Monday, September 21, 2015


Oh, how we love pumpkin season! You DID know that this gourd-ish squash has it own season, right? Winter, Spring, Summer, Pumpkin...we anxiously anticipate it every year.   Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer

I had previously stated that I wouldn't be putting up any Fall decor until we got our boat out of the water. That would be the sign that Fall has begun and sadly, that Summer was over. But we're still trying to get some more "boat time" in and Fall is pretty much here to stay. So I'm giving in and putting out some bits of Fall here and there.

Really this bouquet started it all! ( Now what is that long green thing hanging down? ) Anyway, living here in this mansion and working as Resident Director comes with some fun little perks. See my Plummer House page at the top for more information about our "mansion". Often after someone has a party here, they will bring over some fresh flowers that no one seemed to want to cart home with them. So I end up being the lucky recipient. The flowers above were one such example of this. And it got me in the mood to bring in more Fall decor.

And now you can just feel Autumn in the air. It's crisp air now, not muggy like in Summer. So here are my simple attempts to bring in a bit of  the delights of Autumn.

    After some of the flowers in the bouquet died, I transferred the flowers that were still thriving to this blue Mason jar. I brought out my "mango" colored candles and filled the bobeche with coffee beans.

I also like to add some natural elements to bring the season indoors. It doesn't cost as much and it simplifies things because there is no storing of "stuff" that needs to be pulled out of bins. Simplicity has been my "word" for the year. I continue to look for ways to simplify our lives. So dried hydrangeas were brought in and tucked in between white pumpkins and plopped into my new dough bowl.

Adding natural seasonal decor simply takes a walk into the nearby wooded area and a fun trip to the Pumpkin Patch or Farmer's Market. Fresh air, a bit of walking for exercise are extra benefits!

                                       The squirrels got to the acorns before me this year.

"Baby" needed a new bonnet to go with the season. She is holding a little pumpkin.

Next up: Pull out the sweaters, get out the fire pit, drink some hot chocolate, go to some football games, plan a tailgate party at a football game, go to the local homecoming parades, make some homemade soup for dinner, make some apple crisp with Haralson apples, take a walk in the woods and kick some leaves, go for a ride and enjoy the changing colors, and CELEBRATE AUTUMN!


  1. I like the idea of another few rides in the boat, Sandy!
    Oh, how I would love some apple crisp about now. Soup, too!
    They are blessed to have you as residents in the mansion. You're perfect for it!

    1. We're trying to get in a couple more rides...And thanks for the compliment!

  2. Darling mini baby pumpkin! The leaves are just starting to change colors and I did buy 2 real pumpkins yesterday at the flea market. Perfect weather. Enjoyed seeing your fall decor.

  3. Hi Sandy, Beautiful Fall decor!! I personally love white pumpkins...and I like your decor with them and the hydrangeas (also a favorite)......Who can't resist with all this beautiful weather we are having to cave into Fall decorating! Thank you for the suggestions about that French Prov. sofa....It helps! I still don't know what I'm doing yet...Hubby thinks I'm crazy~~~Blessings~~~Roxie


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