Friday, February 1, 2013


Since it's February, the month of LOVE, I'm sharing this wedding photo of my Mom and Dad for FLASHBACK FRIDAY.  The year was 1948. Bowties  must have been the rage then.Notice also the hats on the women sitting in the pews. My Mom was married in a wedding dress that was passed down from a relative. Don't think that's a tuxedo on my Dad. After the wedding my Mom was "kidnapped" by friends of my Dad's who drove her around in a car until bringing her back to the church for the reception. Much to the ANNOYANCE of my Dad.  
They honeymooned in Colorado.

There was no meal or wedding dance after the wedding. Only cake and coffee in the church basement. Sounds pretty simple compared to the HUGE  EXPENSIVE EXTRAVAGANZAS of today's weddings. Weddings today are a multi-million dollar business. I wonder if simplicity should make a comeback? 
My husband and I were married in the same church. We were the last ones married in that church as the building was torn down and the property purchased by the Mayo Clinic, which now owns most of the downtown. We were given a brick from the old building but have since lost it! Apparently when we were young, a leftover brick didn't seem like a priority to keep hauling around. Oh well, we still have lots of photos and memories. But a brick would have been nice, I guess.

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Thanks to all of you who commented on my blog and entered. I used the free Random Generator which is a pretty fun little gadget!

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  1. Congrats to your winner! I know she is thrilled! What a fabulous photo of your parents. Look at their big makes ME smile! Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

  2. Congrats to Laura!

    Your Mom & Dad's wedding photo is just awesome and your Dad's suits looks way better than any tuxedo could! How horrible they took your Mom away for awhile, I would have been truly annoyed as well! Not funny at a wedding!

    How in the world do you lose a brick? lol

  3. They looked very happy - in spite of the "kidnapping" time.

  4. What a great photo Sandy and it's so neat that you were married in the same church as your parents! Can't believe you lost the brick - how does someone lose a brick?! Couldn't have just dropped something like that accidentally, lol. I do agree simplicity should definitely make a comeback in all areas of life! Congrats to your winner too :)

  5. What a great picture of your parents on their wedding day! When I saw it, it brought back memories of my parents' pictures of their wedding day as they have a picture of them taken walking down the aisle just like your parents. I do remember my mom saying her reception was similar, cake, punch and mints. I think that is the way to go, simple!


  6. Beautiful photo - my mom and dad got married in church and had their reception in the basement afterwards as well. In fact, there was a party in the basement the night before and the morning of the wedding, my parents had to go clean the basement before they could get ready for the wedding.

  7. Gosh, but this evokes memories of my own parents' wedding pix!
    When visiting my (maternal) grandparents in rural Minnesota, and visiting the little church where they were wed, I used to daydream about being married there someday. Just guessing, but I imagine my parents would be appalled at today's $$$-wedding extravaganzas.

  8. Great flashback photo! Your parents look very happy!

  9. What a great picture of your parents! My in-laws were married in 1948 also and hubby and I were then later married in the same church also.


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