Friday, July 6, 2012


Lenox paisley teabag holder. I have two of these.
Amazing old typewriter

Vintage cigarette holder. Could use for business cards.

Vintage knitting holder.

Lovely dish

Candle hugger, gloves, linen
I'm hitting another Estate sale tomorrrow! Can't wait to see what treasures they have! Hope you're all staying cool. The temps here have been 100+! UGH! 

And here is my "NOT SO FAVORITE FIND": The other day when leaving my home I noticed a big blob in the corner of our stairs, heading up from the garage. Upon further inspection I realized it was an enormous spider! Not being fond of spiders, I went outside to see if our "girl gardener" would kill if for me. She said,"sure" and came in to do the "kill"but after seeing it said, "Ummm, I think I'll go get one of the guys." She was trying to be really cool about it but I could tell she was really freaking out on the inside. That sucker was BIG!

I better explain here that we live in a 49 room historical mansion where we reside as resident directors. The 11 acres of grounds are taken care of by the City Park and Rec staff who, in the spring and summer months, are here every day taking care of the grounds and gardens. I figured they were used to bugs and wouldn't have a problem killing the spider for me. So far no luck... So we went to get one of the guys, who when we found someone, started thinking we were being sissies in not wanting to kill a spider...until HE saw it! His reaction was, "Oh My God! That thing is nucking futs!" He really didn't want to kill it either so now I was REALLY freaking out! I DID NOT want that thing going up the stairs to where we lived! SOMEONE needed to kill that thing NOW! The three of us were trying to come up with ideas that would fit in with my "demands" ( really I'm not normally  the "demanding" kind but this was an emergency!) : 1) They had to make sure it DID NOT get away and end up going upstairs  where we live 2) They could not squish the thing so I'd end up with lots of blood and guts on my steps.  After a while of trying to come up with a workable plan they finally came up with an empty Gatorade bottle that they cut in half.  They scooped up the spider with one end and plugged the plastic bottle with the other end. The spider was caught!  YEEEAAHH! It actually took quite a while to get all this accomplished!

They decided to keep him to show all the other workers and to try and find out what kind of a spider would get so big! I was IMMENSELY GRATEFUL to them! I'm planning on giving them a plaque for their bravery. They've now added "spider killing for the director" to their job description!

So here is the BIG MONSTER SPIDER inside the bottle that freaked us all out! To get some perspective on size, look at the fingers on the outside of the jar on the upper right corner of the photo. These are the fingers of the guy who finally caught it! He's a big guy and the spider's one  body segment is larger around than one finger! YIKES! I''m crawling as I see this again!

Anyone else have "spider" or "bug" stories bigger than this?


  1. eeewwwwwwwww! that is one ugly should take it in to see what kind it is ~ then call an exterminator ~ lol!!
    Love all of your finds....that typewriter is my favorite, what a beauty! Also love that little guy that hugs whatever you put in his arms ~ sweet! Happy hunting the rest of the weekend :)
    Karla & Karrie

    1. I think the spider was eventually "exterminated" We DO get a monthly exterminator here. They just apparently missed this guy. ;(

  2. That is an ugly spider...EEEE! I showed a lizard this morning...and now I come here to see a spider! heehee! I love your treasures. I hope I can go thrift store shopping this week! Hugs!

    1. I'm not really fond of lizards either but I'll check yours out anyway. ;)

  3. Hi Sandy! Love your treasures you found! I just bought an old black Royal typewriter this summer at an estate sale. My dad worked for Royal for many years. My sister and I both said we would keep an eye out for a black one and I was so excited to get this for him! Still haven't blogged about it, lol. Thanks for finding my primitives blog and sharing with me about this blog of yours. =] Have a wonderful week~

    1. Hi, Angie

      Isn't it fun finding some treasure you've been hunting for? Especially when you can give it as the perfect gift!

  4. Hi Sandy~
    I bet the mansion is just glorious and has so many stories to tell! Can't wait too hear about your finds at an estate sale! I'm going Goodwill shopping this weekend - one of my favorite summer activities!

  5. Yes, the mansion is amazing and we feel blessed to be here! Good luck with your shopping!


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