Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I have a confession to make. I am not a DIY'er. There, I said it! Many people who sell vintage items and all that goes along with it enjoy repurposing, rebuilding, painting, etc. Me, not so much. But being that I'm the kind of person that believes we can do anything we put our minds to, I keep trying! The problem is that I don't really enjoy it! And I guess that's the difference.

 But apparently I have some kind of addiction. Because I can't seem to stop buying furniture that needs rehabbing! I see furniture that has great bones and I envision what it could look like. I'm a great visionary and idea person! I just don't like what comes after the idea. But I can't seem to help myself, I keep buying stuff. Then I have a garage full of furniture that needs work and I get stressed about all the projects that need to be done! So I asked my Hob Nobber partners to help me with my addiction and Renee for one, is taking it too seriously!
Renee is the one in the middle. I'm on the right and Karen on the left.
 Last weekend she and her sister were having a garage sale to help her sister downsize after a move. So I had to see what they had of course.  And I found this gorgeous table! It needed some work but I knew I could make it look amazing! Our conversation went something like this:

Me:  Reneeeee! Why are you selling this table?!?!
Renee: It needs a lot of work.
Me: Yes, but it could look amazing! It has great bones!
Renee: I don't have time to work on it.
Me: Well, I'm going to buy it and fix it up for our Hob Nobber sale!
Renee: No, you're not.
Me: What do you mean,"no" ? It wouldn't take that much work! It's beautiful!
Renee: You're not buying it!
Me: I know I asked you to save me from myself but this wouldn't take much work!
Renee: Nope. Can't have it.

I finally got past the temptation  and thanked Renee for holding fast! Renee knows me very well. She is the one who likes to work on furniture and I have often turned furniture over to her to finish for me! She probably figured she would end up having to finish it for me! So I'm working through my addiction...

But then there's the problem of not having furniture to offer at our sales. Renee always has some but I always like to have a few more pieces. I will  buy great pieces that don't need any work. But what about those great visions I have for those pieces that need some work?  I might be looking for someone who enjoys this type of work. It's not hard but you have to love doing it! Well, and kind of know what you're doing. Anyone interested?

I will spend my time finding those great treasures! And coming up with more ideas! Oh, and writing for the blog of course.

We have a surprise coming after the sale! Stay tuned! 

Hope to see you at the sale!


  1. Many people do many different things. In that way buying furniture and selling vintage things is a different one. You have a great day by doing this!


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