Thursday, October 15, 2015


                               I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells. Dr Suess

 For some reason I'm drawn to dress forms. Not because I sew but as an art form. I also like to use them for showing vintage wear that I  have in our sales. So when I saw these two ( at different places ) I had to snatch them up! The second one is a handmade one. I love the handmade wooden stand.

 I will be selling one of the above on Craigslist locally so be watching for it if you live nearby. The other I will keep for our next sale. I sold a dress form in one of our last sales. I ripped off the stretchy outer part because it was coming apart anyway. And I really liked how it looked without any material over it. You can see it here below.

 With Halloween coming up it would be fun to have one to decorate.  Below are a couple of dress forms decked out for Halloween. Notice the black crow on the shoulder of this lady...

Here's one I found on Etsy. I think the pattern was being sold for this.

 But even if you don't want one to decorate for Halloween, they are fun to dress up as decor in your vintage inspired home...



 So if you live nearby and are interested in one of these dress forms, check out Craigslist or leave a comment here. Now I'm going out and hunt for more!


  1. I would love to find one of those one of these days. I've seen them all dressed up for holidays and special occasions. Fun!! Although my husband would probably think I had a screw loose. :)

    1. My husband wouldn't "get it" either. Still, it would be fun to have!

  2. Oh I do love to find (and sometimes sell) dress forms! Yours are fantastic! Thank you so much for stopping bye!!!!!


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