Friday, April 12, 2013


Even though the main reasons we love Florida are the beaches and ocean, I DO take time on rainy days to find antique and vintage shops. I even go to some garage sales while vacationing in Florida! Is that weird? Most of the treasures here in Florida are very much "beach style". We don't have many beaches in our home town but some of us still like to decorate with beach/lake type decor. I found this fun buoy at a garage sale last year while on vacation! I love it! I actually found a place for it in our home. Great reminder of our Florida vacations! But I CAN see letting this go sometime in the future.
                                 The year before that I brought home this vintage bird cage. It was on sale for half price so I couldn't NOT buy it! Right?

I won't be bringing home any more big things like this bird cage again, though! That took up TOO MUCH room!
So far on THIS trip I purchased four little old bobbers. I'm going to try and find something creative to do with them and show you later.
They look like donuts here. But you might find them tied between knots on a rope to rope off an area in the water or something. They float.

Tomorrow there is a vintage market that I'll be going to. I'm excited about that. The weather here is now a bit colder and very windy so not great for going to the beach. So I hope I can find some great stuff at the sale! I'm getting kind of antsy as our first Hob Nobber sales event is coming up and I need to get a LOT more inventory!

You can go to my "Hob Nobber finds" page just under my header to see what I have so far. There IS more in my special Hob Nobber room at home but we DO have to fill several rooms in the mansion! Wish me luck!


  1. You need to visit Cape Cod if you want buoys for decor. All the shops sell them. Lobstah traps as well, and glass floats. They are pretty expensive, surprisingly, but it's illegal to take traps and buoys that wash up on the beaches, as they are registered w/ the state and belong to fisherfolk.

  2. Florida is a great place to shop for vintage or quirky finds! Have fun this weekend! ENJOY this special time! Sweet hugs....from across the way!


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