Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Thanks to Maria Elena for featuring me at her Tuesdays At Our Home party on her blog, OUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME. Go here to see all the blogs featured for the week! There are many fun ideas, DIY projects, and beautiful decor!

 And thanks also to Becky of the blog, BECKY LEWELLEN POVICH; WRITER, HUMORIST,  BLISS FOLLOWER for a very fun gift she sent me recently.

When the packaged arrived I had forgotten she mentioned that she was sending something. And I had been ordering so much online recently that my husband brought the package in and asked what I had ordered. I had already received everything I had ordered so was mystified by this BIG package! Then I read the return address...HELLLLOOOO! "It's from my blogging buddy!" I yelled! And then my husband was mystified! Why would someone I "don't know" send me something? He doesn't quite "get" the blogging relationships! Anyway, I opened it up:
                             It was a vintage style washboard, planter, clock...with MY NAME on it!  Isn't it CUTE?
           How fun is THAT? So what was Becky doing with this clock with the name Sandy on it? She DOES HAVE a great sense of humor! But, apparently, she bought it online several years ago and put a plant in the planter box, covering up the name, Sandy's Kitchen, with the plant. Then  she put it in her laundry room. They moved recently so she decided this needed a new home. And knowing me from being a blogging buddy, she sent it to me! I'm feeling kinda special! So I'll be putting this up in my laundry room ( since I have a lot of vintage items in there)  and covering up the kitchen part. I'll be putting a photo up of it soon. So thanks again, Becky!

You'll want to read her blog as she has a great sense of humor and it will uplift you reading it! And she's a BLISS FOLLOWER! And did I mention she has a great sense of humor? I left a link on her blog name above.

And as long as I'm thanking everyone...thanks to my cousin, Judy, for sharing her raspberry peach jam! YUM! Sorry, I don't have a recipe for this but if anyone just HAS to have it I could probably get it for you! She and her sisters are all fabulous cooks,bakers, canners, etc. Her sister, Diane, has a food blog,  Preserving Food Traditions. She makes everything from scratch, emphasizing seasonal cooking and canning and using local food sources.


  1. Congrats! You were lucky twice...what a great gift! Big hugs,

  2. What a wonderful surprise and the raspberry jam rates a big YUM!!!xo Laura

  3. Awww, thank you Sandy! Gosh, you make me sound wonderful! LOL
    And that washboard clock looks really cute in your photos! Yep, I bought it on Ebay...just had to have it, even with the name Sandy on it! Have a wonderful rest of the week, my dear bloggy friend, that I don't even "know!" (my husband is the same way!)


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