Saturday, February 16, 2013


I love this old pine box. It has writing on the sides and it opens up for use as storage. So I decided I could use it in our "little TV room" as a coffee table. Yes, I'm keeping this one! And below is another keeper for me! I've been looking for storage to hold toys for the grandkids. This is a vintage pine  Drexel cupboard.  I put this in our family room. Now I need to find some interesting things for the top of it. I had considered painting it but I love the patina of the wood so I may leave it. What would YOU do?

                                                     Cupboard details above and below.

                                   And now some  vintage fun for our Hob Nobber sale...
This cute antique cupboard looks even better in person!  The insides are painted a pretty blue.

                                                      This is inside the lower cupboard.

                                                  Close-up details of the lower cupboard.

                                            The top glass pulls down to reveal more shelves.

Attached to the side of the cupboard are these wooden dowels for hanging dish cloths.  This is a sweet antique cupboard and it will be FOR SALE  at our Memorial Day sale!

Also for sale will be this very cute coffee table. It has a small drawer  and is a combination of black and wood stain. Wish my photo would have been clearer. You'll just have to come to the sale to see it! Below are some smaller treasures that I purchased at the Estate sale:

                   Vintage clock from West Germany. I love the teal colored numbers and "hands".

                                               Vintage metal teal colored napkin holder. Or use as a desk tray...

                                                         Bells, bells, and more bells...

                  Hang your towels on these....Hooks made from faucet knobs. How cute is that?

Oh, I just noticed the shadow of my hand taking this picture.  Well, anyway this is a very cute linen valance with roosters. It will be ironed and looking great for the sale!  Can you think of other ways this might be used?
                                       Here's a close-up of one of the little roosters. So cute!

                                           Another interesting find is this vintage brooch.

                          And last is this pillow ticking fabric with buttons on the end.
                                                                 But I'm keeping this!  Yay for ME!
This was an amazing Estate Sale with tons of SUPER FUN vintage and antique treasures!  I should have bought more!!!


  1. HI Sandy! What cool finds! When I first saw the vintage box that you want to use for a coffee table, my first thought was to paint it in an Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint, but then I saw the vintage print on it and I would never want to cover that up. Same thing on the primitive hutch, it is a really nice piece and although I would probably would it, it still looks wonderful the way it is. The handles are awesome. There is nothing in the rule books that says we have to paint everything. (I ignore the rule books anyway lol)

    Are you selling the vintage alarm clock? Or are you keeping it?

    You found some wonderful things!

    1. Thanks for your input! Yes, I'll be selling the little clock at our next sales event! ; )

  2. I LOVE the pine box and would most definitely keep it for myself like you are. I would also leave the storage cabinet just as it is, the wood is gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

    1. Thanks for your opinion! Seems like most agree with you!

  3. Those first 2 pieces are awesome and in beautiful condition. I'd never paint either one of them.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Everyone seems to be agreeing!

  4. Oh, I just love that clock. And the bells are so unique.

  5. Fun the stitched roosters! Have a great week~

  6. Fun finds, and lovely items to sell, too! We're downsizing, so I have to get rid of a lot of things...can't keep adding like I'm used to doing! LOL far away are you?? I could ship you some things! :)

  7. P.S. Oh, I forgot I already knew. Maybe a U-Haul truck?? :)

    1. Well, that's pretty much how I got into the vintage occasional sales business! Had too much stuff! But now when I buy something I get rid of something... A rule for myself.

      Hah! I'd love your stuff! Bet they're amazing!

      Have a wonderful week!

  8. oh good finds!!! Where are you in MN? I don't know what I would do with the piece either, I love painted items but also hate to destroy wonderful patina. My husband croaks when I paint things! I guess it depends on how it will look in the room you will be keeping it in.

  9. We live in Rochester, home of the WFMC aka World Famous Mayo Clinic!

    Thanks for the follow!

  10. You did find some great things! I love the box and the dresser. I know lots of people paint things now, but I like the look of stained wood too. Whatever you do with it, it'll be a great piece!
    I love hot and cold knobs too.

    Have a great day!

  11. Oh I loved it! I really like those roosters, how much are those? I am so glad you visited me from Cottage-wishes. I wish I could sell some of my stuff at your sale! Di

  12. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for signing in and your sweet comment.
    Lovely vintage items you sell !!
    Interesting workshop, hope to catch up and
    will be visiting you more often.

    Signed in as a follower.

    Wilma.Shabby Royale.

  13. oh I will take one of each please! I love all of your finds.
    I love the wood patina as well. I grew up with parents who found old well worn furniture pieces and took great pains to restore them to their natural finishes. I am grew up just like that. I hate to paint over beautiful wood but WANT TO!
    We have three different dressers in our bedroom--all different types of wood finishes and the room is NOT cohesive. I am trying to get up my nerve to paint all three so it is a more cohesive look in there. I just messed around and made my own chalk paint last week and painted some drawer fronts in my studio. After I finish them with paste wax I will post a pic.
    Maybe I will like it enough to try it on my dressers.
    thanks for sharing


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