Thursday, November 8, 2012

ThE GiFt Of CrEaTiViTy


Creativity...We ALL have it. Some just are not aware of it yet. Made in the image of a creative God we all have endless creative possibilities! We just need to discover it and express it!

 You might be creative in painting, or making beautiful pottery, or you might be a creative writer. Maybe your special gift is in creating a beautiful home for your family, or decorating or cooking.

I have been amazed at all the creativity I see in blogs, on PINTEREST,  Etsy, and in other places on the internet!  This allows us access to more than the creative endeavors we find in our own communities. I am in awe as I look around and see all the possibilities of endless creativity.

We were MADE to create! The important thing is to discover YOUR WAY of creatively expressing yourself Then  develop it, and  best of all...SHARE IT! 

Shown here are some handmade  items I found on Etsy that show creativity expressed in different ways.  Since Christmas is coming up also, I thought I would share some things that you could purchase  in time for the holidays to decorate  with or give as gifts.

                               Lovely hand painted pillow from Southern Empire Designs

                  Darling Christmas hanging made from a garden apron from the Rusty Thimble.

                                       Wooden manager scene from the Creative Wood Shop.

                   Beautiful painting of a bird from

                                             WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR? 

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