Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In the future when your children ask you," What do these stones mean?", Tell them... Joshua 4:6,7

I have started a new tradition I learned from  Bible Study leader, Lorie Dahlstrom.( Had to give her some credit here). I have some stones that I've collected and I've written on them important dates of events to remember since my husband and I have been married. For example, there are the marriages in our family,  births in the family, and important events where God has worked in a special way in our lives that we want to remember. We write down the name of the person or event that took place. We call them, "remembering stones".

Our remembering stones.

We keep our stones in a cute little box.

When God wanted His people to remember what He had done often He would tell them to take a stone "to remember...". In this way we are continuing an old tradition of bringing to mind those things that God has done for us and our family.
Our marriage stone shaped like a heart.

The grandkids especially like this idea. They can find "their stone" and feel special that the day of their birth is a special event because God sent them to us. Of course, two-year-old Charlie takes his stone and throws it across the room but Ashley and Brianna enjoy finding their special stones. It also helps to remind them of how God has worked in our lives in special ways as they see the stones of special events that have taken place, like the day we began our new ministry to juvenile offenders and the many blessings that have come through that.

Do you have a special way of passing on your faith stories and special family events? I'd love to hear them! Add them to your comments!

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