Sunday, October 6, 2013


If you sell vintage or antique treasures, have you ever experienced "seller's remorse"?  Its like buyers remorse. Only different.   ; )    Its like,  you know, when you've bought that perfect treasure to sell. It's a real beauty and you would really like to keep it, but bought it to sell  and make some money. You also like to have great stuff to offer your customers. But then... it sells! Aaaaaaaacckkk!  "I SHOULD HAVE KEPT THAT!", you're now saying to yourself. "WHAT WAS I THINKING? "

Yeah, I've experienced that a few times. One of my selling regrets was a big antique copper pot. It was beautiful and would have looked great with my country scandinavian inspired decor. I looked it up on eBay and they were selling anywhere from $350 to over $1000! I'm not going to say what I paid for it ( not much ) and then sold it for ( not enough). Let's just say that the lady who bought it from me got the "BIG DEAL OF THE DAY" and I let a sweet big ole antique hard-to-find copper pot slip through my fingers!

 And this little silver covered dish that I was going to use as a soap dish.  Why did I sell this? I kind of wanted it!

There were more treasures that I let go of too readily because I was trying not to be a hoarder. But from now on I'll hang on to a treasure like that for a bit. Maybe decorate with it and "test drive" it for a while. I'm doing that right now with a few choice pieces I've just purchased. The only problem I'm having now is trying to remember what I'm "test driving" and what is my own. Guess I'll figure it out when the time comes.

But if you purchase something at our next sales event and then see me running after you yelling, "Nooooooooo!" , you'll know what's happening. Another case of seller's regret. But you just keep on going with a big smile on your face knowing that you got the big deal of the day. I'll be OK.

On second thought, maybe you better run! LOL

P.S, If you were one of our guests that purchased the items above, don't worry. I won't chase you down.     And I'm OK.
                          I really am.
                                   Really... I am...ok.
                                       No, really.

I'm joining Thursdays Favorite Things party from Katherine's Corner



  1. Lol. I really had to laugh at this,post. Chablis and I keep buying furniture to refinish and sell and so far we've not sold one piece because we wanted to keep everything once we were done.

    1. At least you don't have sellers regret! Enjoy it!

  2. I understand! That's a very cool pot!


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