Friday, September 28, 2012


I finally took some photos of the few purchases I made at Junk Bonanza. I really had planned on going to get some ideas and just look this time. Fortunately I took my husband who is really the "spender" in the family and every time I saw something I liked he said, "Buy it!".  So we DID bring home a FEW things:

We are still amazed at the increased technological gadgets since we were kids. Our grandkids think this  phone is funny and wonder how we could  have gotten  along not being able to take the phone WITH us ( like their cell phones ) and the fact that it takes so long to "dial" one number.  We've always said we were going to buy one of these  if we found one... so voila'.

One of my "addictions" is wire baskets or pretty much  anything rustic in which to organize stuff. Organizing is another addiction. I also find old sewing drawers in which to organize. I thought this one with the old worn green handles was a sweet find.

My husband picked up this darling wooden folding chair for our grandson.

And last, but not least, my personal favorite, this pallet on wheels which will be a coffee table. I now see that my foot got in this picture...

So I think we did pretty well with our purchases. No "pretties" just "utilitarian" wants.We were able to get them all in the car which was pretty amazing since we hadn't planned on buying anything and our car was already full with over night gear as we had stayed overnight the previous evening. ( The Twins were in town and we have Season Tickets ). So it was a great overnight trip up to the Cities!  And speaking of overnights, last month we stayed at our first bed and breakfast! I'll share more on THAT overnight in another post. I have some great photos of this delightful B&B!


  1. It looks like you found some really great stuff! I always have my eye out for a phone like that when I'm out antiquing, but they are always too expensive!

  2. I literally just bought a vintage black phone!! And then I come to your blog and see you did, too! I'm going to guess that mine dates back to the 40"s or 50's. And I wonder if it is in good enough condition to hook it up? I know some are. Great finds and thanks for sharing your purchases. The pallet? Fabulous! By the way, did you see the vendor that had the laundry baskets on wheels? He actually had smaller ones which, for me, would have more uses!!

    1. I don't recall seeing laundry baskets on wheels...How cute would THAT be? I'm sure I missed some things because there was so much to see! Fun event!


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