Sunday, November 16, 2014


Ready to start the week out on a sweet note? Well, grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy chair, and let's chat...
It's Monday morning and I'm not a morning person. But I am a Monday person! Wanna know why? Because it's the beginning of a new week! I get to start over no matter how bad last week was! Or even if it was great, I can make this week even better  than the last! So here is my plan to make this week even better than the last one!

Yesterday I went to a funeral. OK, just hang with me, it will get better! The funeral was really a celebration for the life of a man named Dave. He was the husband of Jeannie, a woman who is in a Bible Study that I lead at our church. Dave had a motto that he lived by. And everyone told how he wrote his motto on everything. Even at work in the hospital! His motto was, "Live Simply. Give Generously!" And he really lived up to that motto as testified by those that shared stories of his life! Dave was a brilliant doctor and he and Jeannie and their six children spent 2 years in Zambia where Dave served as a medical missionary. I don't have space here to tell about all the stories that were shared but he, indeed, lived up to the motto that he believed in. He lived simply and spent money on things like paying for  Zambian youth to attend college, buying and sending supplies to Zambia even after they returned home, and paying for people to travel to other countries so they could be with family. He wore ties with smiley faces on them so he could give people that he simply passed, a smile in their day. These were just a few things that he did for others. In the end he even donated his body to medical research.

 So this got me thinking...for one thing, about being more generous! But the other thing was having a life's motto! Because Dave had a motto, he was intentional about how he lived his life. He made this motto his life's focus. He lived out what he truly believed in... right up until the end. 

So I'm going to come up with a personal life motto. I believe that not only could I have a better week, but maybe even a better and more focused and intentional life! Yup! That's my plan for the week and beyond and I'm excited!

 How about you? Do you have a motto for your life? Would you like to have one? If so, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I love Mondays! And I do not have a motto but I'm trying to live by the Golden Rule - will that count?

  2. Hello Sandy! As I sit at my computer to read your "Monday Morning Java" post on your blog and enjoy a steaming cup of chia tea I relish the thought of my motto, "What you weave in time you wear in eternity". In years past during a time that I wove fabric on my floor looms I came across this saying. It has stayed with me 30 plus years. Just as I have Bible verses memorized that God uses to stir my heart at the needed times this motto has been there too!
    Hopefully others will find your motto suggestion helpful, Sandy!
    May your day be filled with warmth and coziness.....~Sandie

  3. I strive to encourage others! Thanks for another good post my friend and have a great week! Hugs, Diane

    1. You are a GREAT encourager! Thanks for stopping by, Diane!


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