Thursday, December 27, 2012


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I LOVE Christmas but I also enjoy the relaxing days between Christmas and New Years. I look forward to the year ahead with great excitement and anticipation! I love making New Year's resolutions though this year I'm going to call them "My Dreams For the New Year." It makes them sound more appealing! I also like  new beginnings and fresh ideas. So I'm also going to do some different things in my blog beginning on January 1st.

First, there will be a new look to my blog. I'm still working on it but plan to have a fresh new look by the first of the year!

Second, although my blog is mainly about my vintage finds for our Hob Nobber occasional sales, I also have another interest I like to share with others. I created  a process to help women discover and then create their authentic DREAM LIVES. So beginning on Monday, January 7th , and continuing every Monday for the next 8 weeks,  I'll be sharing steps through a workshop series to help you create your "Dream Life".

Although you may, of course, follow along on your own, I would love to know who is committed to following through with this workshop series. If you are committed to following the course, please e-mail me @ and let me know. I'm excited to share the information that has helped me to discover my OWN dream life. Even if you are ALREADY living the life you always imagined I would love to have your feedback on this process. You can read the details on my November 26th post.

I'm looking forward to having you follow me as we discover together how to make THIS year the year you discover the  true authentic life of your dreams.


  1. I am so excited about this workshop! It's just what I need this coming year. I've always listed my goals...but having a list of dreams sounds even better for the new year! You know I'm IN! I can't wait! Sweet hugs!

    1. Hi, Diane!
      I'm looking forward to it also! I'll be sending out e-mails with information soon! Have a great New Years! ;)

  2. I just sent you an email. Looking forward to it.


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