Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello, ladies! Today I'm sharing with you three of my PINK cups and saucers.  Two of them belonged to my Grandmother and one was given to me by a friend of my Grandmothers. My Grandmother collected cups and saucers and had TONS of them. Some were passed on down to my Mother who passed some on down to me. It's so special to have something by which to remember my Grandmother and something that was special to her. I mentioned her in the previous post where you can also see a photo of her.
This is a larger view of the bottom cup. It is a Royal Standard Bone China from England.

This is a close up of "Blossom Time" pattern from Royal Albert from England.  This was given to me by a woman named Lottie, a friend of my Grandmother's.

                 This was given to my Grandmother  and is a special one because of the message on it. It is Lefton China.

                           October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, a disease which has touched many lives in one way or another. My prayer is for a cure for this disease.
I'm joining the following parties: Martha's Favorites
                                                       Rose Chintz Cottage

Please go to these blogs to see more lovely cups and saucers and have a wonderful day!


  1. Hello Sandy,
    Your grandmother's china is gorgeous! She had fine taste! All the cups you have shared are really pretty. The Royal Standard cup is stunning with that unique saucer!
    How lovely that these pieces were handed down to you! What treasures!

  2. Beautiful cups! Love the Mother's Cup! Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  3. Your teacups are so beautiful and they have some precious memories behind them :) Thank you for sharing and enjoy your day!


  4. How beautiful! Pink teacups are always so lovely and romantic...Christube

  5. Hello Sandy,
    Pretty pink cups piled up together make quite a view! And the coonection to your grandmother makes them even more special...
    Thanks for your nice visit.

  6. Your teacups are pretty, especially the one 'to mother'.

  7. Hello Sandy with a Y,
    Your teacups are gorgeous and how wonderful that they came from your beloved grandmother! Precious treasures!
    I am keeping an eye out for a Blossom Time myself. Love that pattern and the pattern came from the apple blossoms in my part of the country.
    Thank you for joining me for my special Pink Tea this week and also becoming a follower. I am following your blog now too. Enjoy your week.

    Sandi {with an I}

  8. Hi Sandy,
    Love your pretty pink teacups. Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment. I am your newest follower.

  9. Beautiful teacups Sandi! Thank you for your visit and for the sweet and kind comment...yeah, my grandgirl's rat..just for my fake Halloween table, lol..
    PS: I'm your newest follower, hope you like to do the same.

    1. Thank you dear Sandi, hope we don't miss each other posts now. Big Hugs,

  10. Sandy, your tea cups are gorgeous! Love the photo of your grandma, too. She looks like she was a fun lady. Thanks for visiting me today, blessings, Jean

  11. Hi Sandy! Thanks for visiting me over at The Writers Reverie! Really enjoyed my visit with you, here - Hob Nobbers - love that vintage picture!!Now - about all your grand autumn images with apples and decor and whatnot - splendid! Such a crisp day today in Jersey and such imagery is why autumn is such a favorite season of mine! Love all your pinks here for the theme tea - and lovely cups more special because of the family they belong to. Following - do visit me again when I'm posting - trying to get back in the groove with my work week . . .

  12. Lovely, lovely pinks. That mother cup with the bird and ribbon...oh my goodness~it is so, so sweet and perfect for the pink ribbon occasion.
    Love Blossom Time as well. I have the sugar bowl to that. Lotte gave you a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. So nice to be able to think of your grandmother like this.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com
    went back and looked at the picture of your grandmother and she is so cute.

  13. I love all your beautiful pink teacups! Its so special to have teacups from your loved ones. Have a lovely weekend.


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