Saturday, March 31, 2012


I mentioned in an earlier post I would be sharing some photos of treasures found for our next sales event. I have a few things that are" still in the rough" their "just found state". We Hob Nobbers spend the last few weeks before the sale getting the treasures looking like new and restoring them to their finest. We wash, press, sew, scrub, paint and sand. Some things are better left with their old patina but other than those we spend hours getting things ready for the sale like little elves before Christmas.

Here are some things I've picked up that need a bit of washing and pressing, etc. but I wanted to share them with you...

Sorry about the shadow... This is a beautiful vintage quilt. It is already in great shape but after washing to brighten it up, it will  be even lovelier! It is made to be reversible.

Vintage muffin tins, blocks, and an old ladle. I might be using the blocks to make something creative for you.     

Vintage clothespin bag for someone lucky enough to be able to hang their clothes on a clothesline. I can smell the freshness!

Another vintage clothespin bag. This one is designed to look like a little dress. So cute!

This needs some pressing but it's bright with vivid blue checks! Love this!

Pair of vintage dish towels.

There is so much more and we're just getting started!

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