Sunday, December 12, 2010


Have you ever been "snowed in"?

We've been snowed in due to a record setting blizzard yesterday and today. We're waiting for the plows to come and dig us out! Up to 20 inches of snow has been dumped on us. We attempted to get out before it got too bad for a quick run to the store yesterday morning only to get stuck along with four other vechicles. So we turned around (with several people pushing us) and headed back home to sit it out.

We had been warned the day before of an impending blizzard and had stocked up on food so we were fine in that area. The grandkids, of course, were loving it but wished it had been on a school day so they could have had a "snow day" off from school. Today even church was canceled!

So we went out for a walk in the blizzard and took some photos. Here are just a few, one with my daughter all bundled up. The snow piled up on the bush is early on in the blizzard. After that we just hunkered down and stayed inside!


  1. And for Minnesotans to get snowed in is REALLY a feat!

    I heard about the partial collapse of the dome over the Viking stadium, AND the Giants, en route to PLAY the Vikings getting stranded in Kansas City, and NOW the game won't be held today in MN but instead sometime this week in Detroit!

    Wow - - - that's a lot for one little ole storm to cause!

    We got it here in Central WI too - - - but I think we only got about 12 inches total. I am loving it!

  2. I am from Mpls, and moved to Orlando....HUM, I think this is the reason why, I talked to my brother in Mpls. last night and got the scoop, then today I saw the snow tore the roof of the dome. Of course the worst part for the kiddies is it will all be cleaned up in time for school Monday! We are getting some cold weather down hear also, I hope this is not a preview of the season!!


  3. Keep warm Sandy! Your post triggered my 'snow days' off memories during my time in Langley High back in 1986-88. Those are the only times I watched news on TV, waiting for the announcement! Lol!

  4. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  5. Watching the wheather station and hearing about the snow and wind in your part of the country makes me feel like I am listening to a fright show. I can not begin to imagine the troubles so many people are having. In our part of the country that amount of snow would bring our power lines down and we would be freezing. I hope that does not happen to you.
    On a different note, the pictures are pretty.

  6. Other than this being a record setting year we're kind of used to it! Since most people couldn't even go out for a couple of days it was a forced staycation. It was beautiful coming down and there were people out snowshoeing and cross country skiing. After the two day snow the weather got bitterly cold but by then we were plowed out enough to get in the car and go to the mall and go Christmas shopping! So it's all good!


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