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Hi, Fellow Dreamers!  I hope you answered your questions and had a fun time doing it! Hope it didn't stress you out! The purpose is to get to know yourself better, your AUTHENTIC BEAUTIFUL SELF. I had a fun time when I did it myself and felt I had a clearer picture of who I had become after doing it. As you read through your answers I hope you're feeling a sense of knowing yourself just a little bit better also.  You'll be using this information for the next step which is one of my favorites:


I know, I know, the image above says DON"T dream your life. We ARE moving toward the end result of actually living our dreams. But it begins with dreaming it! All great things begin with a dream after all, right? We just don't want to KEEP dreaming! We want to go on to actually be  living our dreams! OK, so here we go! 

Get your journal and cup of coffee and find your comfy spot where you can sit and dream! You should do this in one sitting so you can really "get into the zone".  Caution: it might take a while.  ; )


Interesting tidbit: Did you know that your brain does not know the difference between reality and what is just in your thoughts? It's true! So when you begin to create your dream life in your mind, your mind thinks it's actually happening! Your brain secretes seratonin ( the happy enzyme) and you feel all happy inside just thinking about living that dream! As you describe your dream life you will feel yourself smiling! But you don't want to stay there, in your dreams and thoughts. You want to move on and live it. So here we go.....

Your DREAM WORK for this week:

Write a page long or more detailed description of your dream life. Use your imagination! Do not limit yourself! Dream BIG!  MONEY IS NO OBJECT! Describe yourself  living how you want,  having what you want, and doing what you want and state it in the present tense. Describe where you're living, what job you have ( if at all ), what you do with your time, what you do for fun, and anything else your dream life would entail.

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There are just a few "rules" you need to follow:

 1) In order to have a balanced life ( one of the keys to your dream life ) make sure you include items in these areas:

   HOME : Describe where you live, what your home is like, what kind of atmosphere is in your home, is your home a respite away from the world or open to lots of guests.
PERSONAL: Describe your body ( in shape? ), mind ( curious, learning, etc ), spirit ( growing ) RELATIONSHIPS: Describe the important people in your life and what kind of relationships you have.
 GIVING/SERVING: Giving back and serving others is very important to a joy-filled dream life so describe what you'd be doing in terms of volunteering, serving others, etc.
RECREATION/HOBBIES/FUN: Describe what you do for FUN!

Some of these areas are just obvious but maybe you hadn't thought of for example "what kind of atmosphere is in your home, or the category of serving. These areas are not all inclusive but make sure they are included in your description. You can include anything you like, however, and are not limited to the above.

2) You must take into consideration your values, priorities, your gifts and abilities that you described in your first assignment. This does not limit you, rather, it takes your authentic self and helps you create a dream life that is authentically YOU!  In the end you will be happier if your dream life matches up with your authentic, beautiful self. As the saying below says, "Be Your Beautiful Self ". DREAM BIG  while remaining true to yourself. 

The only exception is  that if you're "negative" by nature you MUST think in a more positive way! Let yourself go and dream what you think is impossible! Just this once! Actually make this new attitude a part of your dream life! I hope this doesn't sound confusing or contradictory. If you have questions, you can e-mail me @
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3) You must write your Dream Life in the present tense as if it is already happening. That will really get your seratonin juices flowing! For example:" I'm living in a beautiful home surrounded by woods. There is plenty of room to have our big family over for family meals." You can get more detailed than this but you get the idea of the present tense.

4) Be sure and include those things ( however small ) that make you smile. ; )

5) And no negative thinking allowed as in, "This is not going to happen", "I'm never going to be able to have this life" etc. I made this a "rule" because I know you'll never be able to dream with this thinking going on in your head. This is that exception I mentioned above about being true to yourself. 

6) Also remember that we are human beings and are limited in time. That's ONE thing we can't change even though we're trying to DREAM BIG! We all have only 24 hours and a day and some of that has to be used sleeping! LOL  I know that seems obvious but some people try to include SO MANY things that they would have to add more hours to the day to accomplish everything they wanted to do. I am one who has too many ideas and not enough time but I've learned to spread them out through the seasons of my life and sometimes I just had to choose one thing over another.

