Sunday, June 3, 2012


While I've always enjoyed some nice antiques in my home passed down from family, I have also purchased many furniture- store- bought pieces over the years. But since I've discovered vintage, shabby styles I've realized that I'm liking them much better. They have a quaintness that the store bought pieces just can't replace. So I'm finding myself wanting to replace all ( well, at least most ) of those pieces with  unique one of a kind treasures.The question I have though is this: Am I CRAZY to let go of these nice name brand pieces and replace them with something I've picked up at a garage sale for $5? My husband thinks so. But I decided I needed to ask someone other than my husband. Decorating is not his thing. So I'm, NEEDING your help with this one.

First of all some background of my thinking on this topic of decor...

This a close-up of the cup. You couldn't see the color very well in the photo above. My living room colors are this pretty blue, mustard yellow, and rust colored.
First of all I decided I needed some kind of an overall "style" even though I'll still pick up anything I love if it's a bargain.( Many pieces are chosen to be sold in our Hob Nobber sales if it doesn't fit OUR style.) Secondly,  I  have been a bit hesitant to focus on "home decor" because in the whole scheme of things it is all "just STUFF" after all. But having said that, I believe  there is something to be said about considering how one can INTENTIONALLY  make a house a welcoming HOME and bring in lovely, timeless treasures for everyone to enjoy. So "discovering my style" and "being intentional" about how to make our home welcoming and lovely for others to enjoy were the two main goals.

Table I had by the chair. It really is a lovely wood with glass top.
 How does one go about finding their  own unique "style"?  This is how I began... I first asked myself the question, " What are some things that I love,  or that describe me and our family interests, or describe my lifestyle? So here are some words that sprang to mind as I mused over this question.One thing I discovered however as I looked critically over our current  furniture is that it  tends to be more formal even though we are all about being casual.  There is nothing formal about us or the way we live so "formal" is going to be replaced by" casual".  Here are other words that describe what I love and my style: casual, whimsical, uncluttered, color, bright, sunny, welcoming, homemade and personal, plants and flowers, comfortable, books.

The chair in this picture was my grandmother's and eventually I want to have it recovered and get rid of the flowers. I also want to replace the store bought lamp in the photo ( partially seen ). The giraffe is whimsical and is a handmade folk art piece that I bought from a friend, the cup and saucer is a Wedgewood  handed down  from my grandmother, and the little book on the lower shelf is a vintage book which I read to my grandchildren. But the REAL question is: Am I crazy to replace this little blue vintage painted table that I picked up at an Estate sale for $5 for this 35 year old store purchased table that I paid much more for?

Thanks for your advice....


  1. I absolutely love the little blue table but you should use what you like and not be afraid to mix it up. Of course my problem style keeps changing! heehee!

    1. MY style changes frequently also! That's what keeps it FUN though!

  2. You sound like me a few years ago -- I looked around me and thought, "WHO lives here? It can't be ME because I really don't like any of this stuff!" Our home is small and plain (cookie cutter one-story ranch style) so over the past five years (yeah, tight budget too!) I've slowly begun replacing the furniture with garage sale make overs. The result is that I feel like this is HOME and it's cozy and welcoming and even a bit more 'unique' than a house our style would normally be. I say go for it! Someone who can't afford your classic furniture will be thrilled to get it for a reduced price because it's something THEY love but normally couldn't afford.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Lauren! It was just what I needed! ;)


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