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If you vintage lovers are anything like ME, you have an addiction to vintage decorating books and magazines! I have PILES of them! They were taking over every room in my home so I had to give some to the Salvation Army a while back! Sadly, I  gave away two years worth of Mary Englebreit's HOME COMPANION before I realized she was discontinuing her magazine. That magazine was so full of inspiration for me. I'd sit with a cup of tea and take in the creative colorful images, even if I'd  already looked at it umpteen times! So I assumed I could just start over collecting a new batch of Mary's magazines to save for a while and ooh and aah over. But alas, it wasn't to be! I DID just recently sign a petition to begin the magazine again so I'm hoping...

But with Cyber Monday coming up ( like Black Friday, only the sales are on the internet ), shopping for the vintage lover just got easier and deals are being made. I LOVE receiving books for Christmas and especially VINTAGE DECORATING BOOKS!  I imagine it's safe to say that most vintage lovers also love decorating books filled with inspiration and ideas. And shopping on makes it easy! If you purchase more than $25 worth of products on Amazon  you can qualify for  FREE SHIPPING! So what's stopping you from beginning your shopping as you sit there on your computer? How much easier could it be? I've ordered from Amazon a lot for myself as well and it seems like Christmas when my package arrives. Here are a few images of books that are on MY wish list ( are you reading this, family? ) and others I'd recommend because I already have them.
This one is on MY wish list.

I love "country" so I'm adding this to Santa's list also.
I have this one and use it to inspire my decorating when I want to add a bit of French Romantic ideas.
I love the colors of these rose sheets with the red books. Wish list!
Want some creative ideas about what to do with your flea market finds? You'll love this one!
Don't know why this showed up so big. I have this one and enjoy the ideas given in decorating with your new finds with what you already have.
Is Romantic Style your thing?  This one's for YOU. And ME!

To order these or any others you might like, go to my bookstore, "Sandy's Book Shoppe", ( I'm SO excited! I have a BOOKSTORE! ) on my right sidebar and you'll be able to purchase from there! When you purchase through my bookstore you are buying from Amazon but I get a commission! I'm hoping I get to see how this works so someone order something.   ; ) 

HAPPY SHOPPING! I'd love to hear what you purchased and how you liked it. You could even do a "book review" for us here! 

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