So there you have your second "Dream Work" assignment! I hope you  truly have fun designing your dream life! "See" you next week! If you'd be willing to share any insights in anything you found after your first assignment, I'm sure others would be interested in hearing it! Thanks! Also, you might want to check the area where you can receive the comments left on my posts so if others leave their insights you'll get them sent to your inbox. Later, you can remove it if you don't want to receive comments.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future! It is something you design for the present.   Jim Rohn


For newbies: If you are new to this workshop and would like to join us ( it's FREE ), e-mail me at Then go to my Nov. 26th post for more information and the first session on Jan. 7th.  The posts are sequential but can be done anytime. Posts will be every Monday! Hope you join in!

Sandy : )


  1. I'm excited about this week's assignment. I'm going to work on it tomorrow morning...while I'm fresh! I think the biggest surprise I had last week was listing my values. I had no problem writing down my values...I have very strong beliefs. The past couple of months I've been struggling with a relationship that is not working (a friend)and when I wrote my values, I realized some of these values are missing in the person and in our friendship. So maybe I am trying to make something happen that doesn't fit with who I am and what I believe. It definitely made me think. Hugs, Diane

  2. Interesting, Diane! And great observation!

    You'll definitely have fun with THIS assignment!

    Have a great week! ; )

  3. There is a saying: once burned - twice shy. I am a bit of a coward at taking chances, my cronic illness isn't helping and makes it hard to know how much l can do. The first workshop told me what l already expected, that l have lots of lovely and good solid ideas, but am afraid of upsetting everyone elses happiness...and ruining what is left of my health. Frail wonky body...and BIG dreams ;-). Going to do the next workshop this ev. and learn some more :-) Pam xx

    1. Don't be discouraged by what you think you can't do. Right now be happy that you have lovely and good solid ideas! Good for YOU! Don't fear the "what-ifs". Take this one step at a time. As we move forward in this workshop I think you'll discover options that will help you live your TRUE dreams within the framework of even your limitations! Don't judge anything yet. Just do the assignments and let go of judgement for now. Don't be afraid to dream.

      Have a great week! sandy ; )

  4. I'm already in despair-mode with this assignment because my dream life will never happen. I'm so sick of being broke and struggling to make ends meet.

    1. I'm sorry you're feeling badly right now. It must be difficult struggling financially. But don't despair! Keep an open mind through the process. You may discover options you hadn't thought of. So dream anyway! I'll e-mail you some resource ideas for immediate needs. It's hard to dream when you have fears and immediate needs. Let go of your fears and move forward with confidence that there ARE answers. Praying for you...

  5. Hi Sandy,
    I love this week's assignment! I wish I had more time to put into it, hopefully on the weekend. Last night I came home and did an initial draft with off the top of my head kind of answers. I do find myself running into blocks because I'm such a realist. My big dreams really aren't even big, a simple life is all I really want. It's so ironic that these we have to be independently wealthy in order to live simply.
    To top it off, right after doing my draft of the assignment, my son came home after having an oil change to announce the brakes on his car are shot so bad that they told him it's very dangerous to be driving it ($500. to be redone), younger son came home letting me know a $250. check is due for his school trip to NYC, and then husband came home to announce he has quit his job ::sigh::

  6. It DOES seem that it's hard to live simply. Life is really complicated and not always "simple".

    UGH! I'm sorry that you're going through all this financial "ickiness" right now! Not really the stuff of dream lives. Yet, think of these problems as temporary ones that we ALL go through from time to time. The dream life I'm talking about does not mean there will be no problems.( I know you already knew that ) And "simple wants" can be a "big" dream also if you're authentically living the life that you desire. But this time set aside "being a realist" just to see what you really might want if money were no object. I know it's hard to do this if money problems are looming large right now. But a girl can dream! I think people are afraid to dream because they don't want to be disappointed if their dreams don't come true. But there is more than one way to look at things so just go through the process and see what happens. Hope this helps! sandy :)

    1. Like I said in my initial comment, I do love this assignment and I absolutely love to dream about what I would consider my perfect life. This financial "ickiness" just seems to be the story of my life, don't know if that part will ever change - but I'm not afraid to dream and will definitely be continuing the process through the workshop :)

    2. Hang in there and stay positive, Martha! ;)


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