Sunday, February 10, 2013


This is WAY OFF my usual topics though it's a continuous "issue" in our lives at the moment. We take care of our 4 year old grandson, Charlie, while his parents work. Our daughter-in-law teaches so we DO get time off in the summer and the usual holiday breaks which we need because taking care of a pre-schooler is tiring! But we absolutely love it! He's a fun, witty, loving, little guy! Oh, and he's absolutely adorable with his  brown eyes and white curly hair.

So here's the "problem": He still doesn't like to take time to "poop on the potty". Is this TMI? Sorry,  I'm just keeping it real here! I'm sure most of you reading this are Moms or Grandmas so this is kind of normal child rearing talk.

 Charlie is very active and even though he knows he has to go, he doesn't like to stop and take  time out of his playtime. He just goes "on the run"!

We and his parents have tried numerous tactics.Potty videos, books, etc.  Right now we both have charts posted and give him stars for each time he "poops on the potty". After 5 stars he gets to pick out a little toy car. This works "when he feels like it". Their pediatrician told them to make him clean himself up afterwards but that didn't work too well. He started liking that  responsibility and didn't want our help. He'd happily run and get his backpack, clean" pull-ups", wipes and run into the bathroom saying, "I can do this! I don't need help." But he kind of DID need help!  

One of our tactics was to try and catch him BEFORE he "went". So one day when we were in the car and he said he had a tummy ache,  we saw this as OUR OPPORTUNITY.  So I said, " A tummy ache is a SIGN that you have to go poop." Then my husband joined in  in agreement, "Yes, Charlie, that's a SIGN so we'll go home so you can go in the potty!" We kept on stressing this with great excitement thinking we'd found the "secret". "Yes, Charlie, that's a  SIGN!" We looked in the back to see Charlie waving his arms to stop our talking and said emphatically, "No, No, No guys,guys, guys! There are STOP SIGNS, and DON"T WALK SIGNS but THERE ARE NO POOP SIGNS!"

  We just looked at each other and my husband said," Well, he DOES have a  point!"  Then we burst into laughter. Charlie  always comes up with something to say that has some truth to it!

So, we're still working on this! He can't even go to pre-school until he has this mastered so we've got work to do! Thankfully he has another year and a half before he goes to kindergarten!

If anyone has any advice in this area please leave your ideas in the comments section! We would really appreciate it!

This is Charlie with the life-sized  Little Orphan Annie doll my mother-in-law made for our daughter when she was young. Sadly, Annie's dog, Sandy, (which she also made) got thrown in with all the stuffed animals that went into a garage sale before our daughter went off to college.


  1. This post couldn't have come at a better time! LOL. I'm glad my son isn't the only one struggling in this area. He turned 4 this week, and he still won't go #2 on the potty. He pees just fine, but when it comes time to do his business, he asks for a diaper and goes in the diaper. One might say, don't give him a diaper, but then he will hold it in for DAYS and mess himself up. I want him to go, and I'm not going to force him or punish him for not being ready yet. I'm confident that when my son and Charlie are ready, they'll do it. {This is true for my son peeing on the potty, too. We tried EVERYTHING, but he finally went when he was ready.} I understand your concern about pre-school. We decided to homeschool Grayson for pre-school, so we don't have that pressure as you do. Good luck, and I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  2. Oh my gosh, I am sorry but this did make me chuckle!! I guess I was fortunate that we didn't have this problem...but I had friends at work who were dealing with it. Hang in their, he will get it!!!


  3. He is so cute and adorable. I too was blessed to keep my 3 of my grandchildren while they young and their mothers worked. I understand where you are coming from, they do eventually grow out of it. My daughters tried everything. I don't remember what finally worked but keep trying and cherish every moment, there is nothing like the love for and of a grandchild.

  4. Here's a link to a Dr. Sears site that may help with some suggestions:

    good luck.

  5. First of all, Charlie is adorable and I know everyone is going to hate my answer but I never had any issues with my own 4 and helping with my 2 grandsons was easy peasy. I used the same technique all the way around, bribery. Yep. They all got 3 or 4 M&Ms for pooping and/or peeing. - Lest anyone thinks this does damage.. All of the kids are in college and doing quite well. :) It worked for me, might not work for everyone but good luck! :D


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