Thursday, May 19, 2016


If you've never been to a Tea House/Tea Room you absolutely must go! It's a fun little outing for "girls of any age". A few weeks ago my Mom and I went to one called, Lady Elegant's Tea Room and Shoppe. Billed as " An English Cottage Tea Room With A Victorian Touch", it has all the fancy little details that you would expect in a Tea Room.

When we arrived we were greeted warmly and led to a linen covered table. There were fresh flowers on the table as you might expect. Our cozy corner table had a little Victorian lamp. It brightened and warmed our little corner beautifully.

There were two large pretty trivet-like glass candles on the table...

 ...which we found out were for warming the tea pots! Yes, we DID NOT  know what they were for until they placed the tea pots on them! Another "new thing" for me was the little sponge just under the spout held on by a jeweled string that caught the drips from the tea. And I can't believe I didn't get a picture of that! I thought it was genious!

 We each received our own teapot with our own choice of tea. We both choose Ginger Peach to start out our meal. Later we decided we should have each chosen something different so we could have tasted each others. But with our meal we were each allowed two pots of tea and could order a second one of a different flavor so it worked out.

                                    Each spoon for your tea had a little teapot on top. Little details can make a statement.
 And we were then handed a menu for the April Parlor Tea Luncheon which started out with a "Carrot Ginger Soup With Dill Cream". It was delicious!

The second course was open faced tea sandwiches..."Curried Chicken On Pumpernickel " and Cucumber &Sun-dried Tomato on Wheat Bread. These were yummy also!

Each course was on a tier of this tray beginning at the bottom and working our way up. After the sandwiches we had Apricot Vanilla Chip Scones with Devon Cream and Strawberry Preserves. These, I think, were my favorite! There were four different little desserts but we were too full to finish them. They had a nice little box in which to take them home with us.

And I can't forget the hats! You can choose among a variety of vintage hats to wear...Which is another fun part of the tea room experience. Sorry, no photos of us in the hats! Yes, everyone should have an elegant experience like this!


  1. What a wonderful post and such a fun tea room! Yes, I love going to a Tea Room too!

  2. Would love to have your participate in my Monday BTTCG Blog Party where many who sell vintage on ebay, etc come and link their finds.


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