Sunday, February 5, 2012


If you live in Minnesota you have to learn to LOVE WINTER. I guess you can always just TOLERATE it  but that's not how to live passionately!  Lots of people go south for the winter like the birds and get the nickname, "Snowbirds".

But I suggest you just GO FOR IT and find things to LOVE about it. To be honest I don't like the cold but I've learned how to dress for the cold and then ENJOY and EMBRACE  the rest of it!

This year has been a bit disappointing because we haven't had a lot of snow and  we've had some record breaking "warm" spells. So now I'm even missing the COLD! Below are some photos taken off my PINTEREST board  called" LOVE WINTER". Check out the reasons why here and then go click on the red PINTEREST button on my right sidebar for MORE REASONS. If YOU love winter I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment  below and tell me what YOU love about winter!
Skating with a winter picnic  

Cozy warm flannel sheets  

Making beautiful ice candles    

Winter picnics with wood for a fire

Sun shining through after a beautiful snowfall

The fun of sledding

Making snow angels

Walking in a beautiful snowfall

Coming in to warm hot drinks while warming by the fire

Making snowmen


  1. Just found your beautiful blog. I love winter too and here in Kansas we've had no winter either. Last year 35" of snow and this year .06". What's the deal!! Your pictures are fabulous, glistening snow-love it.

  2. I love the beautiful photos of winter! Amazing! ♥


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