Monday, November 14, 2011


I found a few more fun little ideas  on Etsy  that will  add  some spice to your Thanksgiving's all in the details!

...these very cute tags...find them here

...serving forks, a fun keepsake to pass on...find them here

Thanksgiving cake pops for the kids... find them here 

Thanksgiving name cards for your guests ...find them here

Another idea....



One of the traditions that we started at our Thanksgiving dinner is to play BINGO for prizes. The prizes are just some things we've found around the house. We wrap them in very pretty wrapping. We wrap up  candles, notecards, coffee mugs, and anything else we can find around the house.  Sure, we could go out and buy some gifts but we started this tradition on the spur of the moment one time and only had time to find "old but nice stuff" so it became a tradition to find things we already had.

OK, so what does that have to do with candy corn? Well, you can use them for the markers to count off your bingo spaces... And then eat a few while you're playing.

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  1. Hello Sandy!
    Your THANKSGIVING IDEAS were enjoyed. Very quickly our celebration day will be here! A heartfelt gratitude is good every day of the year!
    How delighted I am to have found your blog! I now have one too: Would love to have you join me on my journey.
    Abundant blessings......~Sandie Luck


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