", called Blooming Boomers, where we share how we've created our lives to be INTENTIONALLY purposeful, balanced, and joy-filled. Beginning September 15th we'll be offering this information in our blog through a workshop entitled, JOYFULLY BALANCED, and will also be offering it in the future as an e-book. This workshop and book will help YOU work through the same steps that we did in creating our balanced and joy-filled lives. Currently we are finishing up a series called, The Garden Of Your Mind. You can find us here: bloomingboomers.wordpress.com.  If you'd like to make sure your life is balanced, joy-filled, and full of passion and purpose please join us! We also have other fun projects in the works so stay in touch to see what's happening! Oh! And there are no "follower" buttons on our wordpress blog. You need to hit the "subscribe" button to join in the fun! Also feel free to take the Blooming Boomers button ( the one with the pot of flowers ) on my sidebar.

And why am I writing about this on my Hob Nobber page? I've found that women who are in business  ( like you perhaps ) want to find balance in their lives, they want to make sure their lives are truly joy-filled, and they want to have purpose and passion in their lives.  So I wanted to make sure everyone who comes here has an oportunity to find out about our upcoming workshop! Please invite your friends to join in as well. Hope to see you there!


  1. How wonderful that you've balanced your life and found that perfect niche in which you do what you love to do. I have been trying to find my niche also and do believe that I've found it. Come take a look at what I do over on my blog sorority sister.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  2. It sounds like your life has always been full, but now, as you said, it is more balanced. What came to mind while reading your post was a vase - okay, with everything that you do we will say a large vase, filled with many flowers. But there were so many flowers that they had no room to open; many were the same kind. So, you chose to take out a few and rearrange the others, and before long you had a beautiful display of color, and every flower had room to open and share its beauty.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Barbara! I'll check out your blog!

  4. Mya
    I like your analogy! Thanks!


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