Sunday, October 7, 2012


"I would maintain that thanks are the highest from of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."  G. K. Chesterton

One of the gifts I received for my birthday this year  ( from daughter, Elissa and son-in-law, Jon ) was the book, "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. A subtitle reads "A Dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are". The book's cover shares the questions Ann asked herself in writing this book, "How do we find joy in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and daily duties? What does a life of gratitude look like when your days are gritty, long, and sometimes dark? What is God providing HERE and NOW?"

A gifted writer, Ann has a unique way of storytelling about her life, farming, parenting and more. Through embracing a life of gratitude, she discovers how to find Joy in the midst of the trials life can bring.

I also received a Vera Bradley journal  in which to write down my OWN gifts of gratitude. It has become a morning routine to sit  down with my cup of coffee and write the things for which I am grateful. I also read those things I listed previously for which I was grateful. It gives me a DELIGHTFUL START TO THE DAY.

I recommend  this book highly. To read the first chapter  of the book and to learn more about Ann Voskamp  go here and  go here to read her blog and find free printables. To order the book go to my Book Store on the right sidebar and find the Christian book section. You will be changed for life if you also begin your own journey of seeking 1000 gifts.

Today I am grateful for the gift of this book and journal.


  1. Good morning Sandy...thank you for sharing your gift with us (happy belated birthday too!).
    I like that you received a journal to write your own thoughts down. I used to do this - life got busy and I stopped. I should start again. I always went back and reflected on what I wrote at different times if I found myself in a similar spot in life and see how I felt at that time.

  2. What wonderful gifts! The book sounds very interesting and I think it's important to keep a journal. I pray every day that I will live my life to it's fullest...and be pleasing to God. Your new journal is beautiful! I'll go follow your links! Thanks! Enjoy your week!

  3. I couldn't wait to tell you! Today I went to one of my favorite consignment shops and I found the book, One Thousand Gifts! I told the lady at the check out that a friend of mine had just mentioned it and I was thrilled to find it! Thanks so much! I know I will treasure it and learn a lot from it! Sweet hugs!

    1. Well, THAT was meant to be! Kismet for sure! The book starts out a bit sad when she shares what she has lived through but then she shares how she found JOY! So happy you found it so quickly! ;) Blessings!


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