Monday, August 8, 2011


Vintage poodle lamp.
Child's  vintage  pillow case and coverlet set.
I've been wanting to share some photos of a few purchases I made that will be for sale at our next event. The problem is that my "Hob Nobber room" where I store and repurpose items is full to overflowing and I can hardly get in there to set up cute little vignettes to show them off. So I decided to just try and climb through the stuff in order to give you a few photos of what's coming up! There is so much more but if you've been to one of our sales before you know what I'm talking about. Everyone asks how we get ALL THIS STUFF! Check back a post or two to see another neat treasure I found. I may have a hard time parting with some things but I can't keep it all! Oh, and please look past the rubble in the background of these photos!
Vintage teal suitcase. Like new on the inside.

Adorable antique buggy in excellent condition.

Unique old metal container with cover.

Interesting vintage yarn holder.


  1. Wow...the vintage yarn holder is something I've never seen before. Very interesting indeed.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now you're newest follower!

  2. What unique finds! The poodle lamp is adorable and I love the baby buggy! Fun to see what you've found! Thanks for stopping by to visit! ♥

  3. Sandy, I was at your last sale (I don't think you recognized me, oth, you were all very busy! We saw something I wished I'd picked up. It was weathered wood piece quite long 8 feet? sort of like a ladder, but not as it was built on the diagonal. Hmmm. Would it still be around? If so, I think I have a home for it. Thank you.

  4. Margie,

    As a matter of fact we DO still have it! If you want it, it's yours! E-mail me at to work out details. Our next sale is this Labor Day weekend. See details by "the cup with birds" on right side bar at the top. Thanks!


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