Sunday, October 24, 2010


Old Basket Purse
Colorful Straw Basket
Whimsical Bottle Cork With Moveable Head ( head and arms move up and down bringing the glasses to his eyes )
Vintage Dust Pan and Brush, Old Bucket
Two Pink Carnival Glass Goblets
Vintage shoe form, shoe stretcher, and buttons
Cute Bowl With Handle
I just wanted to share a few new fun and whimsical "finds"...

Alice in Wonderland vintage puzzle

Vintage Christmas Table Cloth

Vintage Grocery Cart

Colorful Vintage Handmade Bedspread Top


  1. Cute vintage tablecloth!! The little barns make me think of the cider mill I visited today. And that quilt is gorgeous!! I'm always so glad to see those beautifully crafted pieces find a new owner who loves and appreciates them!

  2. I think some of the new rolling shopping carts are being advertised as a new idea.
    That top basket reminds me of the lightship baskets; definitely has a nautical look with the rope trip.

    You found some lovely items, but you always do. I keep saying that I am going to follow behind you one day to see how you manage that.

    I (my mom's) have some footed glassware that looks similar to your pink goblets; but I am not sure if they are carnival glass or not.
    Mom used to have a bunch of this - but after several moves and over time there is only a platter and 3-4 glasses.

    Love the dust pan and brush.

  3. And the shopping carts haven't even CHANGED a bit over the years! They STILL look like this.

    I hadn't thought of the purse having a nautical look but you're right!

    You definitely have to go out and hunt for this stuff but that's the fun part and I'd LOVE to have you come along sometime! : )

  4. Hi, "Garden of Daisies"
    Thanks for stopping by! : )


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