Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I had mentioned that I was going to offer a few things once a month for sale. Kind of an online occasional  sale. So this month for the first week in July I"m offering for sale 5 pieces of tarnished silver. Now maybe some of you are wondering why I don't polish this stuff up before I sell it!  ; )  But this is a look that I'm favoring right now. I personally have some pieces of tarnished silver in my decor. Like the little cup and sugar bowl I'm using in my bathroom to hold scented candles and Q-tips:
                             And this tarnished silver bowl for other little bathroom essentials:
                                        And this baby cup and goblet I bring out at Easter:

                              I also use one big tarnished silver mold as a candle holder.( Sorry no photo)... But I have found that I love the rustic," romantic", vintage, look of tarnished silver. There is just something about it that makes me smile when I see it! It is one of the elements that is a part of the "Country Beautiful"  design style I started on Pinterest. Take a peek at that board for inspiration and also my Pinterest board, "Tarnished Silver" for more inspiring ideas on how to use these much loved vintage beauties. To get to my Pinterest boards, click on the Pinterest link on the right sidebar of my blog. You might want to go there NOW to get inspired before you see what is for sale here...

 ( this is space and time for you to go to the Pinterest boards I mentioned and get inspired! I'll just wait here until you get back....)

OK...Are you back? Don't you love all the inspired decor? Aren't you just wanting that beautiful look of tarnished silver right now in your own home? OK, then, you can have it!! Here is what you can buy... right now...right where you are sitting...all you have to do is shoot off an e-mail...
                    1)   This beautiful tarnished silver trophy bowl.( Baby's breath not included ) $18

The trophy says," 1988 CHANNEL 7, Invitational "C", 1st " Anyone know someone working at Channel 7? They won first place but I don't know what for!


                         2)   Another trophy in the form of a pitcher... $16

This pitcher was won by a John Shepard for "runner up" at Squash Singles, Nassua C.C. It does have a little dent by the word "Squash". I knew a John Shepard but I don't know if this is his or not. They have moved away...Anyone here in town know if this is the John we know?

 3)  Next is this vintage tin mold. Not really silver but same look.  $7

  4)  This adorable bowl with lid.  $14

 I love the pretty handle on top.

5)   And last but not least, is this little cracker tray. But you can find a way to repurpose it in a fun way.  $6

So if you are interested in buying any of these fun pieces, e-mail me at lesacookman@charter.net. If you are local, you can "pick up" and save the shipping charges. If you are not local, I will e-mail you shipping charges. Sorry, offer open only to those in the continental US. 

Offering a few things online allows people who are not local, the opportunity to benefit from our sales! And for those of you who so faithfully come to our sales, well, here's the chance to buy something before our next event in September!  For yourself or gift giving!


  1. Interesting! It's all very charming, Sandy. I went to the Polish pottery outlet here in Denver. Pop on over to see the blue!

    1. I just popped over to see all the blue! I love it!


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