Friday, October 18, 2013


Continuing on from my last post, hubby ( and I'll call him by his name, Les, now ) and I left the Estate sale and went to the local Amish Oven restaurant for breakfast. Oh, my goodness! I should have taken a picture of the food! Absolutely delicious!

 But going back a bit to explain, this restaurant is not owned by the Amish, rather they made the restaurant furnishings and the food that is prepared ahead is made by the Amish. So the bread in my French toast was Amish-made as well as the bread that went with Les' omelette. Best bread ever! We bought a whole loaf to take home and now Les wants to go back and buy more. They also sell homemade sweets! Yum!

I did take some photos of the place. Everything was excellent...except the service. We walk in and a girl is busy chopping red and green peppers at the counter. We are the only ones in the place. We wait in the entry though she never looks up or says hello. So we walk in further and see a sign to seat ourselves. Still she does not acknowledge us."  Must just be the prep girl" I whisper  to my husband, as she chops away at the peppers. Finally, she comes over. She looks kind of grumpy. She hands us menus and asks if we want water. I acknowledge that we would like some water. Still looking Grumpy she walks away to get some water. I whisper to Les, " Prep girl AND hostess." So far she is the only one around with no one else in sight. Still looking grumpy she brings us the water and asks what we want to order. So I think to myself, "Prep girl, hostess, and waitress" I'm thinking she might be grumpy because of all the responsibilities. So I ask her,"Are you the cook also?" FINALLY she breaks into a smile,"No...thankfully". My question either broke  the ice or she realized that at least she didn't have to cook so there was SOMETHING to be happy about.

Breakfast over, we drove over to another nearby town where there was an antique shop. We had just met the owner of the shop the week before and he was interested in looking at a vintage scale we had for sale. So we had brought it along to show him. After throwing around a couple of  offers ( both his and ours ), he offered that we might both get a deal if we did a trade. He told us to look around and if there was something we liked we could work out a trade. "OK, now we're talking! This means I'll get to shop!"  ; )    Oops! What I MEANT to say was, "Oh, snap! Now I have to shop!    ; (

                                                       SCALE FOR SALE OR TRADE

Les is fine with that also, so we start looking. I've found three items that I like and while I'm trying to decide which one or two I want, Les goes and asks what he could do (  what kind of a deal he could make us ) if we bought all three things. Les, you see, is the spender in the family. The antique shop owner throws out a number we would have to pay in addition to the scale. Les agrees. Yikes! He forgot to even TRY to make a better deal! Oh well, I think in the end, we both got a good deal. So here is what we got for the trade:

                                         THIS SWEET ANTIQUE SWISS GERMINA SLED

                                                          VINTAGE GUM DISPLAY



  1. I'd love to check out that Amish restaurant. I'd write a letter of complaint about the service tho. They should really know about that.

  2. I think you made a good trade, very interesting items. Pam xx


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