Monday, September 8, 2014


Thanks to all of you who came to our Labor Day sale! If you came, I hope you found a wonderful treasure to take home. Here's the work crew waiting for the doors to open!

Once again we had a great sale, we had a lot of fun, and we ended up exhausted! But we're ready to get out there and find some more goodies for our next event!

A vintage blogging buddy, Ann Garritty, came and brought with her two swanky swig glasses that I wanted to buy from her Etsy shop. I'm collecting the green and blue ones. I love them!

Instead, she gave them to me as a gift! How sweet was that?!!? Thanks, Ann! Ann blogs at Protector Of Vintage here. Check out her Etsy store also for fun vintage finds!

Speaking of Etsy stores, I'm opening my own little Etsy shop beginning in October. If you've seen some of my fun treasures on this blog but don't live nearby, now YOU'LL have an opportunity to get some of the goodies! There will be farmhouse and industrial finds, linens, unique vintage treasures, fine china, and more! Keep watching for more information in the very near future!

Also beginning in the next week or so I will be posting some of the furniture pieces on Craigslist that didn't sell at our Labor Day Sale. So if you live nearby and missed the sale, you have the opportunity to purchase one of our fun finds! More information will be coming soon about this as well.

Right now I'm busy updating the mailing list, reorganizing the stuff that didn't sell at our sale ( though there's not a LOT left ), and taking photos for posting on Craigslist and the new Etsy shop!

Now I need to get around and read some blogs!! I've been so busy lately I've not been blog hopping like I used to...


  1. What a nice gift - hopping over to her blog now!

  2. I'm glad the sale was a success....I knew it would be! And how exciting that you are opening an Etsy shop! I'll be there to add it to my favs! Hugs, Diane

  3. I missed your sale, so I will look forward to your info. on your listings on Craigslist and your new Etsy shop.

    1. Super. I'll be posting about both here on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!


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