Sunday, January 5, 2014


Yesterday I promised some more of my "found treasures" so here they are...

An old metal drawer...

 A cute little vintage condiment dish in a metal holder...

 A pretty little teacup...

Vintage silverware holder but you can use it to organize anything...

Here's a closeup of the side...

A wire "tree". It doesn't have to be just used at Christmas.

A French style glass or cup dryer.

And last but not least is this antique comb/brush holder which I would set on a desk and use for stamps, notecards, pens, etc. Or maybe just keep my comb and brush in it so I don't have to keep singing that old "Veggie Tales" song, "Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush?" If you are familiar with the kids video with that song you will know what I am talking about. If you've never heard it before you have to check it out. I'm sure you could find it on youtube. You can really drive people crazy with that song! It just gets into your head!

When my adult daughter visits and can't find her brush she starts singing that song driving her Dad and her husband crazy. Now she has ME doing it! And it's surprising how often it comes up that we are looking for our brushes and HAVE to break into that song! Hah!

STAY WARM, EVERYONE! In Minnesota they are calling tomorrow's cold snap a POLAR VORTEX!  Predicting minus 50 degree below zero windchill! We're hunkering down!


  1. great finds!! I am still looking for a French cup drying rack. Looks like a successful shopping trip to me!
    Have a wonderful week, and stay warm!!!

    1. I ended up buying one on the internet but paid more than I would have liked and then there was the shipping! ; ( But I happily found this one at an Estate sale for a reasonable price so I will sell this one! We've hunkered down for the day in this COLD! ; ) Happy New Year!

  2. Morning! First, I love the metal drawer and my heart swoons for the "frenchie" holder!! Fabulous finds! Looking at your finds.....makes me want to get out and junk! Blessings~~~Roxie

    1. Hi! Yeah, that French holder is very popular and I was so excited to find this one! I'm ALWAYS itching to get out junkin but in the winter there are fewer places to find things. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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