Monday, October 10, 2011


A while back I mentioned that I was working on a NEW BUSINESS. So here's the information on it that I promised...  The new business is called...


We sell natural Spa products for the body and home as well as products  for the mind and spirit that help you live with less stress and more joy in your life. I am really excited about this new venture that I began with another friend and our son and daughter-in-law.

We sell our products through in-home Spa Parties and we're looking for consultants to help us because another one of our passions is to help women earn an income from the home! We provide our consultants with FREE LIFE COACHING along with business coaching, the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, as well as earning an income.

Right now we're only offering this opportunity to those living in the SE Minnesota area ( sorry, folks ).

We know how stressful  and busy life can be and we wanted to help women live with LESS STRESS and MORE JOY in their lives! So we developed this business to address those issues. And we do it through having Spa parties that will relax, inspire, and RENEW you in body, mind, and spirit. Then you can purchase products in order to have the same experience at home.

For more information, go to our website here. Or go to our blog here for articles that will inspire and help you in finding MORE JOY AND LESS STRESS for your life. We'll also help with goal setting and reaching your goals!
We're just beginning so you can go back and read through  ALL our past blog posts in a short amount of time and gain a lot of helpful information. Then sign up to be notified every time we write a new post for MORE INSPIRATION AND HELPFUL INFORMATION! We'll also be adding FREE e-books in the future, FREE telephone conference minnie workshops, and MORE!

OK,  I know this is totally different than our occasional  Hob Nobber vintage sales. So how does it all fit in? Well, one of our workshops will be about how to make money doing what you love. That is what I found out is possible through my love of hunting vintage treasures and then decorating with them and finally making money while having fun at the same time! I have MANY passions and I have  "designed my life" keeping in mind my values of family and faith, while staying refreshed and renewed  all while maintaining balance and finding joy in life... AND making some money in the process! And now I'm excited to share  with YOU, how you can do the same thing!

So stay in touch with my Renew blog as well as my Hob Nobber blog. I have a few larger Hob Nobber items I'll be selling on Craigslist for those living nearby. I'll be posting about them in future posts so check back to see what will be offered.

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