Monday, November 24, 2014


Another Monday Morning...Woop Woop!  Grab a cup of coffee and join me for a few minutes...We're going to make this an amazing day!

 And yet, right about now I could be stressed! Thanksgiving is looming just up ahead, no food is purchased, and I'm hosting! Yikes!

But  I'm not going to stress out and ruin a good Monday Morning! I'm going to use my GPS system! It's my secret code. I mixed it up a bit but see if you can figure it out!

Mondays, for me, are a time to look at the week ahead and make some plans so that I  intentionally have a great week! I will also leave some "margin" in there for the unexpected.

But first I will take some time and begin the week by giving thanks to God for all our blessings. (You don't have to wait until Thursday... Thanksgiving... to give thanks). In fact, gratitude should begin every morning as you thank God for a new day...even if it's snowing! ( yeah, we're going to have a white Thanksgiving ) But still, there is plenty to be thankful for!

And then gratitude and planning will spur me into action.

So this morning, as most mornings, I'll write in my gratitude journal 5 things that I'm thankful for. And then I will look at the week ahead, get out the calendar, and plan for the BIG TURKEY DAY ahead! I do  have the menu down, lists made, and what others are bringing. I'll make my weekly to do list.  Monday I will grocery shop. Tuesday I will clean. Wednesday I will prepare some foods ahead. Ta Da!! The plan is made and I only have to think about each day's agenda on that day! OK I simplified it a bit but you get the idea. Finally, I'll be motivated and be spurred into action!

Yup! Another great Monday Morning and a wonderful week ahead of family, food, and fun! What more motivation do you need than that to get your Monday Morning off to a great start?

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  1. I am having 16 for Thanksgiving dinner this year. The food is all bought and I'll have help also since my girls are bring casseroles and I'll do the Turkey and Dressing along with desserts. Hope yours is a blessed day!


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