Monday, November 12, 2012


I purchased this little vase at a garage sale a few years ago. My eye was drawn to it because of the color blue, which is my favorite. Probably also because it only cost 50 cents. 

I purchased three more  fairly quickly and realized I had begun a collection. But I kind of had a "problem" with that because I don't like to collect things that I can't also use. Well, I have one exception. I collect Byer's Carolers which I put out at Christmas.

You can only have so much "stuff" in your home so I made the decision to collect only those things I could also use such as vintage table cloths, serving dishes, glasses, items for entertaining etc.

 I eventually made a decision that I would sell the little vases. So "just in case" I looked them up to see what they might be worth. Upon checking out my first little find, I discovered it was Royal Copenhagen and selling for $50. Now I don't want to part with it. I guess I'll keep all four for now. But if I see another one I know I'll just have to snap it up! So I guess I've got this new collection and I guess that's how collections begin.

I'm sharing this on Blue Monday at Smiling Sally's.

THANKS LIVING     Today on Veteran's Day I'm thankful for all those veterans who put their lives on the line to allow us to have the freedoms we enjoy. Join me in sharing what you're thankful for in the days up to Thanksgiving.


  1. What a treasure! I'd keep them too! Thanks for sharing.

    I look forward to reading your comment on my blog.

    Happy Blue Monday,Sandy.

  2. Lovely story about your vase, isn't I amazing where the collecting bug will take us? I have about 30 Byers Choice Carolers and every year they are the first decorations to go on display at Christmas time. Thanks for stopping by in Normandy today, hope to see you again soon.


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