Wednesday, April 15, 2015


As I mentioned in a previous post this week, Nautical Decor is BIG right now! I've found on my Pinterest Boards that the most popular pins that keep being "repinned" are the ones on my boards  "Lake Home", and "Beach"!
What IS it about this pin that is soooooo popular?
 In fact, the "pin" above  is THE MOST popular "pin" I've ever had on ANY board, (though sadly, the photo is not mine)!! It's being repinned tons daily!!! ( note to self: learn to take repin worthy photos! )

 I'm not sure why this decor, in general,  is so popular right now but I'm guessing that these elements remind us of the oceans, seas, and lakes that bring a sense of calm to our lives. Or maybe it brings back thoughts of our relaxing vacations near water of any kind. Also, if HGTV is any indication, there are more and more people buying vacation homes or just moving to slower paced living in tropical places and even islands!

We don't have a vacation home but we DO vacation on Florida beaches...EVERY YEAR! We also have a pontoon boat that we keep in a nearby lake. So I "get" the attraction! In fact I would like a Lake Home JUST so I could decorate with all the Nautical Decor! Haha! I fear, though, that while the family would be out on the boat, I'd be DECORATING our lake home or SHOPPING for Nautical Decor! Not that I don't like boating, but I kind of love decorating just as much!
My husband, Captain of our pontoon

Decor ideas

Yes, we will have lobster buoys, as seen above, at our sale

 And while I don't have a room in our home that is ALL Nautical, I have a few mementos around to remind us of the "lake" and "beach" fun! You might be able to find a corner in YOUR home, or even a whole room, in which to incorporate some elements to remind you of the ocean or lake. Go to my Pinterest Boards, "Lake Home" and "Beach" to see more Nautical Decor inspiration. And if you live near us, you might want to check out our next Hob Nobber Spring sale ( info on right sidebar ) where we will have an area of Nautical Decor that is also VINTAGE and/or AUTHENTIC!

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  1. The nautical items are very sweet! This is popular in Virginia where I am originally from! But not in Colorado of course.


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