Saturday, September 17, 2016


So I'm kind of experiencing two seasons at the same time. I'm not quite ready to let go of Summer but also looking forward to the Fall! We haven't taken the boat out of the water yet but there are pumpkins all over the house. It's a strange mix but it feels right!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be over 80 degrees so we're going boating. The water is so relaxing and the scenery so gorgeous!

And I had a "mulled cider" scented candle lit all day scenting the house with delightful Fall scents.

 I'll probably really "get into" Fall after we get the boat out of the water.

I'm still trying to get things organized after our last sale and at the same time trying to get some items listed in my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's! I hope to get many items listed by October to get ready for the Christmas season.

As soon as I figure out how to pack this sweet antique stool, I'm going to list it in my Etsy shop. It will be the first "big" item I've listed on Etsy.  I've been hesitating because of the difficulty of packing the big stuff.

After that I may begin to add some more smaller furniture pieces to sell. We'll see how this one goes first. If anyone has any good ideas on making packing this thing easier, let me know!

Don't to forget to check out my Etsy shop, Gwen And Alma's! I would love it if you would "Favorite" our little shop! Before Christmas I'll be giving away a gift certificate to spend in our shop through a Give-Away on this blog. Be looking for it! So go look now and see if there is something you might want....maybe even this little stool!


  1. You could always offer the larger pieces (furniture) to people who live within driving distance. I have seen others do this. You wouldn't have to worry about shipping and could set up an assigned time to have it picked up.

  2. I can imagine the beautiful scent of your candle ♥


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