Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My latest finds for our Hob Nobber Spring Sale!

Since "Nautical" is  big right now we are searching for more "lake house", "beachy", and "nautical decor" finds. We will have one area devoted to our nautical finds that are authentic/or vintage. This is an authentic lobster buoy from Maine.

This is a vintage wooden beverage cart that has the words, "Kern's Gaming Cart Beverages" on the back. It would make a nice plant container among other creative uses. I picked this up in Florida.

                            Another possibility for plants is this large vintage wood tool caddy.

I'm sure someone will find a creative use for this large metal Hormel can. It has a cover and handles on the side.

This vintage berry basket carrier is filled with rustic items that will be sold separately. Old scoop, metal funnel, and folding measure.

And I'm selling this vintage French marble clock that belonged to my parents and is now owned by my brother. Yes, he says, "sell".

                                        That's it for now! More to show you next week!


  1. Some great and interesting items! Hope the sale goes well!

  2. Hi Sandy! Cool stuff! I like the shortening can!


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